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Dubai is one among thousands and millions and that is the only reason why it has grown so rapidly and massively at the same time. The entire beauty that Dubai carries is just unparalleled and the one that everyone would love to see at least once in their lifetime since its beauty and sites and attractions and buildings and nightlife and everything is something that you never would want to miss.

And, when you consider Dubai's incredible beauty, you'll want to take time out of your hectic schedule to pay a visit to this fascinating metropolis on the planet. We all know that at some point in our lives, we will need to make changes. You may request a day off or a quiet and soothing visit on occasion. It is natural to feel energetic and happier after visiting a beautiful location. If you're thinking about travelling to Dubai this time, it'll be the best decision you've ever made.


What is a tourist visa?

  • A tourist visa to Dubai is entirely designed for the purpose of travelling and is given to a person who’s willing to visit Dubai for tourism purposes only. Also, the tourism visas to Dubai are the ones that are widely applied for under all the visa categories.
  • One can easily apply for a tourist visa at any time and can get it handy. And while you visit Dubai for tourism purposes, you can’t miss out on a visa at any cost and at any time. It is something that you need to get a hold of no matter what if your nation is not eligible for visa exemption.
  • A tourist visa can be a single entry one and a multiple entry one as well. Applying for any of them entirely depends upon the need of the applicant visiting Dubai.
  • To get into more detail of it, the single-entry visas are the ones that allow you to visit Dubai only once during the visa validity, and on the other hand, the multiple entry visas allow you to enter Dubai more than once during your visa validity.

30 days tourist visa to Dubai

  • 30 days of tourist visa to Dubai serves you with the same purposes that a normal tourist visa does but here, the limit has been set for this visa.
  • 30 days tourist visa can be a single entry visa and a multiple entry visa too. Both of them give you different benefits as stated above.
  • If you are applying for a 30 days single entry tourist visa to Dubai, it makes you eligible to pay a visit only once in a while to Dubai and the 30 days multiple-entry tourist visa gives you multiple visits on your visa.


Documents needed for a 30 days tourist visa

  • To apply for a visa, you must first obtain a visa application form.
  • Even more vital than the application is that you must have all of your unique facts written down on a piece of paper so that you may relax and not have to rush anyplace.
  • You must have your newly created passport with you to make applying for the visa easier. In addition, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your arrival in Dubai. The second thing to remember about passports is that they must include at least two blank pages, which will come in handy when applying for a visa.
  • Keep two passport-sized photos of yourself on you at all times so you don't run out when you need them. It must be of the proper dimensions, and your face must be clearly visible. As you are aware, a passport-size photo is a must-have when it comes to paperwork.
  • You must have all of the specifics of your flight tickets with you, including the arrival and departure dates, as well as any other pertinent information.
  • You must also provide proof of your lodging while in Dubai, as this provides the embassy with proof of the visitor's safety.
  • You'll also need your bank statements, and you'll need a healthy bank balance.



Travelling to Dubai over a 30 days tourist visa offers you a lot more benefits and it benefits your travel as well for the time that you live in Dubai. And in order to apply for the visa, you must have all the essential requirements and all the documentation so that you can apply for it easily. Also, it’s just a matter of several minutes to get your visa done, you just need to get through the important steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A 30-day single-entry visa costs $140 with a visa validity of 60 days and a stay validity of 30 days. A 30-day multiple entry visa costs $140 with a visa validity of 60 days and a stay validity of 30 days. Both are being processed in 48 hours.

   To get your visa done quickly, you can apply through a Dubai transit E visa at any time.

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