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The Abu Dhabi country visa is been available for the application purpose just need to observe all its requirements status and apply accordingly as per its visa needful:

  • Conditional visa validity for 3 months.
  • Allows grace time with every visa type.
  • No traveling restrictions.
  • Abu Dhabi country is been the capital of the Emirate.
  • Appreciates foreign travelers as its maximized citizens are foreigners.


Student Visa

This visa is been prefer for the foreign country's educational purposes. Abu, Dhabi country allows these visa permits.

  • So that the students can get the education benefits.
  • Improving two countries' relational status.
  • Upliftment for the emirate’s country.
  • And most importantly the tourist growths are been incremented.

Student Visa Requirement

For the student visa, it has been always advised to get these 4 documents mandatory:

  • Applicants’ name passport.
  • Current educations documents.
  • Transfer certificates and migrations certificates.
  • And the school's full info admissions granted details with the accepted invitations evidence documents.


Employee Visa 

An employee visa is been preferred for work purposes, For those foreign applicants who will be eligible of getting a job in a foreign country this visa will be applicable for them. The employee visa validity stays for the time of 1 year.

  • Candidates who are willing to work in a foreign country are been eligible for the employee visa (after getting the job this visa can be used not before that).
  • The employee needs to follow up on the rule’s regulations of the GCC authorities.
  • All the facilities that the employee deserves will be given by the desired companies.
  • If the employee faced any disrespect can complain to the ministry of labor authorities as all the desired decisions are been taken by them.

Employee Visa Requirement

What are the mentioned requirement status conditions which the employee needs to be followed for getting the employee visa?

  • Will traveling to Dubai city you need to get 60 days a residence visa (once you enter Dubai city).
  • Must get the ministry labor approval letter (as it is essential for the foreign employee).
  • Then the labor card issuing is been needful.
  • Have to generate the emirates ID from the immigration authority’s department of the emirate’s country.
  • Then the DNDR permission is needed (the DNDR is been termed as - the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai).
  • An Immigrations letter from the nationalist home country is important for the processing purpose.

Employee Visa Apply

For the application process, what are the desired documents that the employees need to upload to the site for getting the employee visa?

  • The nationalist original passport is been mainly required.
  • The job sanctioned letterhead is required (offer letter and joining letter evidence).
  • Get the employee's recent image for the verification procedure.
  • Have to submit the personal evidence which depicts the applicant’s citizenship evidence.
  1. The employee’s full name.
  2. Get the signature of the employee.
  3. The medical examinations certificates of the employee’s name.
  4. Get the location address evidence in short, the home address.
  • Get the employee 3 months bank statement copies for the evidence purpose.
  • The employee can sponsor their families if they earn a minimum monthly salary of 20000 AED.No previous crime records are been excited on the employee id.


Dubai Visa Online

Now the point comes which site you will prefer for the visa bookings, visit the Dubai transit e-visa site this is the top booking site. Why will you choose this platform as

  • This has been the most trusted well recognized platform by the visited applicants.
  • Been in the booking field for many years as it has approved millions of traveler’s visa applications.
  • This site believes in transparency that’s why it shows the tracking status.
  • Assures you the visa approval and delivers it within 48 hours as per the mentioned period provides full security and privacy of the visitant applicants.

Dubai Visa Applications

Must follow all the basic steps for the application processing, go for the steps:

  • Visit the Dubai transit e-visa site.
  • On this site, you need to give your citizenship details.
  • Select your destination's country name.
  • Choose the visa types available there.
  • Fill out the application.
  • Then enrolls all the justified documents as per the requirements.
  • Pay for the visa application form and keep a print copy of that filled application form. 
  • And submit the visa applications.


Getting a Visa for Abu Dhabi is not a hazel task that can be obtained easily. Before applying for a visa always reads the current updates on the visa, current the Dubai embassy has announced that they are been giving grace approval to its travelers depending on their visa types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is not legalized, as per the Dubai embassy terms of rules only one foreign emigrant can hold one visa type activated approval at a time, if he wants to change his/her visa type then they must cancel their recent visa type and have to freshly apply for a visa application.

The four mandatory documents requirements need to be presented; Passport of the travelers, Travelers must caries many copies of their passport-sized images, Medical examinations evidence, and Get the reservations details of the travelers.

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