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activities allowed on a dubai visit visa

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In the past few years, Dubai city has become one of the most popular tourist destinations all over the world. Dubai is also famous due to its rich culture and luxury lifestyle. Every year, Dubai welcomes millions of guests. Every year 5-6 million visitors visit Dubai. Dubai is full of adventure and architectural masterpieces. Every person in the world wants to witness it. The number of tourists who visit Dubai is much more than the total Dubai population. To visit Dubai, you need a tourist or visit visa. In this article, we all going to read about the activities permitted on Dubai Visit Visa. 

How to get Dubai Visit Visa? 

A "Dubai visit visa" cannot be obtained from the Dubai embassy. Not only a visit visa but you cannot obtain any kind of visa through Dubai embassy as the Dubai embassy does not deal in visas. Dubai visas are only sponsored visas, you can obtain a Dubai visa through a sponsor. There are many agencies and organizations that deals with Dubai visa, you can get them from there. Dubai also provides e-visa services and it is very easy to obtain an e-visa. It can be obtained online just by filling out a form. You can find Dubai e-visa online application form


Dubai Visit Visa Permitted Activities And Difference From Tourist Visa 

  • A Dubai Visit visa comes with some advantages and is also different from a Dubai Tourist visa. Even the visa fee of a Dubai visit visa is a bit higher than the Dubai Tourist visa. 
  • A Dubai Visit visa can be used for "travelling and tourism purposes" and along with that it can also be used for attending any meetings or seminars etc. A visit visa can be used for official purposes whereas, on the other side, a Tourist visa can only be used for tourism purposes. You can use a tourist visa for traveling and explore the city. 
  • A Dubai Visit visa comes with a stay validity of 90 days. It means once you enter Dubai, you can stay there for 90 days whereas on the other side, on a Tourist visa you only get a stay validity of 14 to 90 days. Although it can be extended within the visa extension policy
  • With a Visit visa, you get some advantages as you can convert your visit visa to an employment visa in Dubai. As in a visit visa, you are allowed to attend business meetings and seminars. If you find an opportunity, you can later convert your visa into an employment visa. On the other side, a tourist visa cannot be converted into any different visa. 

Dubai Visit Visa Types

There are many kinds of Dubai visit visas available and you can select which type of Visit visa suits your requirement. 

  1. First, you get a 90 days visit visa. This Visit visa comes with 90 days of maximum validity.
  2. Then you have a Single entry long-term visit visa. This is a long-term visit visa with 90 days of validity but allows only a single entry. 
  3. Then you have a Multiple entry long-term visit visa. This is a long-term visit visa with 90 days of validity but it allows you to have multiple entries. 
  4. Then you have a Multiple entry short-term visit visa. This is a short-term visa with 30 days of validity but allows you to have multiple entries into the country. 
  5. Then you have E-visa. E-visa is an electronic visa which is obtained through e-mail and can be applied through the internet. You can easily obtain a tourist E visa to visit Dubai through a Dubai transit E visa.

Dubai Visit Visa Requirements 

  • You must submit a visa application that does not contain incomplete information.
  • Must be able to provide copies of the sponsor's passport and family's passport.
  • If you are sponsoring a partner or spouse, you must provide valid documentation of the relationship.
  • If you are sponsoring a child, you must provide the child's birth certificate.
  • Copy of ID.
  • Recent photos.
  • If hired, you must provide employer statements, payroll reports, etc.
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of visit and length of stay.
  • Funds to support your stay.



This article was about the activities permitted on a Dubai Visit visa. A Dubai visit visa comes with many advantages and can also be obtained easily. It charges a higher fee but with a Visit visa, you can attend meetings, seminars, business functions etc. Dubai visit visa requirements and types are also mentioned in the article so that you can have a better glance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The total processing time for the visa type is 72 hours. 3 business days UAE. However, these 3 business days cannot include Fridays, Saturdays and UAE public holidays.

Yes, you need a visa to visit Dubai. Indians visiting Dubai for tourism must apply for a Dubai Visa prior to travel. You can obtain an eVisa prior to your trip with us. However, Indian citizens holding a valid US/UK/Schengen Tourist Visa on Arrival are eligible for a Dubai Visa upon arrival.

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