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best tourist places you should never miss out in dubai

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Thinking that the list is over! Not yet buddy, the city of Dubai has this most amazing quality to never miss out on to amaze its visitors from across the globe. So, engage in this rundown and see what more is there for the best tourist places you should never miss out in Dubai.

Dubai Marina- “Imagery of Opulence” 

Dubai Marina - Hotels, Attractions, Shopping, Metro, Map

Now, this is the place you got to be a must-watch on your list. It has the best sense of luxury to provide you, which is so stunning to look at. Dubai Marina is super popular now just due to the fact that it is the biggest man-made marina across the globe. 

It hosts an array of thrilling activities that you can easily opt for to hang out with your family or friends or on your solo trip.  It features scrumptious foodie spots, exotic views, shopping arenas, etc.

  • So, in short, Dubai Marina is a place for you to hang out and chill in Dubai. Visit there with your family or friends.

  • You can even explore the boutiques here, which offers the best experience to you.


Ferrari World- “The Frantic Fun Abode”

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is named "World's Leading Theme Park" at ...

Believe it or not, this world is going to take you on another amazing level and will thrill you in every bit. "Ferrari"- you felt like a car show? Well, that's completely reverse what you think! It's a super amazing and the biggest amusement park on the mighty grounds of Abu Dhabi, founded in 2010, and ever since then it never fails to give a thrilling wave to lovely tourists in Dubai. 

It basically has an eye-catchy architecture which is superb and amazing to cater thousands of people coming on a tour. Anyone, be it an 8-year kid to the old man of 80, never gets back to try the wonderful rides in this mega world. It features the lovely shopping centres and the restaurant chains which are offering thousands of tourists lip-smacking food. Get ready to be on a roller coaster ride and begin to hoot your unlimited will on the thrilling and adventurous rides. Ferrari World got to be one of the best places to see in Dubai. 

  • You can enjoy it here with family! And we bet you would get the best experience ever.

  • Location? Yas Islands, Abu Dhabi


Dubai Dolphinarium- “The Lovely Dolphin Dance”

Dolphin & Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium - Dubai Blog

Featuring one of the most famous attractions of Dubai in your tour in Dubai, Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the best amusement parks in Dubai. It also features the fish farms and the stunning coral reef aquarium. The construction had a main aim to preach tourists the way how Dolphins communicate and track messages. It showcases a super amazing act and the activities to allure visitors to the show.

Some of the highly trained dolphins who were trained by talented trainers, showcase their lovely self to make us feel special on the tour. Moreover, it also features the marine life significance and the coral reefs which keeps everyone excited throughout.

  • Take a ticket for the 45 minutes Dolphin show, which is truly a must-watch for you guys. 

  • You’ll notice beautiful dolphins dancing and playing around in the pool!

  • You can visit here with your family and friends. It's truly a lovely spot.


Dubai Miracle Garden- “The Floral Pool of Beauty”

Dubai Miracle Garden | Journey through a Floral Wonderland in Dubai

Are you a nature lover? Ever wished to be in a pool with amazing flowers and fragrance? Well, you got your match as the best tourist place in Dubai. Dubai Miracle Garden truly shows you the ultimate view of flowers, flowers, flowers, and more flowers everywhere your vision can see! If you forgot to take this on the list? Come on! You are missing out on the real amazing thing of Dubai. 

Its all and all the astounding views of greenery and an enormous number of beautiful flowers, coming from various varieties. The complete land is adorned with flowers. It is also said to be the biggest natural flower garden in Dubai. Dubai Miracle Garden features a lot of models covered with flowers all over, like- Emirates aircraft, cartoons, lifestyle, etc. which is magnificent in its own way.

  • You can visit here with your family or friends.

  • It is surely the best place for photography. 

  • Working Hours: 9 am till 9 pm.


The Atlantis Palm Hotel- “The Mighty King Stay”

Atlantis The Palm Dubai | Dubai 2020 UPDATED DEALS ₹11245, HD ...

We know the fact that Dubai and Luxury go hand in hand and all the tourists should know this while they make the list of the places and plan their budget. The Atlantis Palm Hotel is often known as "Royal Towers" is just like a person’s dream stay hotel, if they have a heavy pocket to afford such speechless beauty and the luxury service they provide. It has succeeded to make its mark on the luxury resorts and the high star rating hotels.

This royal 7-star hotel is more than what you know about the definition of luxury. It looks completely stunning at night with the adorable lightning play and the fireworks, which truly lies as the key factor to bring more and more tourism here. You can also enjoy the super amazing views of the beach and the Aqua Venture Water Park. We can truly say that it made its mark on the best tourist places in Dubai. 

  • You can enjoy it here with your family and friends and can make the best memories for your life-time.

  • The average pricing of this hotel is from 1200-7000 AED per room.


The Palm Islands- “The Abode of Luxury in Resorts”

10 Cool Things to Do at the Palm Jumeirah

The next wonder to visit is this ultimate beauty. Have you ever dreamt that how artificial islands look like? Are they for real? Do they exist in the world? Guess what? You are at the perfect place, which is just like a dream come to the true experience of your Dubai Tour. Palm Island is the best place for you then. The Palm Islands is the amalgamation of two islands which are located in two different places in Dubai- Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. 

But if you are planning a visit there, you can go only to the Palm Jumeirah as it is completely made and open to tourists. On the other hand, the other island at Palm Jebel Ali is still incomplete and under construction, which you can’t visit. The interesting fact lies in that these islands got their names by the name from their shapes. 

  • The major catch here is that you can even go for the different view options. Either the island ground view or the thrilling sky view of the island. The skyscrapers of Dubai can help you with this, either the high sky view facilities or the Burj Khalifa building. 

  • Want to explore the entire island on a thrilling ride? Guess what? You can take the speedboat at Palm Jumeirah to get the holistic view of the majestic island.

  • It can cost you around $36-$50 if you planning the Island tour.


The Yas Island Waterpark- “The Summer Heat Buster Land”

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Vlog January 2018 - YouTube

Next up on the list is themed one of the best parks to beat the heat which eventually excited every kid and adult out there who is coming to the land for the best experience. Having an amazing combination of thrilling rides, water slides, and a colony of beautiful attractions in the park. Featuring the best-packed activities, it has a lot to say and do. Moreover, it is one of the best things to enjoy on the mighty land of Dubai. This park features the best of the rides and the amazing journeys in the area. You can take the high rides which will trick you and thrill you, finally dumping you in the pool. 

  • In the nutshell, this is a full family packed entertainment throughout your stay in the park.

  • You can enjoy with family members and your kids.

  • You have to explore the deadly rides like Jebel Drop, Seabag, Rush Rider, Liwa Loop, and others. Ya, and do try all the rides at the park for your full entertainment and thrill!

  • The park is located in Abu Dhabi.


Dubai Fountain- “The Amazing Water Dance”

The Dubai Fountain Dubai - Timings, Entry Fees, Location, Facts

Next up is the Dubai Fountain, one of the best tourist places in Dubai. This fountain is the tallest fountain with the best management on the grounds of choreography portrayed to the tourists, all across the globe. The fountain shoots up to the height of 900 feet, which is super stunning to see at the ground. The fountain itself is one of the best things to visit in Dubai. It has its glory and the beautification of course. 

The Dubai Fountain is located in the middle of the Burj Lake, which acts like a magnet, attracting a lot of people to view the water dance and the ultimate beauty. At night it shows the immense wonders, tuning up with the Arabic tunes, well-matched with the lighting effect and the amazing art! It will truly give you the best experience. 

The most interesting and shocking factor lies in that entire structure if the Dubai Fountain has around 6600 super lights supported by 25 color projectors which are making the superb visual effect in the middle of the Burj Lake.

In all you can easily enjoy here with your friends and families, dancing on the tunes of classical to the contemporary songs, the water dance and of course the beauty Burj Khalifa!


Bollywood Parks Dubai- “The Live Performance Stream”

Bollywood Park Dubai Tickets | Get In Just ₹1800 | Flat 25% Off

Are you a true fan of Bollywood? Then this park is truly for you. The Dubai Bollywood Park includes all the moods of Bollywood and the amazing journeys of the same. It features the thrilling rides and delicious restaurants serving all the foodies on the way. Dubai Bollywood park is now under the best Dubai tourist attractions throughout. 

Featuring the live performances by artists with the engaging activities around the venue. The park has its spread over 1.7 million sq. Ft. This Bollywood has to be the best option on your list and a must among the theme parks in Dubai. It will truly give you the ultimate Bollywood experience.

  • You got to take the experience of the Bollywood movie-themed rides in the park. 

  • You can surely visit here with your family and friends.


Hatta Heritage Village- “The Glorious Grand Town”

Dubai's Hatta Heritage Village Transports You into a Magical World!

Ever wondered how early Dubai Life was? How has the traditional Dubai life been? Another place you got to visit in Dubai has to be Hatta Heritage Village. This village is located in the Al Hajar Mountains. Here you’ll get to see and experience the magnificence of old towns of Dubai and also will expose the effects of locals on the town. 

This village is crafted beautifully with the old age stones, which is the ultimate reason for the popularity of this village on the mighty land of Dubai. The village features 17 houses across the area around the village. Being the fortress as the stunning attraction.

  • You can visit there with your friends and families.

  • You have to visit the marvellous sculptures of the village supported well with the lovely tunes and the night performances.

  • Opening Hours? You can visit the village between Saturday till Thursday at any time.

So, this was majorly about the Best Tourist Places you should never miss out in Dubai. What are you waiting for then! Plan a trip to Majestic Dubai and make your dreams come true!

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