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dubai covid guidelines to be followed

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The covid pandemic shook the world on every level. Many institutions have taken a hard hit During this time. Out of many like this, tourism has changed dramatically since the arrival of the pandemic. There is now a stark contrast between how travel is taking place after the post-pandemic. Since the situation of the covid pandemic is now somewhat less severe compared to a year back or so due to the introduction of vaccines, Tourism is now taking back its usual pace. Hence the covid guidelines have also been revised, considering the present situation. If you are planning to travel to Dubai anytime soon, consider these new revised Dubai covid guidelines to make your journey smooth.  


Dubai Covid Guidelines

Passengers travelling to Dubai from all countries (GCC included) must fulfil any one of the given requirements down below.

  • Passengers must show a "valid covid vaccination certificate" proving they are fully vaccinated. The certificate must have a QR code, and the vaccine must be authorized by WHO or UAE
  • They must provide a certificate issued by an approved health service provider having a QR code showing a negative COVID‑19 PCR test certificate given to them in the period of 48 hours from the time their sample is collected to their time of departure 
  • If the passenger has recovered from COVID-19 a month before their arrival date they are required to submit a valid medical certificate issued by the appropriate authorities 

Some key points to be taken care of 

  • SMS certificates will not be approved. Printed or digital PCR test/Vaccination certificates will be approved. They must include a QR code and must be in English or Arabic language
  • Your COVID-19 certificate will only be accepted without a QR code as long as the vaccination certificate's credibility is approved by health authorities 
  •  Different languages COVID -19 documents will only be approved if they can be validated before departure 
  • United Kingdom visitors must note that NHS COVID-19 certificates will not be approved 


Dubai Tourist Guidelines

We have talked about the necessary Dubai covid regulations, but keeping aside this, visitors must also adhere to these disciplinary guidelines one travelling to Dubai. Since the country has its own beliefs, you would not want to carry out some actions which might offend any locals. Hence make sure you follow these Dubai tourist guidelines once you get to the city to have a comfortable experience. 

  • Public display of affection is not allowed
  • Do not dress inappropriately
  • Profane language is not allowed in public
  • Do not take a photo of people without consent 
  • Public drinking and being drunk is not acceptable 
  • Do not make hand gestures
  • Do not carry any drugs 
  • Insulting the royal family is unacceptable
  • Cross-dressing is not allowed 
  • Do not bring any prohibited items
  • Eating in public during the month of Ramadan is not allowed 
  • Do not use your left hand to greet anyone
  • Unmarried people are not allowed to stay together at the hotel 


Top 5 things to do in Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa

If you are visiting Dubai, visiting "Burj Khalifa" is a no-brainer. This extraordinary piece of architecture is something to look upon, giving its viewers a breathtaking view of the city once on the 124 floors of the building. 

  • Dubai Mall 

Everyone fancy going on a spree while shopping and if you intend to do that, Dubai will not disappoint you. The city is highly recommended to visit for shopping. The Dubai Mall is a must-visit to purchase affordable and trendy clothes. Besides its shopping attractions, the mall also has several recreational activities like a skating park, amusement park and theatre etc. This place is undoubtedly booming with fun activities, so don't miss out. 

  • The Dubai Fountain

Another interesting place you can visit is the Dubai Fountain. Choreographed to music, the fountain display will give you a mesmerising experience. 

  • Dubai Miracle Garden 

This place is an excellent outdoor recreational destination which offers eye-catching crafted trees in different shapes and sizes. Dubai Miracle Garden will give you a different experience in parallel to the grand buildings out there in the city. 

  • Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai's temperature can sometimes be intolerable, especially on a bright day. So to freshen yourself up, you can always visit Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. The place offers various types of slides that will make you cherish every moment while sliding down through them.  



So here it was, the complete guide regarding Covid guidelines to visiting Dubai with other relevant information like places to visit while in the country. Through this article, if you want to know the new Dubai covid guidelines, you are now aware of the necessary details to plan your Dubai trip efficiently.

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Yes, Dubai is very safe for travellers. Just make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the city

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