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desert safari activities in dubai

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Dubai is famous for many different things. Either we talk about amazing infrastructures or we talk about amazing activities, Dubai has it all. Today we are talking about the Dubai safari, a worth desert experience that you get in Dubai. Most people think about driving a Range Rover in the desert when it comes to Dubai desert safari but that's not it. Desert safaris allow you to step into the wilderness, mostly unexplored, giving you a unique perspective on the world we know. There are many things that can happen on a desert safari, but as long as you have a reputable guide, you can relax without fear of feeding camels. Today in this article we are going to talk about the things that you can do on Desert Safari


Dubai desert safari activities

1. Jeep Safari 

The most common and favourite desert activity that everyone enjoys in the Dubai desert is the jeep safari. A comfortable ride in a 4x4 jeep in the desert of Dubai. This is the most commonly booked activity and many people enjoy it as you just have to sit in a jeep and you can enjoy the desert and sand dunes. 

2. Dune Bashing 

This can also be called an upgraded version of Jeep safari as it is a bit wild. In this activity, you are provided with a professional driver in a 4x4 SUV and you will the desert in a new way. A wild ride in Dubai desert where your SUV bashes into san dunes again and again and gives you a desert roller coaster ride. If you are an adrenaline and thrill lover, you gonna love it. 

3. Dirt Biking 

This activity is specifically for bike lovers. You are provided with a dirt bike and you can just smash your bike over sand dunes. An initial biking lesson is provided but it is highly recommended not to do this activity if you are a biking beginner. You are also provided with all gear for safety reasons and you are good to go. This activity is a bit expensive but for bike lovers, it is affordable. 

4. Fat Tire Biking 

It can be called the longest activity in the Dubai desert safari. This activity takes up to 5-6 hours and is recommended for those who trust their fitness. You can enjoy sand dunes in a car but for a better option, you can take a bike, or with an even better option you can take a fat tire bike and go on a 5-hour cycle hike. A professional guide is provided. The tires of these bikes are specially designed to run on the sand and this activity requires a lot of stamina and endurance. 


5. Hot Air Balloon 

This is also one of the favourite desert activities that people love to do. You will be provided with an air balloon and a guide, all you have to do is enjoy the sand ocean from the sky. You can book this in the evening as people enjoy watching the sunset in a hot air balloon. 

6. Sandboards

You may have heard about skateboards but this is a unique experience that you can have in the Dubai desert called Sandboads. It is just like snow skating, the only difference is the snow is replaced with sand. It looks easy but it is not the interesting fact is that people actually enjoy learning it too. A professional guide is provided to you for your safety. 

7. Camel safari 

One of the calmest and most enjoyable experiences in the Dubai desert safari, riding a camel in a desert is the perfect match. You can enjoy dessert in peace and this activity is called the silence walk by many people as you just have to sit on a camel, relax and calm your mind and enjoy the desert

8. Quad Bike 

Riding a quad bike is also a thrill experience, it is not as difficult as a dirt bike, and also less dangerous. Before riding a quad bike, you get a tutorial on how to ride a bike. Professional gears are also provided for safety. 



These were only a few activities that we discussed here. There are many more activities that you can do in Dubai desert safaris like horse riding, buggy riding, vintage land rover ride, night camping in the desert, desert night safari, and some more. You can visit Dubai and enjoy these amazing desert activities. Dubai desert safari has so much for you. Some of these activities are a bit expensive while some are budget-friendly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Desert Safari Dubai is a long tour that lasts 4 to 18 hours. During this time, you can experience many sand activities in the Arabian Desert.

Desert safari clothing should be neutral, breathable, and adjustable for both hot and cold temperatures and large amounts of dust. It's hot in the desert afternoon because it's a scorching sunny day. And as far as people think, the desert is always hot, so it's cold. Early mornings and evenings can be freezing cold.

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