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Important Events in Dubai 2023

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If you plan a trip to Dubai next year, you are probably heading to the best place on earth to celebrate a fun-filled New Year because the Dubai calendar for 2023 dubai events is jam-packed with exciting events and things to do. So, you should take advantage of a line-up of these city-wide events and a host of activities actively planned for the tourists. Look at the fantastic cultural, food and shopping events in Dubai 2023 has in store for you. If you can miss even one of them, you will likely lose hold of all the fun and thrill it will bring. Here is a list of all that Dubai has in store for an exciting year, envisioned by cultural events, food festivals, shopping fiestas, and some fantastic festivals of the year. 

Essential Events in Dubai 2023 

Dubai Shopping Festival 

Heard of this perplexing, fun festival? Just a month to go. The festival that needs no introduction is around the corner. The "Dubai Shopping Festival" runs for over a month and is therefore regarded as the region's longest-running shopping festival. At this month-stretching festival, one can expect fantastic entertainment promotions, foodie feasts, concerts, staycation offers, and an unbeatable shopping experience. These 46 days of spectacular leisure and refreshment will be super fun with your family and friends. 

When: December 15 (Thursday) to January 29 (Sunday) 

Chinese New Year 

If you eagerly wait for the Chinese New Year every day, then celebrating this day with surplus entertainment and exciting promotions in Dubai can be the best option. Plan a trip to Dubai with Dubai Transit E-Visa to commemorate the Year of the Rabbit. 

When: January 20 (Friday) to January 29 (Sunday) 

Ramadan and Eid-Al-Fitr 

Get ready to experience the significant cultural and spiritual events, promotions and family festivities throughout the Holy month of Ramadan and Eid-Al-Fitr in Dubai. 

When: March 23 (Thursday) to April 27 (Thursday) 

Dubai Food Festival 

Gather all your foodie friends and family members and take over Dubai's biggest gastronomical event in 2023. It will be the 10th edition of the Dubai Food Festival, and getting hold of all the international cuisines and culinary dishes is your dire responsibility. Experience all the unique international flavours that the city has to offer. 

When: April 28 (Friday) to May 7, 2023 (Sunday) 

International Apparel and Textile Fair 

To connect with buyers all over the MENA region, experiencing this unique platform can be on your 2023 bucket list. It is an exclusive platform for the leading textile and apparel industries that showcase their latest collection to buyers and visitors. 

When: May 1 (Monday) to May 3 (Wednesday) 



Eid Al Adha 

An abundance of traditional and cultural festivities will be an inevitable part of the Eid-Al-Adha fiesta in Dubai next year. 

When: June 29 (Thursday) to July 9 (Sunday) 

Sleep Expo 

A sleep expo is a premier event for managing the sleep and bedding industry to portray, showcase, and tap into the global market. This is the only dedicated event in the Middle East for manufacturers of mattresses, mattress machinery, bed linen, sleep and other technologies. With over 130+ exhibitors from leading brands, this is an optimal platform for them to showcase their ideas/collections to potential business partners from different parts of the world. 

When: September 5 (Tuesday) to September 7 (Thursday) 


Dubai Home Festival 

If you love refurbishing your home, this is the right place. Avail of this opportunity to unveil Dubai is expanding interior design and homeware sectors. One can see incredible offers and deals not only on furniture and home products but also on a wide array of kitchen appliances across the Middle East. 

When: October 13 (Friday) to October 27 (Friday) 

Dubai Fitness Challenge Event 

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or following a strict health regime, the "Dubai Fitness Challenge" will be your companion for 30 consecutive days. Here, tourists, visitors and residents are encouraged and motivated to commit only 30 minutes of their schedule to activities and exercise. 

When: October 28 (Saturday) to November 26 (Sunday) 


United Arab Emirates National Day 

The first week of December is well sorted. 2023 marks United Arab Emirates'Emirates' 52nd National Day. It's your city's day; indulge in the freedom and unity spirit. Pay tribute to the unity and continued growth of UAE by engaging oneself in multiple festivity preparations, fabulous firework displays, and retail promotions. 

When: December 1 (Friday) to December 3 (Sunday) 


Now that you are ready to fill up your shiny New year 2023 diaries with events in dubai has in store, make sure you are an active part of the Dubai 2023 calendar with full zeal and enthusiasm. From a kaleidoscope of exciting events lined up next year, all range from different industries like fashion, mattress industry, and sleep expo to food, shopping, and fitness festivals. After all, the fun-filled events are National UAE Day to celebrate the spirit of unity and continued growth of Dubai's constantly developing and maintained city. 


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