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Would you also love to visit a city which is widely known for its beauty and its tourism rate?  Then Dubai is the right one for you. Dubai is the most fascinating place you will ever see in your life, and because you are interested in visiting Dubai, you should learn more about it. This entire city instils a sense of joy and happiness in everyone who comes to visit. This destination has world-class attractions, excellent infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, and everything else you could wish for. This country has a high tourism rate and is even recognized as the greatest among countries that have been heavily visited by people from all over the world, and it continues to do so today. You may have it all when you visit Dubai. You can easily acquire a single entry visa by visiting our website Dubaitransitevisa in a timely manner.

Visa for Dubai

You will need a Dubai visa to enter Dubai at any point throughout the year, therefore you must obtain one for yourself. The Dubai visa will allow you to enter Dubai safely and legally and provide you with a stress-free travel permit. However, before visiting Dubai, you must first learn about a Dubai visa and everything there is to know about visas, from sorts to how to get a visa for Dubai.

When it comes to visas, they serve a variety of objectives about your journey. Every one of us has different reasons for travelling, but the most common is tourism. If you're travelling for tourism, you'll need to apply for a single-entry visa. A different sort of visa, known as a multiple-entry visa, is required if you are visiting Dubai for a long period of time, such as for education, work, or to reside there indefinitely.


What is a single-entry Dubai visa?

  • A single entry visa is of major concern when one applies for a visa for tourism purposes or to serve their travel needs in Dubai. And a single entry tourist visa to Dubai is the one that suits you perfectly on this and is also the one which is applied mostly over others. 
  • One must know that a single entry visa is not only applied for tourism purposes but also for business and for a layover in Dubai for which travellers obtain a transit visa.
  • A single-entry visa allows you to visit the nation only once throughout the duration of your visa. Once you leave its territory, you must apply for a new visa to return or stay in Dubai for a longer period. This is sufficient for the majority of trips and vacations, and if a nation offers numerous visa types, the single-entry visa is usually less expensive and easier to obtain.

Types of single-entry visas to Dubai

  • 14 days single entry Dubai tourist visa with a visa validity period of 58 days and stay validity of 14 days.
  • 30 days single entry Dubai tourist visa with a visa validity period of 60 days and stay validity of 30 days.
  • 90 days single entry Dubai tourist visa with a visa validity period of 180 days and stay validity of 90 days.
  • 48 hours single entry Dubai transit visa with a visa validity period of 30 days and stay validity of 48 hours.
  • 96 hours single entry Dubai transit visa with a visa validity period of 30 days and stay validity of 96 hours.
  • 90 days visa extension with a visa validity of 58 days and stay validity of 90 days.


Requirements for a Single-entry visa to Dubai

  • A single entry visa application form is needed to be perfectly authentic.
  • An original passport contains the validity of 6 months and must have enough blank pages. It’s also needed to have the original sign on the passport.
  • While you fill up the form, you must provide all the basic information or the details and the ones needed to be perfectly matched with the passport.
  • Photocopies of the first and last pages of the applicant’s passport.
  • Some of the passport-sized photographs are not longer than 3 months with a clear background.
  • The confirmed plane tickets for the arrival and the departure. 
  • Lodging details in Dubai.
  • Healthier bank statements for the past 6 months and vaccination certificate.



A single-entry tourist visa to Dubai is the one which is highly applied for by the tourist visiting Dubai and once you apply for it, make sure to properly go through all kinds of information regarding the single entry to visa to Dubai lastly you can proceed by paying the visa and by getting your visa processing done within a very shorter span of time. And one needs to really take care while filling the form as every single is unbearable and can cause you trouble. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, there isn’t a certain time as such for the application of a visa but in order to assist you, we would recommend you to apply for the visa before 7 days and better not apply on weekends since it requires only working days to get your visa done. And to apply for your visa- you can go through Dubai transit Evisa. 

You can stay for 14 days with your 14 days Dubai single entry tourist visa within the 58 days of your visa validity.

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