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types of dubai visas for a tourist

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Dubai tourist visa

A person who wishes to visit Dubai just for leisure is granted a tourist visa, which is exclusively created for the purpose of travel. Since Dubai has long been the best tourism hub and everyone wants to visit Dubai at least once in their lifetime due to the beauty and charm that it brings, the tourism visas to Dubai are also the ones that are frequently applied for among all the visa types. Tourist visas, on the other hand, are the ones that have a very simple application process and can be applied for whenever it is most convenient for the traveller. Once you have applied, you can receive your visa via mail, which is a process that is both quick and straightforward. And even if you are visiting Dubai for tourism, you must obtain a visa at all costs and at all times. Whatever the circumstances, you must grab a hold of it.

Both single admission and multiple-entry tourist visas are possible. To apply for any of these, the candidate must have a reason to travel to Dubai.


A guide to the types of Dubai tourist visas

Dubai provides you with two types of visas when we talk about tourist visas. One is a single entry visa and another one is a multiple entry visa and to go through both of these, one is needed to go through the undermentioned information.

Dubai single entry visas

  • When applying for a visa for tourism purposes or to meet short-term travel needs in Dubai, a single entry visa is a big worry. And the visa that best matches you on this and is used more frequently than others is a single entry tourist visa to Dubai.
  • One should be aware that a single entry visa is applicable for all types of short stays in Dubai, including those for short business trips, visits to distant relatives, and other short stays for whatever reason.
  • A single-entry visa only enables you to enter the country once during the validity of the document, not twice or three times. And if you want to come back or stay in Dubai for a longer period of time after you leave, you must apply for a renewal of your visa. This is plenty for most trips and vacations, and if a country offers a variety of visa options, the single-entry visa is typically more affordable and simpler to obtain.


Dubai single entry visas

  • With this form of visa, you can stay in Dubai for a considerable amount of time. It is also known as a long-term visa. You can visit Dubai as much as you'd like with a multiple entry visa, which is convenient. If you have regular or numerous travel plans to Dubai, you must immediately switch to a multiple entry Dubai visa.
  • Depending on your preference, you can either apply for a "multiple entry visa to Dubai" online or when you land at one of the city's international airports.
  • When applying for a multiple entry visa, keep in mind that it is only valid for a certain period of time and is typically a long-term visa, as previously indicated. One must periodically apply for the renewal of their visa in order to continue residing in Dubai for however long they wish to.


Where to apply for Dubai tourist visas?

If you ask about the best method of the Dubai visa application then we would suggest that the online method is the best since it saves a lot of your time and at the same time, it gives you really easy processing, and the one which is up to the mark- so in order to get one for yourself, you can visit DubaitransitEvisa and can simply apply for it and get the following tourist visas.

  • 14 days single entry visa for 130 USD that a visa validity of 58 days and stay valid for 14 days.
  • 30 days single entry visa for 140 USD that a visa validity of 60 days and stay valid for 30 days.
  • 90 days single entry visa for 400 USD that a visa validity of 180 days and stay valid for 90 days.
  • 30 days multiple entry visa for 300 USD that a visa validity of 60 days and stay valid for 30 days.
  • 90 days multiple entry visa for 600 USD that a visa validity of 180 days and stay valid for 90 days.



If anyone of you is applying for a visa to Dubai and especially for a Dubai tourist visa, you must first get to the core of what kind of visa you wish to apply for. And once you get clear with this, you can simply apply for one with the proper guidance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you apply for a Dubai tourist visa- you would want a visa application form, a passport, some passport-size photographs, and travel documents.

  • 30 days multiple entry visa- Visa validity- 60 days, cost- $300.
  • 90 days multiple entry visa- visa validity- 180 days, cost- $600
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