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Dubai: it's big and brash, flashy, and ostentatious. It's a super-car holdup on a big-city street. It's $1000 bottle of champagne when a not so expensive sparkling would do. Its the most important, the simplest and also the most costly of everything. Hence with this Dubai travel guide, you will now explore all at its best, and here's how Dubai Transit E Visa will help you! All you need to do is apply for a 30 days Dubai tourist visa and you will be able to enjoy this whole of at just a glance!

Well, that what people expect after they arrive within the geographic area metropolis. is supposed to be small on culture, and huge on bling. It's here for an honest time, not a protracted time, and it doesn't mind telling you so. But is that truly the case First-time visitors can be surprised.

By Air


  • Terminal 1: International flights(except Emirates and Qantas)
  • Terminal 2: Low-cost airlines(including Fly Indigo)
  • Terminal 3: All Emirates flights and Qanats

By Road

The NOL ticket card may be an open-end credit that allows you to move buses, metros, water buses further as trams.

By Rail

There is not any train service within Dubai yet, although the project has been initiated.

The food is nice, and it's cheap

Delicious food to try in Dubai: Features a reputation for fine-dining excellence, and it certainly lives up thereto with lots of celebrity chefs from all around the world. because of an outsized number of the immigrant population that has an incredibly good and affordable food scene. Simply wander the streets and you'll find tasty treats from around the world, available for less than some dirhams.

There arent many locals

The fact that there don't seem to be any local Emirates around is because the local culture is kind of a personal one, meaning the sole Emirati visitors will meet are the ones who stamp their passport at the airport. Those keen to search out more about local culture, however, should call into the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

The weekend begins on Friday- with brunch

this can be the Islamic world, which suggests that weekends are Fridays and Saturdays. Among the ex-pat crowd, in addition to as many short-term visitors, the start of the weekends means one thing: brunch. And this can be often no light snack; Friday brunches are typically vast feasts.

There's history in Dubai

It's true that fifty years ago this heavenly metropolis was little quite a creekside fishing village(before oil was discovered). The oldest a part of the town is al-Fahidi, a well preserved cultural area that dates back to the 1900s.

The Burj Khalifa is incredible

Even if a sight of the really, really tall building doesn't sound that tremendous to you, prepare to be stunned. The 829-meter Burj Khalifa is the tallest building within the entire world. The view from the observation deck, some 148 stories, is simply mind-boggling. Nothing looks real from that height. It's like observing a child's miniature of the globe. visiting the highest isn't cheap(from $46), but it's worth every dirham.

It's a shoppers paradise

Speaking of shopping malls may be a heaven for people who take pride in the purchasing of products. you'll be able to buy nearly anything up here, from designer clothes to jewelry, spices, fine quality foodstuffs and souvenirs. At Mall, there's even a Gold to Go ATM where you'll withdraw one-ounce bars of solid gold, provided they need the funds. Also, don't forget to attend the DSF( Shopping Festival) which is held in every mid-February.

The architecture is amazing

could be a place of unusual architectural beauty just like the Burj Khalifa and therefore the Burj (the sail-shaped luxury hotel), similarly because of the amazing Palm project featuring the Atlantis Hotel, the twisting Canyon Tower, and therefore the JW Marriott Marquis, the worlds tallest hotel.

The desert is right there

As soon because the city ends, the sand dunes begin. There are many companies offering varying experiences out there within the wilderness, from 4WD safaris to Bedouin-style dinners to sand-boarding trips to quad-biking. Want playing golf on a lush green course within the center of the desert you'll be able to try this further, at several courses throughout the town. And id you are feeling like riding a camel, or going boating, or seeing a concert, or visiting a picture gallery, or boarding, skydiving, driving an F1 car, swimming with dolphins, or going bungy-jumping you can try this too.

It's possible to travel on a budget

If you decide to remain in fancy resorts and eat at the massive restaurants and do your shopping in big malls, then a stay in goes to be expensive. But it mustn't be that way. Spend time in Deira, haggling at markets, eating geographical region street food, staying in budget hotels, and getting around on foot, and you'll suddenly find that this city is extremely affordable.

Now with this travel guide, you are free to roam about in!

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