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Importance of obtaining travel Insurance for Dubai visa

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Being home to some of the most spectacular adventure sports, it’s very easy to get yourself injured in Dubai. And even if you keep adventure sports aside, traveling comes with a number of contingencies like losing your personal belongings, minor injuries, loss to someone’s property, etc, making it extremely crucial to be backed up by an insurance policy that will help you meet such expenses in the host country (especially in countries like Dubai that have expensive healthcare).

This article aims to answer the question - of why is travel insurance important before traveling to Dubai by explaining the top reasons to get a travel insurance policy, ways to spot a good worth-it policy, and other information regarding travel insurance in Dubai.

What is Travel Insurance

Just like any other insurance, travel insurance insures the holder against contingent situations while he/she is traveling to some other country. The insurance company will pay for all the expenses covered in your insurance contract by charging a nominal premium, which is undoubtedly a worth-it deal as the loss can sometimes be too much to compensate alone.


Who Needs a Travel Insurance

In one line, all those who need a visa for Dubai must get travel insurance. Cases have been observed where applicants are denied a visa if they fail to present a valid travel insurance policy. And even if it won’t have been a mandatory document, you must get your travel insured as Dubai is an expensive country and even the smallest costs can be too high sometimes.

A traveler is exempted to present an insurance policy in the following situations.

  • You’re a citizen of a GCC member country or any visa-exempt country
  • You’re eligible to apply for a visa on arrival in Dubai

To summarize, travel insurance is only needed with pre-applied visas i.e. e-visas and paper visas.

Another perk of applying for a Dubai visa online through Dubai Transit E-Visa is that you need to submit just 4 basic documents to obtain a visa- your passport, passport-size photographs, hotel booking, and flight tickets. In other words, we save you from unnecessary formalities and documentation. You can start your visa application by visiting our website and we guarantee you a visa in less than 72 hours of application.

What to Look for in a Travel Insurance

Just getting an insurance policy is not enough but handpicking a good travel insurance policy is what will prove to be a gamechanger. It is important to look into what the policy is covering and thus, here is a list of a few areas that your travel insurance must cover.

1.   Emergency and Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are the most common yet the most important expense that a policy must cover. This includes costs like hospitalization, ambulance, doctor’s visit, surgical procedures, medicines, etc.

2.   Loss or Damage to Personal Belongings

Losing your personal belongings while on a trip is pretty common. Moreover, sometimes we tend to damage some delicate and expensive items that we carry with us such as laptops, phones, jewelry, camera, etc. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your policy covers the loss or damage to your personal belongings.

3.   Costs of Trip Disruption

Another important area to look for is the cost of trip disruption. This includes getting compensated for non-refundable deposits, reservations, cancellations, etc. in case your trip to UAE is unsuccessful. Getting trip disruption covered is important as a trip to UAE is quite expensive. 

4.   Personal Liability

What if you damage someone’s property in Dubai? The compensation amount can be too high in such cases and thus, you should make arrangements for paying off such liabilities by purchasing a travel insurance policy that covers your personal liabilities.

Areas Excluded from Travel Insurance Policies

Generally, travel insurance doesn’t cover high-risk activities that you’ll be doing in Dubai. For instance, your insurance policy might not compensate you if you meet any unforeseen accidents while being involved in activities like skydiving, scuba diving, car racing, dune bashing, skiing, etc. Thus, if you have any plans to experience these adventure sports in Dubai, you can ask your insurance provider if it’s possible to get these activities covered under your insurance policy.

Top Benefits of Getting Travel Insurance in Dubai

Here are a few benefits that you’ll be entitled to if you get your travel insured.

  • Travel insurance secures you against loss of personal belongings on your trip
  • It covers the cost of medical and other emergencies on your trip
  • It provides a claim for unintentional damage to someone’s property
  • It compensates you against non-refundable costs in case your trip gets canceled
  • It serves as an important document for visa application


The Bottom Line

Travel insurance can prove to be a lifesaver and thus, you should not hesitate while invest in something as fruitful as a travel insurance policy and make your trip much more secure and enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of travel insurance depends on multiple factors like the trip duration, the amount of coverage, the date of buying, the age of the applicant, etc.

No, Dubai is an extremely safe country. In fact, it is regarded as the safest country in the world. You need travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen accidents and not because there are risks in Dubai.

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