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Process to Apply Dubai Visa For Indian Passport Holder With A Canadian PR Card

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Canadian PR Card Status

Not much good news for the Canadian PR cardholders, as you need to acquire the visa for the traveling purpose. As the Canadian embassy is already holding a free visa petition for normal travelers so on that basis the emirates country offers visa approving options in the emirate’s airline authorities. EK is been recommended on the general note conclusions. 


How To Get a Canadian PR Card

The concluded options are been the basic requirements that have to be fulfilled for getting the Canadian PR card permits

  • Must have a sufficient income status, and should be financially strong for giving funds
  • Should acquire a qualification status, and after acquiring the Canadian PR card the father can easily sponsor their children still the age of 21 for their academic studies in the Canadian country
  • Must get the quality medical checking’s proceedings
  • If the applicant has already been retired from their work field should apply for the retirement visa necessity, and must have a monthly income of 2000 CAD
  • Family sponsorship options are been available with the Canadian PR card facilities
  • Here the applicant will be given freedom of living, working, studying facilities and every acquiring facility which the Canadian people are been offered by the Canadian embassy
  • At the time of applying for the PR card permits, the person has to show their passport, photographs, and travel insurance pieces of evidence.
  • The candidates should have done a good sum of investments in the Canadian firm companies, fixed deposits, and must have invested in stocks.

Renewal Of Canadian Pr Card

If the applicant's PR card gets expired then they should either apply for a new application or can utilized the renewal facilities. Normally if you have not renewed, then you have to move outside Canada country and apply for new travel PR documentation.

If you do not get the residence visa permits you are not been eligible for the PR card granted, as the whole process is been directed and taken under the inspection of the IRCC. Without filling the residence appealing application, the whole process is been unjustified.

With this new rule of regulations, it has been founded many of the visitors lost their PR status inscriptions.

At the time of PR, an application needs to show-

  • Residence visa meeting all the requirements proof
  • While applying the candidate have to show that they live in the Canadian country for 2 years terms
  • No crime acquiring history the applicant is holding
  • When the whole process will be carried the applicant has to be physically presented.


Canadian Pr Card Processing Time

For the Indian passport holders who are applying for the Canada PR card then it will acquire 6 months. Though the ITA time conditions are quite uncertain it might delay or might be faster. Due to the covid situations from the years 2022 all the processing’s were shut down, but now with the expertise of ITA, the whole program is been sketched down. 


  • Type of the application the applicants is submitting
  • Application verification status
  • How fast the processing will be conducted so that the application can be received earlier
  • Documentation uploading’s also acquiring much-responded factor conditioning.

How To Apply For Canada Pr

The process followed how will the Indian Passport Holder appeal for the Canadian PR card

  • Have to acquire the ECA report of documentation along with the IELTS test certifications, make sure that all the evidence must be in the English language
  • Under the slotting of express entry have to score a minimum acquire point that is 67, otherwise will not get the PR card authentications
  • In the express entry persists create an online profit here you can get the details of educations facilities, work persistence, CRS score beneficial.
  • On the ground of applying, you can prefer for the Dubai Transit E Visa site, here also the PR card applying processing are been carried out.
  • Must have the IRCC authorities’ invitation persistence on the name of the applicant
  • Then submit the PR application form after completing the payments 
  • After checking all the processing, the applicant will be eligible with the Canada PR approval.

Can Permanent Residents Work In Canada

Yes, they can work in the Canada country, but the benefits they will be getting they are-

  • Without having any restrictions, they will be given legal permission of staying, work, or settle down completely
  • Get high salary and profitable income, and the earnings are quite double
  • If the applicant gets married to some of the Canadian people, then they can sponsor their family and their children by showing the marriage evidence
  • Their children will be getting all the acquired rights, quality educations, and good career upliftment
  • Getting free medical treatments from the Canadian government sponsors for the entire family members
  • If the applicant stays for 3 years, they will be getting Canadian citizens as per the rule by the Canadian embassy.


Dubai Visa Online

For the Indian Passport Holder, the application form of the Canadian PR card is been available on the Dubai Transit E Visa site. All the regarding info on visa status are been availed here.

This site is been recommended-

  • As it is an authorized platform
  • Much experience skilled in visa processing as it has approved millions of visa approving
  • Must trust the site and have won the customer's hearts with its derived customization services
  • 24/7 online customized service facilities
  • And a much easier way of handling.

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