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dubai tourist visa for netherland citizens

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A tourist visa to Dubai is the one that has to be the number one priority of the residents of the Netherlands visiting there since the Netherlands is not a visa-exempt country so it becomes prominent for them to be in possession of a Dubai tourist visa before their travel to Dubai. And unless or until you have a visa to Dubai, your entry to Dubai cannot be considered at any cost and it will not be marked as legal. Also, the applicant applying for a tourist visa to Dubai is needed to have the authentic information and the authentic documentation in order to get one.


Dubai tourist visa for the residents of the Netherlands

  • A tourist visa to Dubai can serve as your entry card upon arrival, during your stay, and even if you depart the UAE at any point in the future. Make sure you meet all of the requirements for your Dubai tourist visa and have it customized to your preferences.
  • A tourist visa to Dubai is the one which is applied for by a massive number since Dubai is the most famous and the topmost hub for tourism and it gives you easy assistance throughout your travel to Dubai.
  • You can apply for a Dubai tourist visa at any time of the year and the entire application process for it is really easy and can be applied online whenever you feel like and it is just a matter of minutes for the Netherland residents.
  • All of the procedures will be completed entirely online, and you will be able to do them on your own. Because it takes 3–4 days to process a visa, make sure you apply at least 7 days before you need it. You should also be aware that, depending on the demands of the applicant, a tourist visa to Dubai may be issued as single or multiple entry visas.


Where can the citizens of the Netherland apply for a Tourist visa to Dubai?

Since you have been told earlier as well about the online application for a Dubai tourist visa so you can entirely switch to that process. And in order to apply for so, you can visit the Dubaitransitevisa portal at any time and once you apply from here, it gives you straightforward and easy processing.  It is also user-friendly, so you can utilize it if you wish. To apply you just need to choose the type of Dubai visa you need and fill out the application form available on the portal and attach your documents there. then pay the visa fees and get your Dubai visa after it gets approved.

Requirements for a Dubai tourist visa

  • The first is that you will need to fill out a tourist visa application form for Dubai, which must be completed precisely.
  • Even before filling out the visa application form, make sure you have all of your crucial information written down so you don't make any mistakes.
  • A passport is the other most significant requirement for your visa. You'll need it a lot, so be sure it's valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Dubai. In addition, two free pages in your passport must be available for the visa sticker.
  • Residents of the Netherland must also bring a passport photo that is no more than six months old. Also, make sure it's around 80 per cent vividly visible.
  • You must also have the details for your flight reservations with you.
  • Your vaccination certificate must be brought with you. Even before you leave, you should verify your health condition and make sure you have a COVID-19 immunization certificate.
  • It's also possible that your bank statements from the last six months may be required, so make sure you have them with you.
  • You must also have a valid Email Id for the visa confirmation mail.



If the residents of the Netherland are applying for a tourist visa to Dubai, they need to apply for it only after consuming the authentic information and must go through every single step for its application since no step can be missed out at any point in time. You need to meet the significant requirements and apply with all your ease and that too, in an accurate manner. It is compulsory for you to be sure about what you fill in your application form. Get your tickets done and fly high to Dubai over a Dubai tourist visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you apply online, you get the safest and the easiest processing throughout. You only need to get fill in the application form to apply for the online visa and you can receive it very fast.

  1. At the time of filling out the visa application form, you are to make sure that you fill it with the authentic information and refrain from committing any kind of error further since it can lead you to the delay or the cancellation of your visa.
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