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for the Ukraine Citizens what are the Dubai Visa Requirements

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Tired of living in a country where the temperature falls to -4 degrees celsius, Ukraine nationals often crave a place that has the perfect climate for a nice, “beachy” vacation or fine dining in one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world and undeniably, Dubai has everything that you need for a vacation to remember for life. The country is home to some glamorous beaches, expensive restaurants, spectacular infrastructure, and so many places to visit that you’ll surely ask for a few more days in the country.

If you’re a Ukraine national, this article will help you with the Dubai visa procedure and requirements for Ukraine citizens and help you understand the legalities involved in getting a Dubai visa online.


Are Ukrain Nationals Exempted from Getting a Dubai Visa?

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, Ukraine nationals are skeptical about visa-free entry into the UAE. Ukraine is among Dubai's visa-free countries and travelers are eligible for a 30-day of stay without a visa in Dubai. Despite the catastrophes brought by the war, the Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates announced that the country would continue to allow Ukraine nationals to stay visa-free in the country. The Ministry also added that those travelers who had arrived in Dubai before march 3, 2022 can stay in the country visa-free for 1 year without getting subjected to any sort of fines or penalties. The country, in coordination with the Ukraine embassy, will also provide critical services to Ukraine citizens. 

Dubai has previously suspended the visa-free regime of Ukrainian travelers in reference to the war but this act was heavily criticized by people across social media. As an outcome of this, Dubai withdrew this decision and has agreed to provide visa-free stays to Ukrainian travelers and refugees.

Dubai Visa on Arrival for Ukrainian Passport Holders

Under normal circumstances, a Ukraine national is eligible for a visa on arrival in Dubai. It allows the holder to stay in the country without a visa for 30 days. However, it is not a worthy option if you lack time. The reason behind this is the tedious visa approval process. Once you arrive at the Dubai airport, you’ll encounter long queues at every counter you need to hop to. You’ll need to dedicate long waiting hours to get through every step, be it receiving your visa application form or paying the visa fee. In fact, there are long queues even at the ATM for getting US Dollars as the visa fee can be paid in cash in USD only.

Dubai E-Visa

A much better option than a visa on arrival is a Dubai e-visa, which is an electronically issued visa that is linked to your passport digitally. The application process for this visa is completely online and the applicant need not visit the UAE embassy to get his visa approved. In short, you’ll be able to bypass those scary queues at the immigration, helping you save a considerable amount of time and utilizing it for exploring a few more places in Dubai.

You can apply for an e-visa through the Dubai Transit E-Visa visa application system. The website is designed to facilitate easy visa application through a no-login application process. You get access to quick visa approvals, 24x7 customer support, 100% visa assurance, and much more, and thus, if you too are planning for a trip to Dubai, we’re always at your service.

Documents Required for Dubai E-Visa

If you apply through our website, you’ll require only 4 basic documents. Here is the list of documents to be submitted for getting your Dubai visa.

  1. Original passport + copy of your passport’s first page
  2. Passport-size photographs on a white background
  3. Confirmed hotel booking
  4. Confirmed flight return tickets

If you’re traveling post-pandemic, you’ll also need a negative RT-PCR report taken less than 72 hours before the departure or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Procedure to Apply for a Dubai Visa

You can apply for a Dubai visit visa through our website by following the steps listed below.

  1. Visit  Dubai Transit E-Visa and Select your nationality and residence country
  2. Select the type of visa you want to apply for
  3. Fill in the application form completely
  4. Pay the visa fee
  5. Get approval and fly to Dubai


In The End

Dubai is a great place for a vacation with your family or friends. Apply for a visa today by visiting our website and planning a memorable trip to this house of luxury.

Apply Dubai Transit Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dubai is accepting refugees from Ukraine, provided that they have entered the country before March 3, 2022. They can stay in Dubai without a visa for 1 year and the government will assist them with critical services.

If you’re planning to visit Dubai, it is mandatory for you to have a minimum of AED 3000 in your bank account. Your bank passbook or statement must be stamped by your bank in order to obtain a visa.

For a 14-day Dubai visa, you need to pay USD 130, while for a 30-days visa, the fee is USD 140. You can also get a 90-day visa, which will cost you USD 400.

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