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Encapsulate The Glittering Views Of Dubai By Opting For A Dubai Yacht Tour

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Explore the extravagant spots of Dubai in a star-like experience by sitting aboard on some of the luxurious yachts and surfing through the crystal clear water of the Persian Gulf. An experience to partake in the fresh air, mouth-watering cuisine, multi-star services, glamourous views, exciting itineraries, and courteous crew members renting/ opting for a yacht in Dubai is a must and delightful excursion to try out, which gives the best of both land and sea. In light of this, to fulfill your need, in this article, we will be guiding you by giving out insights to know about relevant Dubai yacht tours to facilitate your planning if you're looking to try a yacht tour in Dubai anytime soon. Make sure to visit Dubaitransitevisa to fulfill your visa-related queries or needs.  

Dubai Yacht Tour  

For the best yacht tour experience in Dubai, there ought to be no better alternative to yacht tour dubai marina. One of the most happening and luxurious places to be in the city, experience class apart from housing and hotels, bustling hot restaurants, the famous Jumeirah beach, and a must-try boat ride. Encapsulating Dubai's glittering views and skyline while cruising through the water stream offers you a whole different experience when compared to admiring the city's panoramic view from a building top. Dubai Marina, which is the largest man-made Marina, is a central hub for Dubai boat tours and rides, and as a voyager, you can either opt for a Dhow cruise or opt for a private/shared yacht tour. Dhow cruise rides are budget-friendly options but assuming you have the budget and want to sail in luxury; you can always go for a yacht tour.  


Yacht Tour At Dubai Marina 

Exploring the jewels of Dubai by settling aboard a gleaming luxurious yacht while experiencing a star-like yacht tour ride is quite an elegant way to spend your vacation in Dubai. Dubai Marina is an ideal spot to achieve just this as you will set surfing through the stream of water of the Persian Gulf, absorbing and snapping the famous landmarks of the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, and other sights. A yacht is an optimal option to go for an outing which is perfect for families, groups of friends, and couples, providing plenty of room to relax and take in the breathtaking views. In Dubai Marina, you can choose from plenty of tour packages from various time slots and enjoy the onboard services of breakfast or barbeque, depending on whether it’s morning, lunch, afternoon, sunset, siesta, twilight, or moonlight cruise. 

Yacht Tours Details At Dubai Marina You Should Know About  

To make you understand what you can expect from Yacht tours at Dubai Marina and some of its relevant details, down below, we have curated a list of information that might come in handy for your planning. Please note all the given information is subject to change depending on the package/agency you opt for booking your Yacht tour, as this is just an overview.  


Here's a typical itinerary you can expect, opting for a yacht tour at Dubai Marina -  

  • Starting point Dubai Marina  
  • Pass by - 
  • Dubai Marina 
  • Bluewaters -  A new man-made island that has the world's largest Ferris Wheel 
  • Skydive Dubai - See jumpers by looking up  
  • Palm Jumeirah - Get a close-up look at the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island  
  • Atlantis Dive Centre - Marvel and take some pictures outside the Atlantis Hotel 
  • Burj Al Arab - Stop up close to the 7-Star Hotel to capture some great pictures  
  • Return back to the starting point  


  • Beverages 
  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch  
  • Life vests  
  • No hotel pickup and drop-off 
  • No swimming  

 Additional Information 

  • Carry a valid ID; by law, Non- Emirati nationals must carry their passport 
  • Life jackets are to be worn when the coast guard deems it necessary and during weather warnings 
  • Yacht selection depends on the weather condition and capacity requirements 
  • Dress Code - smart casual, no bikinis, no footwear to be worn while on board

Get your Dubai Visa  

To make your Dubai Yacht Tour a reality obtaining a Dubai visa should be your priority and will thus allow your entry into Dubai's premises. We know applying for a visa can be a hectic procedure for many since it requires a lot of essential steps given the importance of the document, which might take a toll on your planning the trip efficiently. That's why to ease your burden and time, if you are looking for an ideal way to apply for a Dubai Visa, we highly recommend you to get it by visiting Dubaitransitevisa. Applying through Dubaitransitevisa, you can avail of your Dubai visa in your home comfort with just a few simple clicks. All you need to do is visit the portal, select your nation of citizenship and residence with the type of visa you are looking for in the options provided by the portal, and submit the required documents (list is provided in the portal), following with the completion of payment by opting the suitable payment mode.



This is not an understatement to say that Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Combining what it offers, be it favorite architectural designs, mouth-watering delicacies, islands, beaches, or other mediums of entertainment, Dubai has it all. Talking Dubai has it all. It also has an amazing experience to give out by sailing through the waters of the Persian Gulf in a luxurious yacht at Dubai Marina, which is the largest man-made Marina and central hub for every boat tour and ride expedition. Through this article, if you are someone who was seeking relevant information about the Dubai Yacht tour, we hope that this article came help in any way. Again make sure to obtain your visa if you're planning on a trip to Dubai by visiting the portal of Dubaitransitevisa.  



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