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The futuristic city adorned with all the luxurious has always attracted the tourists towards it. If you have a layover in the city and also have a transit visa, you may want to explore Dubai on 96 hours transit visa. 96 hours means four days, which is enough to taste the majestic city. You will have a plethora of options that you can choose from.

With a city that has so many beautiful attractions, you may even get confused as to what to choose and what to skip during your four days trip on the emirates transit visa. Do not worry. We are here to guide you and help you find the perfect places that you can enjoy and explore dubai on 96 hours transit visa


The city has numerous attractions, and it is obvious that you cannot explore all of them in just four days. But, you can at least the major tourist attractions in the city within this short span. Four days are enough for you to get to know about the magical city in the United Arab Emirates.

You can start your tour with the following places:


Burj khalifa always tops the list. When we talk about Dubai, we can never miss this astounding skyscraper located at the heart of the city. The at the top as well as at the top sky are the best place that you can visit along with your family. You can go up to the 124th and 125th floor of the building and enjoy the panoramic view of the city with your loved ones.

Moreover, if you have some extra bucks to spend, you can also book the at the top sky tour. This will take you straight up to the 148th floor. The elevators are high speed and will like a woosh in the air. This is obviously one of the best things you can do with a Dubai transit visa.  You can choose to visit this place during the non prime hours to avoid crowd. The time starts from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Hence, you can start your day from here. 


This is the largest mall in the world. If you want to shop your heart out, you may visit this marvelous mall. Apart from shopping, you can also enjoy many other activities here, that makes this place even more interesting. This mall is located right next to the Burj khalifa, hence, you can reach easily too.

There are more than 1200 retail stores in the mall where you can shop your heart out. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you can shop from more than 70 signature fashion outlets. You can get the latest fashion collection from famous designers in the mall.

If you do not want to shop, you can enjoy many other activities. You can buy some jewelry in the gold souk market, go ice skating in the rink, and watch the marine life in the marine aquarium. Along with this, if you are accompanied by a kid, you can take them to the kidzania. It is made on the concept of edutainment.

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The Dubai fountain is the world’s tallest fountain that is performing. The length of the fountains can be compared with at least two football fields, it being more than 900 feet.

The fountain performs many Arabian songs along with the perfect choreography. The fountain is located right in the Dubai mall, hence, you will not have to travel much to reach here.

If you want to add more adventure into your trip, you can also take the lake ride there. It would be best enjoyed when the fountain is still performing. The fountain also offers a magnificent light and sound show. This could be the best way to end your day. 



Do you ever think about being in a place filled with thousands of beautiful flowers?

Well, this is the place where you can experience it.  Also, all these flowers in the desert are a bit surprising, but you should visit here to believe it. Every single flower arrangement in the garden is truly beautiful and unique to see.

This could be the best place you can visit with the dubai transit visa


This is where you are going to enjoy the most. After exploring the miracle garden, you can have your lunch in some restaurant and then head on to the global village at night. The entire village is covered in lights with decorative colorful bulbs along with an ambience that is extremely exciting. There are a variety of pavilions present there. Each of them presents a different cultural attraction of different countries; this is the best place to visit with your family and friends with a Dubai visa. This could be the perfect way to end your night with lots of fun, entertainment, as well as food.

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If you are an art lover, this place will amaze you. If you are not an art lover, this will still amaze you, because art always amazes people. This district is becoming much more popular nowadays. A few well established galleries are also here including the Ayyam gallery, green art gallery, etc.


The city is filled with entertainment, and Dubai opera is the one that provides entertainment to the core. This is the best place for night activities. It is located in Downtown Dubai. Once you are done with the art gallery, visit this place to get non stop entertainment with music shows, ballets, comedy shows, and so much more. There is also an eating center at the top where you can also enjoy dinner with your friend or family.

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If you are a history buff, the museum is the best place that you can visit. It is located inside the Al fahidi fort. The evaluation of the city is provided here. You will learn a lot of things about the modern city that emerged from a deserted fishing village. There are various archaeological findings present in the museum too which will amaze you.


This is the best place where you can get to know about the traditional markets in the country. You can add this along with the Dubai creek tour. You will experience the old architectural designs inside the market. You can shop a lot of things ranging from gold to spices. The spice souk is soaked up with aromas that you will lose yourself into. Make a trip here in the evening before you leave the country.

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The transit visa Dubai less than 8 hours is not advised to avail. You must only step out of the airport if you have more than an 8 hour layover in the airport. You should also keep in mind to plan your layover trip accordingly. If your layover is for 2 days you may opt for the Dubai transit visa 48 hours.If you want to explore Dubai on 96 hours transit visa, you can easily go for Dubai transit visa apply online on our website. 

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