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How to get a visa in Dubai?

It is basic to get a visa in the UAE before you anticipate paying a visit to the country. You ought to have a legitimate passport for a minimum of 6 months. Starting around 29 April 2016, inhabitants of GCC nations should apply for a UAE visa before visiting Dubai. Indian nationals holding an ordinary identification legitimate for at least a half year from the appearance date, as well as those with a green card, given by the USA (substantial for 6 months), are eligible to secure a visa on appearance for a most extreme stay of 14 days. But getting your Dubai visa online is advisable to get the visa easily in a convenient manner. There will be a visa charge applied. Foreign occupants can expand their tourist visas if they want to stay in Dubai for a longer period.


Tourist visa v/s Visit visa

The legitimacy of a travel visa is 30 days while that of a visit visa is 90 days. Assuming you surpass the last day of visa restoration, you will be fined. It is ideal to recharge your visa before the due date to try not to suffer consequence charges. Nonetheless, tourist visa holders are simply permitted to restore two times, for a most extreme 60-day stay. If you have any desire to restore it once more, you need to return to the nation of your birth and return in the following month.


How to apply for a visa extension

Due to a more lenient policy regarding visa extensions, Dubai (UAE) now permits visitors to extend their tourist visas twice while still inside the nation. Keep in mind that you may only request a visit visa extension a maximum of twice. A maximal extension of 90 days is available to you. A little amount must be paid if the visa must be extended on the final day. Therefore, you must make sure to use our website to prolong your visa before it lapses. Follow these easy steps to extend your visa validity while you’re still in Dubai:

  1. Approach our website. We provide you with quick, reliable, and positive results. 
  2. From the citizenship country drop-down choose the nation of your origin. Make sure it matches the nationality you have previously mentioned on the visa you are seeking an extension for.
  3. Choose the country of your current existence from the Living in the country drop-down.
  4. Once you have entered these details, recheck the entries you made and click on the Apply Dubai transit visa option.
  5. You will henceforth be directed to the page that will allow you to choose the visa type and apply for a 90 days extension of your existing visa.
  6. Enter the details the form requires you to fill in. All the headings are mentioned, so applying for an extension is an easy task.
  7. Upload the required documents, for instance, your passport and passport-sized hued photos.
  8. You will receive your extended visa in no time. 


Information on the extension provided

Dubaitransitevisa offers its customers a 90-day prolongation to the Dubai they currently own. The processes you would have taken to initially apply for a visa are essentially the same as the ones you must follow to apply for an extension. The procedures outlined above won't take up much of your time. This addon supports a single entry of the candidate and may be purchased for $500. It won't take more than 48 hours after your application is received for the extensions before you can pick up your extended visa. Only those with a tourist visa are eligible for this extension. It has a 90-day validity period for use.



It isn't however troublesome as many suspects it very well might be to venture out starting with one country and then onto the next under any condition. Individuals can choose to head out to one more country to turn into an inhabitant, for an excursion, for business purposes, or for sightseeing. There are many justifications for why you ought to go to UAE. It is not difficult to get a visa. The expense of getting a visa is modest. The nation has a rich culture and an extraordinary chance to find out more. Individuals are amicable and accommodating. It provides social and political dependability. Thus, prepare your sacks and return to have a magnificent and important visit insight.

Apply Dubai Transit Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Note that you can reestablish your visit visa twice most extreme. You will have a limit of 60 days of expansion. On the off chance that you end up broadening the visa on the last day, you should pay a charge. Along these lines, you want to ensure you have reestablished your visa even before it terminates.

A wide range of visit and traveller visas can be stretched out for 30 days two times, after applying for themselves and after effective endorsement by the pertinent power. This should be possible without the need to leave the country.

Traveller visa holders can now broaden or change their ongoing UAE vacation visa/visit visa to new without exit. This should be possible 2-3 days preceding your last day.

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