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how to apply 96 hours dubai transit visa

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Get 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa and an opportunity to visit different beautiful hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and tourist places in Dubai until your next flight. Say no to the boredom and fly out of the cage. Want to know more about the 96 hours Transit visa? Stay till the end!


  • What is 96 hours Dubai transit visa?
  • How to apply for 96 hours Dubai transit visa?
  • What things I can do while in Transit?
  • Can I get 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa on arrival?
  • Covid-19 precautions.
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What is 96 hours Dubai transit visa?

Tourists/travellers visiting some other country but getting a connecting flight on Dubai international airport will definitely require a Dubai Transit Visa; if you are interested in visiting different spots in Dubai until your next flight to your final destination.

But if you are planning on not exiting the Dubai airport premises, you won't require a visa in that case. You can enjoy your time in the airport facilities.

The 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa enables you the following things:

  1. The validity of 14 days, you can use the transit visa in these 14 days, single entry allowed.
  2. A stay period of 96 hours/ 4 days
  3. You need to exit Dubai within these 96 hours from arrival as you have 96 hours transit visa.
  4. The transit visas aren’t extendable or renewable.

How to apply for 96 hours Dubai transit visa?

There are various ways; offline as well as online to apply 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa. Before that, know what documents you may need to initiate the visa process.

Keep The Following Documents Ready

  1. A passport is valid for at least the next three months from the day of arrival.
  2. A proper and formal photograph in a white background. Make sure your expressions are neutral and much professional.
  3. A booked and confirmed ticket to your third destination should be ready. If asked, you should provide them immediately.

You can apply 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa via Dubai Transit E Visa

They have provided visa for numerous customers on daily basis; as well they have coordinated with more than 200+ countries! Thus they are enough experienced to get you a visa without any sort of hardships. They have no records of delays or any wrong details noticed. They ensure 100% efficiency and almost no time delay. You just have to follow few steps, make payments and get your visa.

You can also check Dubai Transit Visa Status from time to time until it is over. It has the most affordable rates as well! What else might you need?

What things I can do while in Transit?

THINGS TO DO WHILE IN TRANSIT! Huh, don’t lower down your excitement because Dubai has literally got everything you might need! Be it for 4 hours or 2 hours, you can get your cup of enjoyment if you plan accordingly! Numerous activities to kill your boredom is very normal in Dubai or even within the airport premises.

  • Say maybe you have 4 hours or less
  1. You can relax in the reclining seats itself available especially for the in-transit travellers in the airport.
  2. For a small change, you can check in within some lounge or so, get a shower, have some tasty Dubai snacks, watch a movie etc.
  3. Or you can also check in one of the Airport's hotel and refresh yourself with a nap.
  4. Of course, restaurants or other food places cannot be taken for granted! Have a great coffee and some additional meal at one of the places or cafes in the airport!
  5. Get a newspaper or interesting magazines or articles or even your own book for reading!
  6. You can also access the airport Wi-Fi and catch-up with your supposed to be done work after all time is money!
  • More than 4 hours!
  1. Get a list of different places you might love to visit in Dubai.
  2. Check in to the nearby hotel, have your own privacy and refreshment as well.
  3. Speed boat rides, cultural activities, shopping malls, traditional places and shops, etc. are waiting for you to explore them.
  4. Experience the wonder of each and every place, make sure you leave contented before you exit Dubai by hoarding your next flight.

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Can I get 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa on arrival?

96 hours Dubai Visa on Arrival service has been restricted only for citizens of some privileged countries. Thus the actual chance of getting a 96 hours transit visa on arrival for any random person is a little beet low. Though if you make sure by contacting the government/in-charge officers about the same, you might proceed for whichever option you feel right and comfortable. Although the majority of people end up by applying for the 96 hours transit visa by online procedure and keep it ready beforehand itself.

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Covid-19 precautions

The following things should be kept in mind before travelling in the case of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test should be ready with the highlighted "Covid-19 NEGATIVE" results.
  2. It should be taken within less than 96 hours of provision to any of the officials.
  3. Only original copy of the certificate will be accepted, no pdf/screenshots/images/etc. will be accepted, it may lead to the cancellation or rejection of your travel plans.
  4. If you turn out to be COVID-19 positive, please quarantine yourself and get the necessary medical help.
  5. Please follow the norms and regulations of social distancing.
  6. Carry sanitizers, gloves, wear masks as long as you are outside.
  7. Stay hydrated, stay healthy.

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  • Do Indian passport holders need a transit visa for Dubai?

Yes, Indian passport holders do need a transit visa before entering Dubai. This is because India does not belong to one of the visa-exempt countries and thus no Indian citizen is allowed without a visa.

  • How to get Dubai transit visa from India?

You can get Dubai Transit Visa from India by applying online via website. Or you can also apply for the visa in an offline manner by visiting the nearby embassy and get the visa procedure initiated accordingly.

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