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i have a connecting flight via dubai do i need dubai transit visa

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I have a connecting flight via Dubai. Do I need a Dubai transit visa? If the case is where you are going to have a connecting flight this basically means you need to change your flights that you have come on from another country of origin and then take another flight to your destination. This will definitely need a visa to be taken in order that you transit through Dubai. Dubai Transit E Visa mastering in visa services will also help you take one if it is deemed to be necessary and will also help you get the information so that you stay in the right track while applying for a transit visa to Dubai.


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Connecting flight via Dubai

This is a case where you need to stay inside Dubai airport itself. Normally there are two flights that include the whole journey. The first flight is the one that you will be taking from your home to Dubai then the second flight will be the one that you change at Dubai airport and go to another place where you are destined to reach. So wondering where is the time in between this, the tie that you need to stay in Dubai is called as the transit time and this is the time that you need a Dubai transit visa for. This usually takes hours for some, while for others it might take days and for some other weeks. This all depends on what the first location is and where your end location will be too. in most cases, people just opt for a 48 hours free transit visa to Dubai. This is free and will also help you to stay in Dubai for about two days after you have entered. But wondered what other options you could have? Well, then you can have another visa that is a transit visa for 96 hours and there are other seven types of Dubai tourist visa types that you can apply for as well.

With so many options being made available you can opt for one that will decide your stay in Dubai and can enjoy various things while in Dubai.

Time during connecting flights

You will have immense time in your hands while having your transit through Dubai and this can be enjoyed by stepping out of the airport and going for the following stuff:

  • Shopping in Dubai
  • Checking out Dubai food festival
  • Dubai shopping festival for shopping fanatics
  • Having a Dubai safari in the deserts.

These options and many more being left in the list looks like quite a deal o be staying for long in Dubai.

Documents for Dubai transit visa

You will also have to carry these documents in order to apply for a transit visa. This visa can also be applied either through an airline or even through Dubai Transit E Visa. But either way, you will only need the following:

  • A passport having validity not less than six months and having two pages blank
  • A photo for identifying you
  • Your flight ticket leading to the final destination
  • A hotel reservation is done in Dubai


Q. What are some of the things to be kept in mind while applying for a transit visa?

There are some things you need to be sure about while applying for a transit visa some being as follows:

  • Make sure your transit time is for more than eight hours
  • You have the documents to apply for a visa.

Q. Will collecting baggage from Dubai need a transit visa to be applied for??

No, you need not apply for a transit visa while collecting your baggage.?

Q. I have a connecting flight via Dubai. Do I need Dubai transit visa?

This can now be decided by you by weighing out your options.

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