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is a dubai transit visa necessary for shopping in dubai during a transit break

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The international airport (DXB) is the busiest air station in the world. It proudly holds the twenty-fourth rank among all the international airports of the world.

Out of all the passengers who land here, seventy-four per cent is transit commuters. For many reasons, people like to take a connecting flight in this city. For Which They need to Apply Dubai Transit Visa.

Dubai is one of the most enthralling cities in the world. The way it has developed in two decades or twenty-years embodies the skill and the tourism plan. It is one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It has accumulated wealth predominantly through business, trade, and the recent surge in tourism. It has great air connectivity with all the nations in the world.

Who requires a Dubai transit visa?

Individuals who like to go out of the air station and have a long stopover period will need a Dubai transit visa. There are a few countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc, with the facility of visa on arrival or visa-free. Such people will not require a Dubai stopover visa.

You are free to shop in duty-free shops at the airport and will not need a visa for it. For taking a connecting aeroplane from this city and to go out to explore the city, one will need a visa.

What are the types of transit visas?

There are two types of these non-immigrant visas that are given by the government of UAE. They are:

  1. A two-day or 48 Hour Dubai Transit Visa: 48 Hour Dubai Transit Visa is a free visa by the UAE government to motivate a large number of transit passengers to visit the country thereby, creating a way to increase revenue through tourism.
  2. A four-day or 96 Hour Dubai Transit Visa: 96 Hour Dubai Transit Visa is a visa that costs USD 90.

These two non-immigrant visas are valid for (visa validity) fourteen days. A person can use them for a one-time entry or stopover only.

One can apply for any of these transit visas by navigating to Dubai Transit E Visa. It is the most convenient method of applying for it.

Using this website an individual can be free of any anxiety of confirmation or the acceptance and authenticity of it. Applying through it will need only three easy steps and the visa will be given in three days only!

Is it necessary to have a transit visa to go shopping during a transit break in Dubai?

If a person opts to shop during a layover, the DXB airdrome offers a wide range of shops. As everyone is aware of it, it is a house of extravagance and will cost way too much. Hence, shopping in these duty-free shops is not considered by all.

If one shops at the airport he or she does not require a transit visa. However, if you prefer to shop in the city out of the airport, attaining a transit visa is a must. Apply Dubai Transit Visa at Dubai Transit E Visa by Filling the Application Form.

Why should I shop in the outlets of the city?

One might search for the right reasons to shop in the city other than the airport, especially during transit. Here are a few justifications on why to do so!

  • Foreigners going to the city can avail of tax-free shopping!
  • The Dubai Mall is the largest in the world and it is only fifteen or thirty minutes away from the air station. It has many luxury brands and lots of outlets and entertainment in one place.
  • Tourists can also open a bank account here and enjoy effortless transactions without worrying about converting money or other international cards. This is useful for people having frequent connecting flights from this place.
  • One can indulge in the traditional markets by shopping in the gold souk or spice souks. The Emirati culture is reflected in these places while the visual and olfactory senses are pampered.
  • These open markets, night markets, and souks are relatively cheaper.
  • One can never miss the world-famous Shopping Festival. It is the best time to shop with many offers and a reduction in costs. It occurs annually during December and finishing in February.
  • Individuals can have a look at the marvellous buildings and city-scape when they go out to shop in the city.

What more do you need as an excuse to go out and shop? If one is worried about applying for a stopover visa from a safe website look no-more and navigate to Dubaietransitevisa.

Frequently asked queries

Question: What are the documents or items that I need to take along with me while I go shopping in the city during my layover break?

Answer: One has to carry the passport, a xerox copy of e-visa, and other necessities. A Sim card is issued at the air station at the immigration or transit centre. It will be efficient to access the internet using this in the city during transit break, as many places do not have internet facilities.

Question: What are the souvenirs I can buy in the duty-free shops at the air station?

Answer: Perfumes, jewellery boxes, Arabian sweets, gold, dates, etc are the best souvenirs one can shop for in the Duty-Free (DDF).

Question: What are the economical items to shop in the city?

Answer: Emirati dates, chocolates made of camel’s milk, attars (traditional perfumes), coffee, gold, and diamonds are relatively cheaper options to shop for.

With all these amazing tips and information, going shopping in the city during the stopover break will energize and relax the passengers for sure!

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