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Dubai is known for its tall buildings, skyscrapers, and luxurious lifestyle. The city has an abundance of tourist attractions that woo the travelers. It is also known that the international airport is one of the busiest international airports. Many flights make a stopover in this country, which also gives the travelers a day or two to enjoy in this beautiful city.

If you are having a layover in the city for more than 8 hours, you may need a stopover visa. Read this article to know more about the requirements for Dubai transit visa


You may have a question that; Do I need a transit visa for Dubai?

A transit visa is basically needed only when a passenger has a stopover in the country. However, for those travelers who do not want to leave the terminal do not have to obtain a transit visa. Also, the citizens that enjoy the visa exemption policy of the country also do not need to obtain this visa prior to their visit. As of now, there are 54 countries that do not require a visa to travel to the country.

The GCC nations enjoy this benefit, the countries among the GCC nations include:

  •         Kuwait
  •         Oman
  •         Bahrain
  •         Saudi Arabia

Mexico can stay in the country for a period of 180 days without availing a visa.

Apart from Mexico, the following countries can stay for a period of 90 days in the 180 days cycle:

  •         The European Union countries except Ireland.
  •         El Salvador
  •         Norway
  •         Israel
  •         Russia
  •         Switzerland
  •         Honduras
  •         Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  •         Montenegro
  •         Liechtenstein
  •         Iceland

The citizens of these countries can stay up to 90 days only without availing a visa

  •         Nauru
  •         Argentina
  •         Paraguay
  •         Barbados
  •         Solomon islands
  •         Serbia
  •         Brazil
  •         Chile
  •         Colombia
  •         Seychelles
  •         Kiribati
  •         Uruguay

There are also some countries that can stay for a period of 30 days without obtaining a visa. They are:

  •         Ukraine
  •         Japan
  •         Macau
  •         China

Additionally, the visa on arrival countries can also avail the emirates transit visa when they arrive at the airport. They do not have to apply for the same beforehand. However, to save time and effort it is advised to apply for a visa on arrival beforehand. You do not have to stand in long queues during the process this way.

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The following countries can easily avail the transit visa upon arrival to the UAE:






San Marino



New Zealand



Hong Kong


United kingdom

Costa Rica 


South Korea

Vatican City


United States


Along with the above mentioned countries, the diplomatic and service passport holders of several countries are also exempted from getting this visa. These people also do not have to get a stopover visa prior to their visit to the country.

Now, there are certain countries that cannot even apply for a transit Dubai visa, they are:

  •         Afghanistan
  •         Niger
  •         Iraq
  •         Somalia
  •         Syria
  •         Yemen

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You should know that the stopover visas are provided for 48 hours and 96 hours. These visas are not extendable and you will have to leave the country once they expire. You can easily obtain one by filling out the emirates visa application.


This has a validity of 48 hours into the country. The travelers can roam and enjoy the beautiful country within this time frame. This should be applied beforehand. If you violate the terms and conditions of the visa and try to stay for more than 48 hours in the country, you may be heavily fined.

This visa cannot be renewed or even extended.


This has a validity of 96 hours into the country. This visa gives extra time to the travelers who have a stopover in the country and want to enjoy the most of it. The travelers must leave the country within this frame, as this is also not extendable or renewable.


There are certain requirements that are needed to be fulfilled to get a stopover visa to the country. The transit Dubai visa requirements are:

  •         Your passport is needed. The passport must be in good condition and must contain four blank pages. It should also be valid for the next 6 months. If your passport is going to expire, you must renew it as soon as possible.
  •         The flight ticket to the third destination is an extremely important document that you need to provide. You cannot get a transit visa without providing this detail.
  •         You should also have more than 8 hours layover time.
  •         You must pay the transit visa fee using a valid payment method. 


The procedure to apply for this visa is made easy with the online procedure. You just need to follow these steps:

  •         Open tourist visa online and enter your citizenship and the country you want the visa to.
  •         You will have to then choose the stopover visa option
  •         There are two types of stopover visas, you choose the one that you need
  •         The application form will open right in front you. Fill that up correctly without leaving any blanks.
  •         Upload the documents required
  •         Pay the fee using Debit/Credit/Paypal
  •         Checkout.
  •     Always download the application form. You may need that to track your application status.

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Q. What is the processing time and visa fee for a stopover visa to the UAE?

The visa gets processed in 5-7 days. The 48 hours visa would cost you $160.

The cost of the 96 hours visa is $170.

Q. Can I avail a stopover visa if my layover is for 5 hours?

It is not advised to get a transit visa if you have a layover of less than 8 hours. The transit visa Dubai less than 8 hours is risky, as you might miss your flight and that would push you into a lot of trouble.

Q. Can I convert my stopover visa into a tourist visa?

The transit visas are not extendable nor are they renewable. Hence, you cannot do this. 

The next time when you have a flight that has to pass through Dubai, make sure to enjoy the beautiful city. Also, now that you are familiar with the requirements for Dubai transit visa, you can easily do that by visiting our website and clicking on the Dubai transit visa apply online tab. 

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