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kinds of residence visas offered by dubai

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If Dubai is the place you want to visit and live in, you should be quite knowledgeable about Dubai's overall situation and, of course, about the entire city. And in order to understand this wonderful city, you need to understand what it has to offer. Dubai is a lovely and intriguing place to visit, and it possesses every sort of beauty in itself that you could ever want to put your eyes on. Therefore, it is your best decision to live and work here. As a result, Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates thanks to its stunning scenery, upscale shopping, electrifying nightlife, stunning beaches, and other attractions. Additionally, only Dubai is home to the tallest skyscraper on the globe.

What is a residency visa?

Dubai residency visa is basically the visas that are applied for by the ones who are aspiring to stay in Dubai for a longer period of time. One can acquire residence this year in Dubai or another emirate of the UAE if an employer supports them and there are many ways as well that can lead you to get a residence visa to Dubai. If you're wondering how to live in the UAE and participate in its bright future, you can simply go through reading this page in order to get the required information. Then, to apply for the same with the necessary assistance, you must review the numerous Dubai residency visas that are accessible.


Types of Residence visas offered to you by Dubai

1. The UAE 10-Year Golden Visa

UAE 10-Year Golden Visa, also known as the Long-Term Investor Visa, is a type of investor visa that people apply for in Dubai and is essentially regarded as a resident visa through investment. 

2. UAE Golden Visa for 5 Years

UAE Golden Visa for 5 Years or Property Investor Visa You can apply for this residency visa if you want to own a piece of real estate in Dubai.

3. UAE retirement visa

Residents in the UAE who have retired and are at least 55 or 60 years old may apply for a retirement visa.

4. Employment visa for UAE

Applying for a UAE employment visa is possible if you have previously worked in Dubai for a local employer.

5. UAE Company Investor Visa

This type of visa is for any ex-pats who want to launch their own firms in the nation. UAE Company Investor Visa.

6. UAE family visa

If a person already has a valid visa from within the UAE, they may sponsor a family visa in Dubai.

7. UAE domestic workers visa

If ex-pats are wanting to hire domestic help, a residency visa needs to be issued for the employee, such as if supporting a maid or housekeeping visa.

8. UAE Specialist Resident Visa

This residency visa, which is a unique sort of visa, may be granted to all individuals with exceptional abilities working in the sciences and other fields of knowledge in the Emirates. All applicants must be employed full-time.


Requirements for applying for a resident visa in Dubai

  • The UAE Visa Application Form, which must be accurately completed with the required information. For the same purpose, you can call any embassy or receive it online.
  • Two passport-sized images that adhere to all UAE visa photo requirements
  • The applicant's original passport, must have two blank pages and be valid for at least six months after the applicant arrives in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, check that the image is not dull but rather dazzling.
  • Your entry visa for the UAE.
  • Proof of your sponsor's citizenship or authorized presence in the UAE.
  • Verifiable proof that you have cleared all medical fitness examinations.
  • You are currently required to have a COVID-19 immunization certificate.
  • Include proof of family ties, such as birth and marriage documents, when applying for family residency permits.
  • Your sponsor must present a copy of the contract together with the company's current trade license and firm card for you to be granted a work visa. You must also provide bank statements that are no older than six months.
  • Proof of health insurance in the UAE.
  • Additional requirements include having a valid payment method and email address.



Dubai offers many kinds of residence visas to its citizens worldwide and it literally caters to the needs of everyone by offering them the kind of visa that they aspire to. The only thing that one is needed to go through is a lot of research and the last thing is when you can simply apply for a residence visa to Dubai with really simple processing.

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