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Want a rushed Dubai transit visa? Apply for it via Dubai Transit E Visa online website and get a visa immediately without any hardships and delays!

A Dubai Transit Visa is used when an individual is having a short stopover or layover in Dubai at the Dubai International Airport.  This usually happens when a person is travelling to some other country via Dubai. If the stay period is more than a few hours, he or she needs to apply for a transit visa if they are planning on staying in some hotels and hitting some of the places in wonderful Dubai!

Also, please note that if an individual plans on staying at the airport itself without leaving the premises during the transit, he or she doesn't need a transit visa.


  • How do I get a rushed Dubai transit visa issued?
  • What documents are required for Dubai Transit Visa?
  • What rules to follow once we get a rushed Dubai Transit Visa?
  • Can I extend my Dubai Transit visa stay period?
  •  After expiring my Dubai Transit Visa how long can I stay?
  • What covid-19 tests are taken at Dubai International Airport?

How do I get a rushed Dubai transit visa issued?

For a rushed Dubai Transit Visa,

You will have to apply for the visa via Dubai Transit Visa online website because you will get the visa in hand as soon as possible. It will be with least problems than any other website or offline visa service. 

Also, the fees charged are the least and most affordable.  

Follow a few simple steps and get the visa at express speed.

  • Visit the Dubai Transit Visa website
  • Enter the country you are currently staying in and the country citizenship you got.
  • The rates will be displayed on your screen accordingly.
  • If you agree, please proceed and fill in the application form.
  • Upload the asked documents.
  • Make the payments.
  • You will get the mail as the visa is updated.
  • Once the application succeeds, you will get the soft copy of your mail via your registered email id itself.
  • Get the printouts on A-4-sized papers and enjoy!

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What documents are required for Dubai Transit Visa?

The documents required for the Dubai Transit visa are mentioned below. Make sure you have all of them and also the validity date should be noted before submitting any of it.

They are as follows:-

  • A passport which should be valid for the next six months from the date of arrival.
  • You require colour copies of the passport.
  • 2 identical photographs of the individual applying for the visa. (please note that the expressions of the individual should be formal and neutral)
  • Confirmed and booked flight tickets to the next country.

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What rules to follow once we get the Dubai Transit Visa?

As soon as you get a soft copy of your visa via your mail, please make sure you follow the mentioned things:-

  • You should get the printouts of your visa and prepare your own hard copy. You will have to provide it to whosoever is concerned if they ask for it.
  • Make sure you have all other travel documents along with you. Also, note that they should be valid and not exceed the expired date!
  • If any individual stays in another country in spite of the expiry of the visa or passport or any other document, it will be taken into consideration and the government can take strict actions against the same. They will make you pay the fine or can also restrict you from their country!
  • The rules and regulations of the country should be followed strictly. The laws and norms are very strict and they take immediate action if anything goes wrong.
  • Also, travelling in the Covid-19 situation to different places has to be followed with different medical tests prior to your entry. So every time you plan, make sure you also look after the Covid-19 aspect as well.
  • Always keep your passport and visa handy. Provide it when an officer asks for them.

Can I extend my Dubai Transit visa stay period?

If you want to extend your Dubai Transit Visa stay period, please note that you cannot extend your transit visas. Be it a 48 hours Dubai transit visa or 96 hours Dubai transit visa, both visas are not extendable.

But, please note that any other Dubai visa except the Dubai Transit visa can be extended. You will first have to check the existing stay period and then decide accordingly whether you wish to extend or no.

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After expiring a Dubai transit visa how long can I stay?

Once your Dubai transit visa expires, you cannot stay in the country anymore. It’s a payable offensive act and the officials will put the respective fine on you for overstaying!

You need to be cautious because the laws and their execution are strict. They can export you immediately and can also banish you from their country thereafter.  You will face problems when you might further plan on travelling. It will be like a blemish on your civil image.

You need to be cautious and exit the country even before the visa might expire!

What covid-19 tests are taken at Dubai International Airport?

There are different things that need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure health safety. 

After your arrival, you will have to follow the mentioned steps, they are as follows:-

  • You will have to give your quarantine undertaking form to the Dubai health authority staff. They will ask you for the same once you arrive in Dubai.
  • You will have to take a covid-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test after you arrive. 
  • If you take the test at the airport, you will be effectively quarantined before the covid-19 negative results.
  • If the test turns out to be covid-19 positive, you will have to follow the guidelines mentioned by the medical staff. You will be quarantined and treated accordingly, you need not worry.
  • You should also download an app named- COVID-19- DXB smart App IOS Android
  • Maintain and do follow the social distancing norms.
  • Carry your masks and hand sanitizers while you travel.

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Hence you can have your own rushed Dubai transit visa now.

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