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interesting things you can do at abu dhabi airport

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There are many things that you can do and explore at Abu Dhabi Airport. So the time of layover at the Abu Dhabi airport differs from airline to airline. If you have enough time in hand to go around and enjoy your time at the airport you definitely should do it.

So here are a few lists of things you can do at Abu Dhabi Airport-

8 Interesting Things You Can do at Abu Dhabi Airport

Go enjoy your meal

There are many restaurants and cafes you can enjoy and open for the people at the airport 24 hours. Food options like McDonald's, Burger King, Yumcha Asian Food, and Montreux Jazz Café. You will find these options both pre and post-security, and be aware of the expensive food joints available there too. If you can also afford it then you should try the expensive food joints too. 


Go pop into the Lounge

You can relax there watch television, freshen up, and be in a much quieter area of the airport without worrying about which class you are travelling to because there are pay-to-use lounges at Abu Dhabi Airport to enjoy. You can also get out from the chaotic environment of the airport and go relax in a less rushed environment to read a book or even work. 

There are lounges at the airport where you can at the entry door, by purchasing the lounge pass or through the lounge membership program you can enjoy the facilities without worrying about the class you are flying. You can dig into more details by going through the information on how you can get access to the lounge with an economy class ticket.


Go breathe fresh air 

If you have enough time to get out of the airport you can go to the world's best sand golf course also known as the Al Ghazal Golf Course. You can play 9 or 18 holes. This is an amazing way you can pass your time.

Go sightseeing

You can go visit a few places even if you have half a day in hand go visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque, this mosque has one of the biggest chandeliers. People from different nationalities and religions are visiting and also welcomed from 9 am to 10 pm. It has the world's largest carpet too and is known as an iconic landmark.

Visit, Louvre Abu Dhabi, it is a brand new place and also an Iconic museum. Inaugurate in the year 2017, it has a permanent collection of art from famous artists from centuries. They also have rotating exhibits of contemporary artists. If you want to enjoy the best beach go to the middle east and head to the fancy hotel Emirates Palace, take a walk at the beach, and enjoy your meal at the beach.

The A1 bus connects the airport terminals with the city centre. They are fully Air-conditioned and run every 40-minutes, 24 hours of the day, at about USD 1 per person. Another option to roam around is an affordable taxi, with one-way fares to the city charged around USD 7.


Go shopping 

Things to do at Abu Dhabi airport also include endless shopping at Terminals 1 and 3. The airport has options from Middle Eastern and international Boutiques. They also have an area only for Duty-free shopping. There are a few famous brands you can shop from too they are Mont Blanc, Rolex, Burberry, Bulgari, and Emporio Armani. You can also be a part of the famous middle eastern tradition that is The Big Ticket Raffle. When you buy the ticket you will get a chance to win a significant cash prize or a fancy car.

Go for a relaxing spa

There is a spa place named TOSA Spa which offers manicures, Pedicures and also back treatments, and full body massages in two different locations-terminal 1 and Skypark plaza but all services are not available at both. You don't have to worry about males and females in one single because they have it in two different spaces for both Male and females. The luxurious treatment is offered by the six senses spas to members and guests of Etihad Diamond First and Pearl Business Class Lounges. 

Visit Yas island 

Yas Island is located exactly between the airport and the city centre, it is world-class entertainment in the Middle East. Go enjoy the Ferrari world rides, it is one of the largest indoor theme parks which celebrates Ferrari with enjoyable thrill rides, shopping, shows, and events and it also has the world's fastest roller coaster on Earth. Do go and tour the Yas Marina Circuit, one of the technologically advanced Formula 1 circuits.


Enjoy the wifi 

You will have free wifi available throughout the airport, which helps you get in touch you’re your family and friends and also be connected to work. If you do not have a laptop to work on there are kiosks computers at each terminal.

So these were some of the Amazing Things You Can do at Abu Dhabi Airport

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