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things to do at dubai airport

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Dubai, in itself, is magic, and so is its airport.  If you are thinking about things to do at Dubai airport, then don’t! Because, the airport being the busiest airport in the world, has so much to offer to its passengers. The busy airport offers you amazing engaging activities, so you don’t have to bore yourself while waiting in transit, as there are numerous activities that you can enjoy in the airport. now with the help of Dubai Transit E Visa, you can also book your own transit visa and enjoy the best things you can do in Dubai now! 


  • What to do in Dubai Airport for 8 hours.
  • Dubai international airport hotel.
  • Dubai international airport lounge.
  • Sight-seeing during transit.



Dubai airport has mouthwatering delicacy spots, which you cannot resist. From Italian food joints like Carluccio, to Asian Cho Gao, the airport has a vast food chain, from all around the world. If you are an ardent fast food eater you can head on to McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, and many more. 

With so many cuisine options like Middle Eastern, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Dubai airport restaurants welcomes customers from all over the world. If you are a foodie, this is one of the best things that you can enjoy doing while being in the airport.

PRICE: The approximate price to eat in Dubai airport is around AED 100 for two people.

TIMING: Open 24 hours. 


People usually love to bring beautiful goodies when they travel. Dubai airport can be the best place to shop and buy beautiful items for your family, friends or acquaintances. You cannot resist shopping when you are surrounded by so many duty free shops that are super affordable, and perfectly beautiful. If you are a shopaholic you cannot get enough of branded products that are so eye catching. 

You can look for some fashionable or local goods to buy and gift them to your near and dear ones. 

You can also look for chocolates, nuts, dry fruits, which is the specialty of Dubai, and grab a quick bite.

TIMING: These shops are open 24 hours a day.

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If you are someone who enjoys the simple beauty of nature, and loves to embrace peace, then you must visit the Zen garden at terminal 3 of Dubai airport. You can enjoy the splendid beauty of nature and escape from the world for a bit of time. 

This area is probably one of the most beautiful places in the airport, filled with lush bushes, greenery, fish pond, and also wooden benches. 

If you are in a mood to relax, or read a book of your choice, this can be the ideal spot to spend your time while being in the airport.

TIMING: Open throughout the day.


After a long and hectic flight journey, your body certainly needs some relaxation, and a spa session could be the best therapy. 

Dubai airport houses numerous such spas to where you can relax and enjoy the invigorating body massage. Apart from massages, you can also enjoy aromatherapy, body scrubs, manicure or a pedicure.

If you are bored with your haircut and want to try a new one, you head to a salon and get it changed by an expert hairstylist. There are numerous spas in the airport and you can choose one of your choices. This could turn out to be a relaxation for you.

PRICE: As there are a lot of spas in the airport, the price range varies from AED 350 to AED 2900.

TIMINGS: Open 24 hours.

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If you are too tired to sit around the waiting area or to enjoy the other things available in the airport, you can catch up some sleep on the super comfy recliners seats at the airport.

Dubai airport has two rows of recliners spread out for the passengers to rest for a while until their flight. 

However, to avoid the crowd and chatters, you must have ear pods and eye mask with you to enjoy quality sleep. Or, you can rent a hotel room available nearby for an hour or two, alternatively.


The kids’ zone has been built newly to keep the kids engaged. It is themed as the Arabian Desert and has floors in the form of dunes, sounds fun right? 

From creative play equipments, to climbing area, the kids zone has everything to keep your kids engaged with fun and learning. 

It also has special seating areas for families and accompanies to sit while their kids play. Also, this place has close proximity to the food zone, so if you are in the mood to grab a quick bite, you can go for Red Carpet or Sweet Factory and enjoy the delicacy. 

TIMING: The kids’ zone is open all day. 

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When you arrive at the Dubai International airport, you should look no further. The Dubai international airport hotel has 9 restaurants and 2 indoor pools, and also a full service spa. In addition, the hotel has a 24 hour health club, 4 cafes, a bar/lounge. 

There are in total 530 rooms in the hotel with all modern features to lure your luxury. With free wifi, free wired interned, LCD TV, this is the best place where you can stay to enjoy luxury. 

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Just so you know, relaxing is the best thing that you do while being at the airport. So why waste your time lurking around, when you can enjoy one of the best airport lounges in the world? 

Dubai international airport has tones of top class lounges where you can relax and enjoy the free wifi, away from the hassle. Some of the lounges in the airport are

  • Marhaba lounge
  • International first class lounge
  • Business class lounge

The lounges whole heartedly welcome you to sit there and enjoy, doesn’t matter what type of service class or airlines you chose. You can relish their services, including foods, drinks, free internet, and also shower facility. 

If you are willing to access the lounge, book it beforehand, or use lounge membership program.

PRICE: USD 100- USD 200.

TIMING: Open 24 hours.

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If you want to enjoy the beauty of Dubai during transit you need to have a "transit visa". To be eligible to get a transit visa, you must have a stay period of more than 8 hours in the airport. You can apply for a transit visa online, through your travel agent, or through the airline by which you are flying. 

There are some perfect spots to enjoy during your short stay in Dubai. Mentioning them below:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Burj Al Aran
  • Dubai fountains
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo
  • Dubai Dolphinarium 

These places fall near the airport and won’t take much of your time, hence being perfect choices for some things to do in Dubai Airport during the transit.

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