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things to remember before applying for dubai visa online

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Dubai has a large tourism rate and can also be called one of the favourite tourist spots for people worldwide. People from different corners of the world travel all the way to visit Dubai and address its beauty and fun. Dubai has so many amazing places to visit that it doesn’t matter if you are a kid, teenager, or an adult, you are going to love Dubai. Dubai is an Arab country and is run by Arab sheikhs and has some rules and regulations which should be followed at any cost. Today, in this article, we are going to know about the things which you should know before applying for a Dubai visa online. 


Dubai E-visa

The very first thing to know about a Dubai visa is that you cannot obtain it at the Dubai embassy. It is not possible as the Dubai embassy doesn’t provide visas to the traveller or any applicant. A Dubai visa can be obtained through agents or organizations that deal in Dubai visas. In simple terms, you need a sponsor to obtain a Dubai visa. Dubai visa can be obtained online. It is easy to obtain a Dubai visa online.

Dubai has different types of visas 

1. Short-Term Visa 

A short-term tourist visa comes with 30 days of validity. These 30 days are the stay validity but if you want to extend your stay after 30 days, you also have that option. Your 30 days tourist visa can be extended twice for the same stay validity. It means in total you get 90 days of stay validity. It can be both a multiple entry visa and a single entry visa that can be obtained by travellers.

2. Long-Term Visa 

A long-term single-entry tourist visa comes with a validity of 90 days and you only get a single entry on it. It means you cannot fly back to your country and then fly back to Dubai. Once you leave Dubai, your visa will expire. Long term visit visa comes with 90 days of stay validity and also provides multiple entries.


More About Long-Term Visas 

Long-term visas are of many types. Usually, visas with a stay validity of 90 days are called long-term visas but some more visas are for a specific purpose and provide a longer stay period. 

Student Visas

This visa is provided to students to continue their studies in Dubai. This visa comes with a 1-year stay validity and can be extended. This visa is only provided to students and should be sponsored by specific universities with fulfilled criteria. 

Work Visa

This visa also comes with a  stay validity of 1 year and is sponsored by companies for their employees. It has some specific requirements like an invitation letter from a company established in Dubai. 


Dubai E-visa Requirements 

  • Copies of your passport and you need a valid 6-month passport.
  • Copy of relevant passport pages. You should also keep your original passport with you as it may be required in further process. 
  • It is also advised to attach relevant pages to your passport. 
  • Your photograph is also required. Please make sure that your photograph is recently clicked and clear. 
  • No Objection Certificates are required by women from their father or husband if they are travelling alone. 
  • A guaranteed return flight ticket or a round-trip flight ticket. 
  • Accommodation proof is also required. Proof of accommodation includes hotel confirmation etc. 
  • Applicants have to write a letter stating their purpose of visiting the country and the time of their visit. 
  • Applicants also have to submit proof that he/she has permanent residence in their home country. They can submit an electricity bill. 



This article was about the things that you should know before applying for a Dubai visa online. It is very easy to apply for a Dubai visa online, you just have to fill out an application form and submit the required documents. Make sure that all required documents are fulfilled and the form is filled correctly. Any mistake can be the reason for your form rejection. Thai articles can be very useful for you especially if you are planning to obtain a Dubai visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need a visa to visit Dubai. If your country is one of the GCC countries then you may visit Dubai without a visa. 

Citizens of India can obtain a Dubai visa easily. They are eligible to obtain e-visa which can be obtained with 3-4 business days.

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