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what is five year dubai tourist visa

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The UAE has started giving five-year multi-passage visas for sightseers. To promote a longer and more frequent visit to the nation. It permits an individual to step foot into the country multiple times over a scheduled year. The holders can stay in the country for 90 days continuously and in addition to this, they can also expand the validity of their visa for an additional 90 days. The plan will be a lift for those with families that exist beyond the nation and is likewise set to be a significant device for organizations meaning to get workers out of the country for meetings and different occasions.

Issuance and Sponsorship

The five-year tourist visa plot was reported in March 2021 during a Cabinet meeting, with the main visas given before long. This visa fills in as a self-supported visa as people can apply for it themselves straightforwardly on the web and don't have to apply by means of travel service, inn, or relative in the UAE. The endorsement interaction is speedy the same length as the expected administrative work is submitted. It's a moderately speedy interaction and a couple of visas have already been granted. For the most part, seven days course of events is how the situation is playing out as far as endorsement coming through.

The motive for issuing the 5-year tourist visa

Presently an ever-increasing number of people who are qualified will apply for this five-year visa and will actually want to make a trip to Dubai and the UAE as and when they wish. It permits vacationers who are in the country the choice of broadening their visit for an additional 90 days.

  • It will help family members travel this way and that and will likewise draw in much more sightseers with no association with the UAE.
  • Citizens from India, Pakistan, or other nations would generally come in for momentary travel of 30 or 90 days since they needed to get a visa to pay a visit.
  • This will upgrade travel to UAE and make life simpler for occupants and their more distant family individuals.
  • Individuals can remain for a considerable length of time at one go in the event that they need to. They can also stay for a duration of half a year.


Requirements for the visa

  • The five-year multi-passage tourist visa is accessible to residents, everything being equal, irrespective of their nationality. To be qualified, the guest should furnish an identification with half-year legitimacy at the hour of accommodation, a visa size photo, clinical protection substantial for the UAE, and a bank explanation of the most recent half-year with a base surplus of $4,000 or identical in another cash systems.
  • The fundamental prerequisite that should be satisfied is the bank balance accessibility, necessities apart from this are standard. Applications go through investigation and broad survey since it is a five-year various passage visa.

Application process

Individuals can visit the ICA website if they want to apply for a visa from immigration centres in Abu Dhabi, or other western regions. GDRFA will be responsible for authorizing the 5-year multiple entry visas if the application is submitted from Dubai.

  1. Transfer the expected application data like your name, administration recipient subtleties, address inside the UAE, and address outside the UAE.
  2. Append your visa duplicate, photo, clinical protection, bank explanation, and some other required archives.
  3. Audit your application.
  4. Pay the expected application expenses.
  5. Visa applications will be handled on the web, and you will accept your five-year various section traveller visa by means of your enlisted email.


Rejection and causes

It depends on the caution of the immigration authority to grant the Dubai visa to the candidate or not. On the off chance that your 5-year tourist visa Application visa gets dismissed, you will get an implication expressing why your application is being dismissed. The most widely recognized purposes behind visa dismissals are:

  1. Female guests matured under 25 years are travelling solo.
  2. Candidates who have a previous crook foundation for unfortunate behaviour or extortion in the UAE or their country.
  3. Guests whose international IDs hold an untalented calling (like worker and rancher).



Dubai is to be certain a silliness spot to visit. Each spot has its guidelines and managing factors, as a cognizant individual, every visitor should guarantee they don't irritate the concordance of a nation and keep up with the rules and rules. Prior to visiting Dubai, one ought to make themselves aware of a large number of rules of the area. They should be had some significant awareness of their requirements so they can participate in an issue-free, peaceful, and worth remembering trip.

Without a doubt, even with a piece of the serious standards, you shouldn't hold down to visit Dubai guessing that you ought to track down the doorway. It's a brilliant goal, and one worth seeing without assistance from another person, with your ideal accomplice, or with your entire family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guests of all identities are presently ready to get five-year, vacation visas to the UAE. With the visa, travellers can enter the UAE on different occasions on self-sponsorship and stay in the country for 90 days.

The five-year multi-passage visas permit guests to enter the UAE a few times over a scheduled year or remain for 90 days all at once with the capacity to broaden the visa for 90 extra days.

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