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Travelling has been one of the most important aspects of human existence and of course, it feels no less than heaven travelling to the most amazing places in the entire world and one of them is Dubai. It’s the place that has been on the bucket list of millions when we talk about travel and tourism. It's difficult not to adore this stunning emirate, which is also one of the most wonderful in the UAE. And Dubai, which is just stunning, is the most fascinating place in the UAE, if not the entire globe. This is a city that is modern, ambitious, and has the ability to dream and bring drawings or sketches to life. Within the Persian Gulf region, the dream destination of every traveller ranks first in terms of best explored, academics, distraction, and industrial destinations.

What is a transit visa?

There are several sorts of visas available, one of which is a transit visa. Transit visas are not as common as tourist or business visas, but they are tailored to the needs of the applicant and can be applied easily is of course widely provided to the applicants visiting a country and having a layover in Dubai. When we talk about transit visas, we're usually talking about single-entry visas that are issued for a specific reason and are issued by passengers who intend to stay in Dubai for more than 8 hours.

To learn more about transit visas, one should be aware that there are two sorts of transit visas: one is for 48 hours of transit and the other for 96 hours of transit. Both modes of transportation offer different objectives for different types of travellers. And the most important thing that one has to keep in mind is that if you travel for less than 8 hours, you aren’t then available to apply for a transit visa to Dubai.


Types of transit visa

1. About 48 hours transit visa

The number of entries provided- Single entry, one can visit only once over the validity of 48 hours.

Visa validity- 30 days

Stay validity- 48 hours

2. About 96 hours transit visa

The number of entries provided- Single entry, when we talk about the 96 hours of a transit visa, here also you are allowed to enter only once and not twice.

Visa validity- 30 days

Stay validity- 96 hours

Requirements for a Dubai transit visa

  1. When applying for a transit visa to Dubai, the first step is to fill out a transit visa application form, which must be filled out completely and accurately.
  2. It's also a good idea to have your travel plans and other pertinent information on hand so you don't forget anything when it comes to filling out the visa application form.
  3. A legit passport is also required for the applicant, which must be valid for at least 6 months and include two blank pages at the end for visa endorsement.
  4. The applicant must also include passport-sized images that are clearly visible and are no more than 3-6 months old.
  5. Details about the flight ticket must also be provided.
  6. Only that valid Email Id receives the visa confirmation letter, thus one should have produced a proper mail for that.
  7. The health documentation of the documents will be quite important, and they must include vaccination certificates for both doses.
  8. The applicant's lodging information will also be required when applying for a transit visa.

Apply for a transit visa to Dubai

When you apply for a transit visa to Dubai, you need to get in check all the necessary visa requirements. you can visit Dubai transit E visa and can easily apply for the transit visa by filling out the application form and attaching all your digital documents and making the payment of visa fees. you can also track your visa application status at each stage and can download it and also receive it through your mail after it has been approved.



In order to apply for a Dubai transit visa, you need to get through the entire transit visa guide and it is compulsory to plan everything prior to the travel since it is always better to get well prepared before any of your travel so that you do not face any complications further during your whole trip. And to get through the process, you need to check through all the requirements and thorough every single process. And one must make sure not to miss out on anything and not to fill in any kind of wrong information in the visa application as this can lead to the delay or the cancellation of your transit visa application.

Apply Dubai Transit Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you set everything up by filling out your transit visa application, you will be needed to pay a certain fee which is 96USD.

The processing time of 96 hours of transit visa is merely 48-72 hours and not more than that. 

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