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transit visa for abu dhabi emirate

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Transit Visa Requirement

What are the transit visa requirements as per the nationalists applying for this visa type?

  • Provide the passport documents and the passport must contain at least the 3 months activation periods.
  • The travelers must provide their own color passport resolution image.
  • The applicant's fight reservations tickets for another desired destinations country is been taken for the evidence purpose.
  • Medical health reports is been necessary for the transit visa.

Dubai Visa Online

Regarding the visa application proceedings, you can prefer the Dubai transit e-visa site. Now why this platform as is the only platform that entitle only those information’s regarding visas which are been verified:

  • Furthermost this site is the number one visa booking recognized site, for its good customized ratings and impressive feedback from the customers.
  • It never delays applicants' visa approval.
  • Furthermost this site has much more reasonable visa prices than any other platform if you want to book your visa needful via the online platform.


Transit Visa Apply

For the apply entire process, you must ensure these steps for a successful visa application submitted:

  • In the beginning, go for the Dubai transit e-visa site.
  • Enter the country name where you want to travel and your nationality details.
  • Then click the search options a new tab will be opened which contains the details declarations and the current visa updates news as per the emirate’s embassy.
  • Choose your selective visa types and go for the application options.
  • Fill out the application form correctly.
  • After filling out the application pay for the visa applications in an online mode.
  • Then submit the visa applications.
  • Take a print copy of your desired applications where the status of the payments is been showing. (after submissions).

Transit Visa For Dubai

The conditions and declarations of the visa reviews is been same and applicable for all the emirates country. so, the visa rules for Dubai city and Abu Dhabi country will be equal. 

The transit visa for Dubai is been applicable on an online platform, as per the declarations by the Dubai embassy, no nationalist is been subjected to traveling restrictions any travelers are been able to travel to the emirates country by taking the via approvals.

Transit Visa Emirates

The transit visa validity is of:

  • 14 days and it has been counted from the date of issue.
  • Applicants must use their visa respected due periods.
  • After the applicant’s entry, the visa gets activated.

Applicants must have stayed for the mentioned durations (as per their preferable visa type choice i.e., Transit visa of 48 hours and Transit visa of 96 hours.


How Long Is A Transit Visa Valid For

The transit visa is been valid for the periods of 3-4 days on a maximal termed, now coming to the point whether the transit visa is been able to extend beyond its limited periods-

  • No, you are not been eligible to extend its periods, as it cannot be obtained as per the Abu Dhabi embassy rules.
  • For any of the transit visa categories, the extension of periods cannot be obtained.
  • No grace time are also been offered with the transit visa type.
  • The travelers must leave the country after the visa times gets over.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Transit Visa

A very general question arises how long does it take to process and deliver the transit visa on the hand of the applicant.

Well as for all the visa types the processing periods depend similarly on the transit visa, definite visa periods need to be concluded.

A transit visa is of two types.

Transit visa of 48 hours- it takes 2-3 days for its processing, might takes more than that. The stays validity that the applicant will be getting is of 3 days maximum, no grace periods are been offered by the emirate’s country for this visa type. Single entry is been conditioned for this visa type.

Transit visa for 96 hours- it takes 4-5 days for its processing, might take more than that. The stays validity that the applicant will be getting is of 5 days maximum, no grace periods are been offered by the emirate’s country for this visa type. Single entry is been conditioned for this visa type.

The mentioned processing durations is been only applicable for the working days and all the documents which the applicant going to submit must be genuine and justified once.


For the Abu Dhabi country transit visa approval does not oppose, as these visa approvals are quite flexible and have been easily granted, it has been advised to follow all the necessities which the Abu Dhabi embassy has declared to be essential.   

Apply Dubai Transit Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not applicable as the persons must leave the country after their visa periods gets over, so for this condition, the traveler must prefer the transit visa for 96 hours visa types, has it been the applicable choice.

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