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travel plans for one day layover in dubai

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Being in the center of the globe, Dubai is a preferred location for a stopover for almost all tourists who want to break the long haul flights. Dubai is mysterious, and covering the whole of it in just one day is tough, although if you have the perfect itinerary, you can make this possible. However, if you have only one day in Dubai can a one day layover in Dubai be as fun as when you have 30 days in your hand? Well, honestly it can be hard but with Dubai Transit E Visa you will get a transit visa which will let you explore the whole of Dubai in a day!  

TIP: If you have less than 5 hour stay in Dubai, it would be better to stay at the airport, anything more than that, go and EXPLORE!

Dubai has become famous for long layovers because of the amazing emirates stopover program. When you have a layover of more than 8 hours, emirates airlines provides you with a free hotel room, transportation to and from the hotel, and also, breakfast and dinner in the hotel. Now this is insane, isn’t it? 

To avail of this, you just need to visit the emirates website after booking your flight and click that you want to avail the emirates stopover program voucher, or you can also contact your travel agent and ask him/her to do that for you. Keep in mind that you should think of availing this voucher before you land in Dubai, you cannot do this after landing. 

Anything of this sort is of course cheaper and considering that Dubai is costly, this is an amazing deal. 



This name needs no introduction and is undoubtedly one of the most visited spots in Dubai. With amazing at the top views and such a widespread area, this is a perfect place to start your day with. 

Keep in mind to book your tickets in advance, as there is real rush here, and tickets are sold fast. 

Ticket options:

You can choose between VIP (sky ticket) and regular (at the top) ticket.

Also, you have to enter the Burj Khalifa through the Dubai mall, which is massive, so plan your time in advance just so if you get lost finding the entrance. There is also a fancy restaurant on the 122nd floor, so you can try your taste there too. 

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Dubai is known for its fountain show which happens right outside the Dubai mall, and is one the most beautiful fountain shows in the world. The fountain show starts from 6PM and lasts till 11PM. The songs changes after each round and you can hang out there to enjoy the splendid view. 

The fountain is designed by the famous WET design and is known distinctly for its choreographed fountain show, which is jaw dropping with all the lights, music and water. It is an amazing experience and wonderful sensation to marvel at the spectacular blend of the oriental music making Dubai fountain show dance in harmony. You can also take a boat show around the hotels and restaurants to hike the fun even more.

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Dubai has plenty of malls, but this one is marvelous with 12000 shops spread over just 4 floors. The mall is so enormous that you could get lost a million times in there and still enjoy your visit. Also, you can literally find anything that you need here. 

They also have a large aquarium right in the middle of the mall; the aquarium can be seen through three floors just by walking by. The mall also has an indoor ice skating rink, and indoor theme park, and also the aquarium as mentioned above. It also has a human waterfall which is 24 meters in height, and is embellished with human diver sculptures made of fiberglass.

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There are several restaurants near the fountains which can be the perfect spot to enjoy the view as well eat your lunch. These restaurants are not generally licensed so you can basically just grab a mock tail and enjoy the view from there. 

You can book one of the restaurants with fountain view in Souk Al Bahar, which is a complex outside the Dubai mall. They can top your list and are totally licensed. 


A huge marina where people spend their time by hanging out at all hours during the day and night. They also take out the massive yachts and boats that they own. The marina has several restaurants as well as walking space and kids’ playground area where you can walk and have fun, you can also book a ride on the yacht, which is affordable. 

With so many skyscrapers around, this is one of the most picturesque places in Dubai, and is surely a must visit. 

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Atlantis the palm is a 5 star resort which is located at the palm Jumeirah Island. The Jumeirah Island is a tree shaped island which looks insanely beautiful. You have to enter through a centre tunnel which then divides into 14 different branches, 7 on each side. The outer shell of the archipelago is filled with massive and humongous 5 star hotels and insanely beautiful view of the downtown Dubai. 

The massive Atlantis the Palm is the replica of Bahamas. It is a must see, even if you go there as a guest you can go through the enormous aquarium they have which houses almost 65000 marine animals and, and more than 250 marine species. 

If you want to see the insane palm shape, or the original shape of this island, you can either try skydiving, have a unique dinner in the sky, or you can also view this from as a side view from Burj Khalifa.


Being the only 7 star hotel in the world, The Burj Al Arab is a must visit, even if you just see from the outside, it is breathtaking. You cannot enter the hotel without a room, or spa reservation. The architecture of the hotel resembles a sail boat, and the Jumeirah, the hotel next to it resembles the sea waves. It is splendid, isn’t it? 

If you can afford it, the Talise Spa is incredible, and gets you access to the hotel.

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The souks is the cultural hub of Dubai. If you want to enjoy Dubai being in ground level, visit the souks. It is the top cultural things to do in Dubai, and would get you to know more about the culture and traditions of the city. 

Walk past the aromatic streets of spices, and discover new things on your way to the souks.

You can find a specific market for almost anything that you need here, but the most famous among them are the spice souk, gold souk, perfume souk, and textile souk. You can spend your entire time gazing at the gold pieces in the gold souk.


Once you reach old Dubai, the best way to reach the souks is through the Dubai creeks by an Abra. An Abra is a boat that the locals use to get to the other side of the river. The ride takes almost 10 minutes and costs very less. It is another cultural thing that  you can do while being for a few hours in Dubai. 

The Dubai creek divides the city into two parts: Deira and Bur Dubai. The most remarkable buildings on the Deira side of the creek are Deira twin towers, Dubai creek tower, National bank, etc. 

You can also eat your dinner in the floating restaurant on the Abra.

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Dubai undoubtedly has the most insane nightlife. There are numerous bars, nightclubs, restaurants that you can visit to spend your time there and experience the night life.

If you’re a woman, you can easily search on which clubs are hosting a ladies night and hop into them. 

Other places to visit in Dubai for parties are beach bars like Barasati. You can also head onto one of the most luxurious clubs like WHITE or Billionaire Mansion.  

You can also look for rooftop bars and restaurants, that way you can eat, drink, party, with a splendid view in front of you. 

You can avail of the transit visa for your stopover in Dubai. 

These visas are generally of two types:

Both of the visas are only for one time entry.

You can apply for a Dubai stopover visa online via Dubai Transit E Visa for your one day layover in Dubai and get it on your email.

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