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why did the UAE start and promote the national ecotourism project?

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A few years back, in 2018, the United Arab Emirates took a step and launched a program called "UAE's Natural Wonders." The initiative seeks to establish the UAE as a premier ecotourism center while promoting ecotourism throughout the seven emirates. The UAE's expanding portfolio of ecotourism destinations will be promoted through the National Ecotourism Project, unveiled by Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. The project comprises three phases concentrating on environmental, economic, and social developments. 
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The First Phrase 

The project's initial stage aims to increase public awareness of the 43 natural reserves that account for about 14% of the UAE's total area. The ministry released an ecotourism webpage, an Eco-Tourism UAE app accessible on iTunes and Google Play, and an eBook under the project's subject. The abundant biodiversity found across the nation's protected regions is highlighted in these materials, including information, pictures, and videos. 
MOCCAE employees traveled 2,700 kilometers to produce the material, shot 380 hours of footage on location, and used 350 hours of drone technology. The scheme's upcoming phase will consider the UAE's highlands and coastline. To include these places in UAE advertising itineraries, the government intends to collaborate with airlines and travel agencies. 


Upcoming Stages  

The project's latter phases will focus on marketing eco-friendly travel alternatives across the UAE, including eco-friendly hotels, airlines, beaches, and campgrounds. The task of covering all seven emirates will be difficult. One of the world's highest protected area-to-land mass ratios may be found in the United Arab Emirates. Only 5% of the earth's surface comprises the protected natural areas specified by the 130 nations that comprise the globe. On the other hand, just 14% of the UAE is made up of protected areas. 

New Addition To National Ecotourism Project  

  • The Marmoom Reserve project, which lies outside of Dubai and occupies more than 10% of the whole land area of the emirate, is one of the most important recent additions to the protected areas in the United Arab Emirates. The reserve blends environmental awareness, tourism, leisure, and education to safeguard various endangered birds and animals. 
  • More than 204 local bird species, 158 migratory bird species, and more than 10 km of lakes, including the Al Qudra Lakes, may be found in the reserve. There are 39 plants, 26 species of reptiles, nine species of mammals, and a haven for 19 species of birds and other creatures that are threatened. 
  • With up to 500 birds, the reserve has the most significant population of giant flamingos in a desert area in the whole nation. The resource also serves as the 40-acre home of the most extensive plant nursery in the United Arab Emirates. The nursery acts as a training and instructional facility for college and high school students, as well as researchers and scholars working in the sector. The 3,000-year-old Saruq Al Hadid archaeological site is also located in this region. 


Importance Of UAE's National Ecotourism Project  

  • Ecotourism is a sustainable tourism development form that aids in the preservation of natural and historic resources, according to the United Nations System and definition. 
  • The idea of ecotourism has grown significantly over the past 20 years, emphasizing travelers looking for vacations with less impact on the environment. According to international studies, ecotourism currently makes up more than 20% of all travel-related activities globally. 
  • Since ecotourism strongly emphasizes environmental sustainability, eco-friendliness, and conservation, its environmental friendliness is what gives it its significance. Additionally, it contributes to the country's GDP, encourages a sustainable transition to a green economy, lowers desertification and waste, and preserves wildlife. 



The UAE has traditionally been committed to protecting natural ecosystems, especially wetlands, and has 43 protected areas that account for approximately 14% of the nation's land area. Since animals and other natural resources are now seen as valuable tourism resources, ecotourism encourages their preservation. Therefore, it is a wise move and a crucial initiative for the well-being of the UAE.
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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the United Nations, ecotourism is a kind of sustainable travel that helps to protect the world's natural and cultural heritage. The idea of ecotourism has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, catering to tourists searching for excursions with little to no adverse environmental effects. 

In addition, ecotourism encourages the preservation of natural resources and animals, which are now seen as valuable tourism assets. The UAE has traditionally been committed to protecting natural ecosystems, especially wetlands, and has 43 protected areas that account for approximately 14% of the nation's land area. 

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