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Dubai Transit Visa is a must when you are travelling to some other destined country. It's through the Dubai international Airports and thus after entering the premises, you can visit different places in Dubai until your next scheduled flight. You won't be able to access the same if you don’t have a transit visa. The Dubai Transit Visa costs and ways to Apply Dubai Transit Visa online for the same are mentioned below!


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If you ever come across the word elegance, it's Dubai that comes unbidden in our mind, oh, what a place!

Dubai is one of the most prestigious and delightful cities located in Dubai. This city being populous and the busiest one is a golden place for millions of tourists and others (educational, business-related people etc.) as well. With a rich heritage, culture, architecture and also with a tinge of devotional & religious ideas related to Islam, this place leaves deep imprints in the hearts of many. It’s the greatest Business hub as well as the greatest transport hub!

In the terms of humanity and safety, it's one of the safest cities according to the latest aired view. It is the city with the least crime rates! In 2019, it was ranked as the seventh safest city in the world. It has marvellous tourist places with flourished archaeology, architecture, developmental and influential sites, shopping centres etc. It earns most of its economy because of the tourists and the hospitality provided towards them. It expects nearly 20 million tourists by the year 2020. This beautiful city on the Persian Gulf is a fine sight ever observed and won't be missed by any person.

What is a Visa?

Any citizen wishing to visit other foreign territories as leisure or for any other activities, they require governmental authorization to enter the premises. Visa is an official document that allows you access in that particular state. Some countries belong to the 'visa-exempt category'; the citizens of the same can travel without a visa. But if you belong to a visa non-exempt country, you definitely need to have a visa. In all, there are 143 countries that require a visa before travelling to Dubai. If not, you will be rejected the entry into the respected premises.

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Dubai Transit Visa

Transit visa is issued for the people who are travelling from one country to another via Dubai (country A to country B via Dubai!). In this case, the traveller is supposed to halt at the Dubai international airports, of course not without a transit visa. Even though the destination is different, the user with a transit visa can have a tour in Dubai until his next flight. The other confirmed ticket to your destined place is a necessity if you are on a transit visa.

48 hours Dubai Transit Visa

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa has a validity of 14 days and stays period of 48 hours. It's, of course, a short term visa, required if you visit different places in Dubai until your next flight.

96 hours Dubai Transit Visa

96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa is similar to the above mentioned one but with few differences. It has a validity of 14 days and the stay period is of 96 hours. If you compare, more time is available when you apply for a 96 hours visa giving you the opportunity to explore the wanderlust in you. Within the permitted 96 hours, you can enjoy different sites in Dubai; until your next flight.

Cost of a Dubai Transit Visa

Any transit visa is issued on a short term basis with respect to your stay period. Its rates too accordingly are least if compared with other types of visas.

If you visit Dubai Transit E Visa website for booking your visas, the rates are as follows:

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa 50 USD
96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa 120 USD

Dubai Transit E Visa

There are various ways through which you can apply to Dubai Transit Visa. But if you are looking for the online mode while applying for a visa, you shouldn't really miss the Dubai Transit E Visa website which grants visas to hundreds of customers/tourists/travellers on daily basis. If you look after the organization and the authenticity followed, you will get a visa with the least steps and no delays and of course at affordable rates.

Apply Dubai Transit Visa online

Steps to apply via Dubai Transit Visa:

  1. Visit Dubai Transit E Visa.
  2. Enter your citizenship, the country you are presently living in and click on "Apply Dubai Transit Visa".
  3. You will get to know the rates, if you agree with them, no more delays, click on "apply for visa".
  4. Fill the application form with all the asked details.
  5. Upload the necessary files.
  6. Make the required payments visa your credit/debit cards or any other internet banking method.
  7. Once you are done with this, you will be notified time and again about the status of your processing visa on your registered mail.
  8. Once done, you will get the soft copy of your visa on the registered mail itself. Take out the printouts on A4 size papers and yes, pack your bags, time to travel!

Covid-19 necessary precautions

Dear citizens, the ongoing pandemic is the least you expected in your smoothly sailing lives. But since it's what the reality is, I guess safety steps first than any other cravings or business meetings. Before travelling to any country/state/place, make sure they are granting the permissions accordingly. Visit the official websites and get the latest information regarding the same. You will require various medical documentation as well before travelling. Make sure you collect them all and not fail because of lack of any document! Also, once you get access, maintain the social distancing norms, wear masks, carry sanitizers and other necessary things.

Travel safely. Stay safe, stay healthy.


  • Do Indian citizens need transit visas for Dubai?

Yes, Indian citizens do require transit visas for Dubai if they are planning on having some tours in Dubai. It is applicable and suggested when you are about to visit some other country via Dubai and now are waiting for your next flight. Until then, you can visit various places in Dubai if and only if you got a sanctioned transit visa.

  • Can I get a Dubai transit visa on arrival?

You can surely get Dubai transit visa on arrival but you should always keep this as a last option. This is because; only citizens of some countries are given the privilege of this service. Therefore, even lack of other things can deny you the transit visa on arrival. It's better to stay ready with it beforehand.

  • Do I need a visa for connecting flights?

Yes, you require a visa for the connecting flights. It depends; if you decide to stay strictly within the airport premises, you won't require one. But if you would love to visit some other places in Dubai while you wait for your next flight, then yes, you do require a visa.

  • Can you transit through Dubai?

Of course, you can transit through Dubai. It has got the busiest Airports as compared to the others in the entire world and hence, this option of transiting via Dubai is open.

  • Can you get a transit visa at Dubai Airport?

If you decide to leave the airport, you will require a transit visa. You can get a transit visa at Dubai airport but the chances are least. It's because it has certain restrictions and laws regarding the same which changes from country to country.

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