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what to do if your dubai visa is denied

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Rejection hurts in any situation, but it hurts, even more, when it's one of your most anticipated trips. Consider the consequences of your company being denied a Dubai visa. However, visas are denied due to the harsh fact of life. Even if all of your documentation is in order, your purpose and motivation for travelling are obvious, and you are confident in your approval, the visa will be denied. So, what should you do if you've been rejected? Here are a few possibilities. It is not uncommon for Dubai visas to be denied owing to minor errors in the application. Fortunately, after detecting and addressing the faults, it is feasible to re-apply for a Dubai visa application, ensuring that no errors remain.


Is Rejection A Common Thing

It has been observed that approximately six out of ten visa applications for a Dubai visa are rejected, and there are reasons behind this. This means that, although being one of the most common events, it can happen to anyone. This is why, in order to avoid complications, it is necessary to answer any inquiries about a visa application.

The Reasons For Rejection 

  • Your name, passport number, profession code, or other information, such as your date of birth, passport issuance date, and expiration date, contains an error.
  • Your employment visa has been requested by a UAE-based company, but you have not visited Dubai throughout the visa's validity period.
  • You were a resident of the UAE when you left without cancelling your residence visa.
  • The passport that the immigration authorities received was unclear and weary.
  • You had previously filed for a tourist visa, but you had never visited Dubai during the visa's validity period.
  • Previous Criminal Crime.
  • There is a shared identity throughout the family.


What Steps Can You Take To Reapply For The Visa?

  • Typographical errors might cause a delay in the approval of a visa application. These errors are highly widespread and can result in outright rejection. For this, you should proofread your application and then apply for it again. Rejections can also be caused by a lack of understanding of some aspects of the visa application, such as the laws governing job titles and profession codes. As a result, it's a good idea to employ a PRO(Public relations officer) service before starting a business in  Dubai.
  • Before you can start doing business in Dubai, your PRO must go to the immigration department and terminate your previous employment visa, after which you will be able to apply for another visa.
  • Before you may launch a business in Dubai, your PRO must go to the immigration authorities and request that your previous resident permit be cancelled.
  • Blurred passport copies, like typographical problems, may cause delays in processing and may result in rejections. The applicant should renew online using the UAE immigration system, uploading a clear and undamaged image of their passport.
  • Your PRO will need to go to the immigration bureau and cancel any previous tourist visas before you can start doing business in Dubai. You can also do so by contacting a sponsor or your travel agent directly. This is the main reason for your Dubai visa rejection. Please be careful and take note of it.
  • Applicants who have been convicted in the UAE or overseas of a criminal act, misbehaviour, or fraud. The visa applications of these people would be rejected by UAE immigration.
  • Note that if you travel with your near and dear ones you need to share the same info, like the name on your ID and the accurate Date of birth.

You can follow these steps to reapply for a Dubai visa.

  • Visit the Dubaitransitevisa portal and fill in the application form again.
  • Pay using PayPal/credit card.
  • Keep on checking the status and on approval download it.



A Dubai visa is the best way to come visit Dubai and enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer. However, like with any other overseas journey, there are always risks. If you're applying for a visa online or through Dubaitransitvisa, make sure that everything is in order and that you have followed the correct steps. And if your visa application gets rejected, don't panic as there's usually a reason behind it. Try contacting the embassy or Dubaitransitevisa for more information about what went wrong and how you can rectify it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get your passport stamped for visa rejection by the airport authorities.

You will be informed via email or via the agent about the rejection of your visa application.

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