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will i require dubai transit visa to collect boarding pass at dxb

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Dubai is one of the greatly evolving and prospering countries in the world. For the last two decades, it has enormously gained popularity among the citizens of every nation.

It is one of the most attractive Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This country facilitates an effortless Dubai Transit Visa with its different policies.

Why transit in the Dubai international airport?

In 2017, it welcomed eighty-eight million passengers, out of whom fifty million are transit passengers. Seventy-four per cent of the commuters here are non-immigrants.

One might wonder why it is the airport with a lot of transit passenger traffic. Let us delve into the rationale of why people prefer to stopover here:

  • It boasts the twenty-fourth position among the international air stations of the world.
  • It has a lot of facilities like free wifi, smoking zones, restaurants, free showers, and lounges.
  • The creative architecture of Dubai also reflects in the build of the DXB.
  • It has amazing "Duty-Free shops" that are the best to buy souvenirs like gold, coffee, Arabian dates, chocolates made of camel milk, etc. These are cheaper here.
  • The UAE governments have noticed the heavy traffic of the non-immigrant passengers and instigated several policies to make them enjoy their layover time.
  • The International Airport Authority of the city motivates people by offering free two-day or forty-eight-hour non-immigrant visas to the people of all nations.
  • The government also organizes virtual tours of the marvellous city in the aerodrome. This acts as a tempting agent for them to visit as a tourist.
  • The major telecom company of the city partnered with the government to distribute free Sim cards for enabling transit commuters to have internet access in all the parts of the metropolis.
  • The DXB organizes many fun events like the lotteries or live DJ sessions, like in April 2019, to attract the travellers.
  • The staff is hospitable and most of them speak and understand English.

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Types of Dubai Transit Visa

The government gives only two-types of visas for the non-immigrant passengers. They are:

One has to apply for both the visas in advance. The best option to do so is to navigate to the Dubai Transit E Visa. It is an assurance that by applying using this website will help to get a real visa.

To book for a transit visa a person has to submit a photo scanned version of the passport, passport sized pictures with white background, air tickets for the next landing place. Dubaitransitevisa will only take three days to confirm one's visa.

Will I require a transit visa to collect a boarding pass in Dubai (DXB)?

  1. After a person lands in the DXB for a layover, he or she should go and acquire a boarding pass if their original start position does not do so. Many passengers who have their stopover get anxious about when to get a visa.
  2. If he or she remains in the air station, it is not necessary. This is applicable if the person does not have to go to another airport like the Al Moukthum international airport (DWC) or any others.
  3. If one has to leave an airport and move to another in the same city, a transit visa is important. Leaving the airdrome necessitates an individual to have a visa.
  4. A few people have tickets from different airlines, this will mandate them to take the luggage and to check-in again. The rules of this Emirates require us to take a visa to do it as it involves going to a Transfer Zone and we have to leave the airport.
  5. This simple clarification will clear all the doubts about taking a boarding pass and a visa in the metropolitan city. In conclusion, as boarding passes are issued at the air station, in most cases having this visa is not mandatory.

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Frequently asked queries about a visa to collect a boarding pass in Dubai (DXB)?

Question: What do the people at the immigration at DXB check for?

Answer: At the air station’s immigration centre, they check if we have anything illegal and restricted to the country. Our documents like visa, passport, etc are checked.

Question: Can I use a transit visa in the Emirati, the second time I use it for the same number of hours?

Answer: No, these visas are to use for once only. Hence, they are called single entry visas. After a person attains this visa it is valid for two weeks only.

Question: What are the banned items in the air station at the immigration?

Answer: Items like ivory, drugs, plants, trees, soil, or other such general items that are banned in most other countries are banned here as well.

Question: Is it a safe bet to stopover in the UAE during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: Yes, it is safer to stopover here, as the Dubai airports are the first to conduct tests. They also recommend one to get a PCR test done to detect the virus in the body just before forty-eight hours of reaching the country.

All the cautionary steps like the glass separators and measures to lessen the contact between the people are followed.

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