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New Wonders of Dubai you should check out

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Dubai is a city of mind-blowing visionaries and some astonishing futuristic structures. It is a place where you can enjoy so many wonders of dubai. The city has become a top tourist spot to indulge in an unparalleled dining, retail, and entertainment experience. Not just tourists but Dubai also attracts several business investors to this aesthetic place. 
How your stay in Dubai goes depends almost exclusively on what best futuristic and relaxing attraction you choose for yourself. When planning a "trip to Dubai", heading out towards the overrated, crowd-pleasing, yet new wonders of dubai play an optimal role. 

Do not miss out on the opportunity to uncover the following new landmarks in your dream city, Dubai: 

Best wonders of dubai


While the world’s tallest man-made wonder of dubai, the Burj Khalifa, continues to dominate Dubai’s glittering skylines, the museum of the future is the newest gem in the circle of Dubai’s Islamic architecture. Described as the most beautiful building in the world, this seven-story wonder has been finely adorned by Arabic calligraphy. It is a perfect example of an emerging architecture one cannot expect to see in other regions. This is precisely how a tourist from any neck of the woods can get awe-inspired by the contrasting attraction spots dedicated to the city. Right next to Dubai Creek, this historical illustration is an optimal example of the beauty of 19th-century man-made architecture in Dubai. The Museum of the Future was inaugurated on 22nd February 2022. 


Located right next to the Garden of miracles (Dubai Miracle Garden), this super astonishing Butterfly Garden is famously known as the World’s most extensive covered butterfly garden. Spread across 6,673 square meters with ten custom-built domes, each dome is filled with hundreds and thousands of beautifully winged creatures, featuring 15,000 butterflies of over 50 butterfly species in different sizes and colours flying all around the garden. Dubai Butterfly Garden also allows tourists to see how butterflies evolve throughout the stages. Inaugurated in 2015, this beautiful place will leave you awe-struck and surprised. Surrounded everywhere by beautiful and colourful butterflies will let every traveller revisit this fantastic place. 


Flowers in the heart of a desert? How’s that possible? Well, it's true. The "Dubai Miracle Garden", a colourful and quirky garden spread across 72,000 square meters, is home to over 109 million flower and plant sculptures. It is one of the largest floral gardens in the world, with a beautiful and colourful wealth of flowers that make up the most imaginative compositions to awestruck at. Opened in 2013, the place provides visitors with an aromatic environment, peacocks, and an amazing floral clock. 


Nowadays, Dubai is primarily known for its glitz, glamour, and charm, with Dubai home to some of the world’s most exclusive attraction spots and places. The city always adorns its tourists, and this is another place that leaves visitors with an opportunity to come again. The World Islands, again, are not a natural phenomenon and are exclusively a part of the man-made archipelago. World Islands, a crowd-pleaser attraction, is a group of 300 islands created in the form of a world map.  


A multicultural theme park with a massive entertainment extravaganza, state-of-the-art shopping, and delicacies creates a spectacular cultural experience for the viewers. This most-preferred tourist spot showcases the variety of cultures in the Middle East. Global Village offers the most unusual exhibitions, theatrical performances, musical fireworks, and, last but not least, a lot of incredible emotions. It is a one-stop destination to fulfil all your food cravings, from street food kiosks and food courts to high-end coffee shops. 


The mall of the World is the largest shopping centre of its kind, envisioning theatre, cultural events, medical tourism, and an astonishing indoor game park. The mall of the World, considered Dubai’s boldest move, is covered with a dome that can open during the winter and close for air-conditioning during warm summers in Dubai.  
This artful place is divided into certain central districts, with each serving a particular aspect to make this project the city of the future indeed:  

  • Hospitality District  
  • Dubai Cultural District  
  • Events District  
  • Pedestrian City 
  • Wellness District


Apart from all these man-made wonders, you should not forget to miss the following things that will not even cost you a penny, places that are free to visit: 

  • Free View of Dubai Aquarium 
  • Free View of The Dubai Fountains Display 
  • Visit Burj Nahar For Free 
  • Stroll At Alserkal Avenue For a Free 
  • Play Watersports At Kite Beach For Free 
  • Free Wandering Through the Old-Style Spice Souks 


To make Dubai all the more world-class, the city has constantly been in the processing developing new wonders of dubai to attract tourists from across the globe. Dubai offers plenty to do- from shopping at the Dubai Mall to adventure activities like skydiving and desert safaris. For vacationers, the nightlife in Dubai is a huge attraction. With various musical events, concerts, lounges, bars, and restaurants, the list is endless when spending a wholesome vacation amongst glittering skylines and rolling hills. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai is absolutely safe for tourists, even for solo female travellers. One definitely need not worry about safety, because is an entire police department dedicated to the safety and well-being of tourists. 

The best time to visit Dubai is between November-April. However, during January and February, because of the Dubai Shopping Festival, you will come across plenty of crowds and traffic. 

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