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Latest Review (5800 Customers)

Absolutely easy and quite professional service | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Used the Dubaitransitevisa website to apply for a transit visa of 48 hours and was absolutely easy and the service I got was also professional.

Reviewed By Aaron Oswald
Very very helpful | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Applied for a Dubai transit visa of 48 hours as I had a flight from Japan to Canada and had a transit time in Dubai of 19 hours and the visa that I had applied for was delivered in just three days. A really good service.

Reviewed By Aiden Camilo
Happy service in a short time | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

The service provided by Dubaitransitevisa was a really happy one and the customer care too had all the knowledge about how to apply for a transit visa for 96 hours as I wanted to both stay and enjoy Dubai while also transiting. Helped me with documentation and with the application. Want more services from Dubaitransitevisa.

Reviewed By Franklin Leo
Great, great and very wonderful | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Such a helpful plus considerate team of members that this one time when I applied through Dubaitransitevisa I had found that they had answered my query right away with just two minutes I was able to get my answer mailed to me and was also thanks to them able to finish off my visa application during my lunch break which was only for 20 minutes. Very quick service!

Reviewed By Neal John
Reliable service with the fastest delivery | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

I applied for a Dubai transit visa which was valid for 96 hours from Dubaitransitevisa and had to submit only my flight tickets and the hotel bookings apart from my passport copy, unlike other platforms where they asked for more documents happy that this was quite easy and reliable to work with. Delivery was also done at a relatively faster speed than other sites.

Reviewed By Joshua Fort
Any questions anytime they will answer it | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

The team at Dubaitransitevisa is a group of people who are active anytime you want to ask anything and they also make sure you get the answer related to the question that you have asked. You can try it yourself to get a clear idea.

Reviewed By George Garett
Is a great life saver | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Not only did they save my life from falling apart at once but also did save me some time which would have otherwise lost. Really thankful.

Reviewed By Luke Noah
Amazingly good service | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Was quite confused but to tell you the honest truth I have never found such a good service provider when it comes to visa providers. A great choice for you to make as I have already made mine!

Reviewed By Jessie Greffin
Personal touch with all the professionalism intact | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

You feel a lot more friendlier when you apply for a Dubai transit visa through Dubaitransitvisa because of the staff behaving both as professionals while also respecting all your views and having a conversation just like any of your other friends! Thanks for your support and keep going on through the same path.

Reviewed By Martin Julian
Quick actions from the staff side | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

I was filling in my Dubai transit visa application form for 96 hours transit visa and had entered my passport number wrong and had not noticed but the staff was really quick to check it out and hence helped me from not making a mistake as I have heard that even one mistake can lead to cancelation. Thank you so very much!

Reviewed By Milo Leo
Favourable price for a transit visa | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Got a really good and favourable price for my transit visa. Satisfied.

Reviewed By Humair Mullah
Team at Dubaitransitevisa is the best | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Along with the team, the workers are quite respectful to their customers. I loved the way they talked.

Reviewed By Daniel Thomas
Helpful information given a lot | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Got a lot of helpful information regarding visa application. Helped me make up my mind for the application of 48 hours Dubai visa. Good people.

Reviewed By Kaylee Alexander
Saves a lot of time | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

The application for my Dubai transit visa via Dubaitransitevisa saved me a lot of time which would have otherwise spent at the government offices. Thanks a lot for your easy service.

Reviewed By Dakshit Sharma
An absolute user friendly website | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

A very easy and friendly website that anyone can use with just a little bit of knowledge. Help is also provided so you can apply with assurance.

Reviewed By Ibrahim Danzee
Too many payment options | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I had too many options to choose for my visa payment. even though I did not have my card I was able to pay through net banking. Happy to get a lot of options.

Reviewed By Izzudeen Aslan
Confirmation of payment received instantaneously | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Soon after the payment of my Dubai transit visa for 96 hours, I got my payment confirmation. was really quick for responses.

Reviewed By Aiden Max
Tracking of visa just needed my application form number and passport number | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

The visa tacking as far as I knew needed a lot of form filling and a lot of other needs. But Duabitransitevisa only needed two information and was only an application form number and my passport number. Just these two and I got all of the information about my visa. Appreciated a lot.

Reviewed By Claire Chase
A recognised website | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I have heard from a lot of my friends that they applied for a transit visa through Dubaitransitevisa and was a good site and so did I apply for one. Sure a good one and is glad to recommend to anyone who needs it.

Reviewed By Ayana Gill
Judged them and found out to be best | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I judged them with all of the points as said by a lot of reviewers and found they were really good at the work they do. Do take my word for them.

Reviewed By Jafar Sari
Acknowledgment done by me | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Acknowledgement done for sure for all the service, no need to worry now. Be at ease and apply.

Reviewed By Zeyer Ali
Good way of response to customer with respect | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

No matter how rudely I used to talk to them, they had a good way of speaking and were patient enough to hear all and respond as well. Thanks for your grand service.

Reviewed By Jayden Colton
Confusion solved easily | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

The confusion was initially there as I was not able to decide what would be the best option for a two-day transit with another two hours to be spent along with it. They suggested a 96-hour visa and honestly, Dubaitransitevisa does have knowledge about it.

Reviewed By Caroline Mathews
Suggested for all who will be transiting via Dubai | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Had my transit for 10 hours via Dubai and applied for a visa through Dubaitransitevisa, sure recommended to who will be having one soon as waiting in lines are a headache.

Reviewed By Amaya Menoth
Will definitely use many times | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Used one time, two times and three times. Will keep on using Dubaitransitevisa for my visa.

Reviewed By Zayed Khan
Got my Dubai 96 hours transit visa just as promised by the team | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

There was an estimated time within which I was to receive my Dubai 96 hours visa and they did follow it. Happy to see such hard-working people.

Reviewed By Makhdoom Madir
Discounts were given!!!! | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

What else do you need?? Discounts were given just another reason for me to go back and apply for my Dubai transit visa.

Reviewed By Asher Grayson
Unbelievably good | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

While some won't believe, this is my actual experience with Dubaitransitevisa where i did apply and was very very very satisfied!!

Reviewed By Alice Tylor
Good deal to strike | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

If you are here to get a good deal, then you will get it as I did and I believe the site is my favorite even if no one tells so.

Reviewed By Gehna Mehta
My first option | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Though there is no long list, I would still say Dubaitransitevisa is my first option and my last option. Thanks for having faith in me and helping me put faith in you.

Reviewed By Hadid Ahmed
Got my transit visa well before time | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Even though it was said it would take three to five days, it only took my visa a day and a half to reach me and I am pretty sure they are the best providers.

Reviewed By Jameelah Nizamuddin
My travel companion | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

No matter which country I travel to if I have a transit through Dubai I make sure to apply for a visa only through Dubaitransitevisa.

Reviewed By Sebastain Luke
Support system at its best | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

it doesn't matter where I am and where I am going, I make sure that if it is a transit via Dubai then transit visa is something that you should apply from Dubaitransitevisa, as they made me understand how hard it becomes once I reach Dubai to apply for one.

Reviewed By Abigail Logan
A teacher for my visa application | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Dubaitransitevisa has been my constant teacher guiding me throughout and even after my application. Thankss a lot my teacher

Reviewed By Hardik Patil
Going to come back for all of my transit needs | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Whenever I needed a Dubai transit visa no matter for how long I apply only through Dubaitransitevisa as their suggestion always turns out to be right.

Reviewed By Rabeeah Hajiza
Always going an extra mile longer | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Though there are only sites that help you with what you need, you can see Dubaitransitevisa going that extra mile for helping you. Thanks for the extra mile.

Reviewed By Najeeshah Shami
Top on the list | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

I was happy that they kept me as a priority all the while when filing my application. Great work from their side.

Reviewed By Triston Lincoln
Very quick in all actions taken | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Though they are quick in taking the actions they are very responsible for all of the things when it comes to having my Dubai 48 hours transit visa being booked.

Reviewed By Melanie Carter
Happy in one go | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

My first time and Dubaitransitevisa will now be my go-to site always. Happyy!!

Reviewed By Amritya Gundan
If only I could give more stars | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

I personally feel that five stars are quite less for the services. Don't mean to flatter but they are really good and hence thank you very much Dubaitransitevisa.

Reviewed By Nazriya Shakinat
Any format was acceptale | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

While I tried uploading PDFs through the government site, it was rejecting my application. However, when I applied through Dubaievisaonline they accepted it.

Reviewed By Shreya Shrivast
Wait was worth it | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Though I had to wait for three days it was worth it as they were always informing me about the visa and its steps. Thanks for sharing with me.

Reviewed By Tasneem Khan
Wasted a lot of time on other sites | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

From the get-go itself, I had to get my visa from Dubaitransitevisa as it was much more easier and faster than others.

Reviewed By Humair Abdul
They picked up the phone within just seconds | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Had some doubts regarding the fees and the Dubaitransitevisa team picked up the phone in just seconds after calling. Very fast response people.

Reviewed By Thomas William
Cost-wise the best value | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Cost-wise and other factors are also included but I liked the cost setting more. Dubaitransitevisa is with a try.

Reviewed By Levia Alexander
Very diverse staff | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Found different personalities working together but together in unison. This is what makes Dubaitransitevisa unique!

Reviewed By Hamamah Mustaba
No annoying ads during aplication | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

While I have noticed that other sites have annoying ads popping up during application, at Dubaitransitevisa it was peaceful.

Reviewed By Rafa Najeeb
No high GST | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

There were no big taxes included in the payment. Made me happy with this.

Reviewed By Dylan Ryan
Find myself coming again | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

I come again and again whenever I have a transit along with Dubai as they give it to me on a priority all the services.

Reviewed By Katie Gabriel
Thanks to Dubaitransitevisa | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Many many thanks are expressed by me and my family for your lead during travel issues.

Reviewed By Nishith Hridam
Got it faster than my friend | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

My friend said she would be applying for a Dubai visa through government website. she said they are trustable. while I applied through Dubaitransitevisa. However, I got it much earlier than her while she had to wait for two weeks. I have told her next time it should definitely be Dubaitransitevisa that she uses.

Reviewed By Christiana Everett
No terrible waits for visas | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

It is just a 48 hours transit visa, why waste two weeks when I got mine just in a days' time! it was easy as well.

Reviewed By Riyansh Naitik
I forgot one document while submitting Dubaitransitevisa helped. | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

I had applied for a transit visa but forgot one document but eventually, Dubaitransitevisa helped otherwise which I would have been trapped.

Reviewed By Gunjan Divyansh
Use of clear communication | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

I hate ambiguity and so do I hate sites where ambiguity is there. But unlike others, Dubaitransitevisa had no ambiguity and had clear cut communications.

Reviewed By Ayska Haani
Extensive information was not required | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

When extensive information is asked it gets tiring but Dubaitransitevisa keeps it short and sweet and that is good.

Reviewed By Rafa Tabir
Application successful gracefully by Dubaievisaonline | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Gracefully ended my application successfully by Dubaievisaonline. Still awaiting for the visa as I just applied today. Wish to get it soon.

Reviewed By Veer Advik
Too good thanks | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Too good and no more words. Thanks.

Reviewed By Kanika Rishaan
No worries about delivery offices | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

A lot of people worry about delivery offices as they delay. Dubaitransitevisa makes sure that as soon as the visa has been issued it reaches me through mail.

Reviewed By Omaira Uais
Won't give big reviews | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Won't give big reviews as Dubaitransitevisa is something you must try for yourself and not just read the reviews.

Reviewed By Zaban Miqdaad
Got my transit visa for 20 hours | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

I had 20 hours transit in Dubai and i got myself a Dubai 48 hours transit visa. Satisfied with the visa service.

Reviewed By Evie Christian
Couldn't be more pleased | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Lucky and happy at the same time that I could apply through Dubaitransitevisa as I have already tried taking after I arrived and it was a horrible experience. A humble request to all to take it from here, or else you can try waiting and then understand.

Reviewed By Kaitiya Mason
Not the average site you have | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

While I have tried a lot of sites, Dubaitransitevisa is something that is not an average site you will get some more content that you might have not known about.

Reviewed By Abdullah Husain
Timely manner for each process | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

There are steps and the time required is only something that has already been specified and as they had already mentioned I could finish off in the claimed time.

Reviewed By Isiah Paul
Easy transit received | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Easy transit was obtained when I applied for my Dubai transit visa throughDubaitransitevisa. happy that nothing went bad.

Reviewed By Nana Menezes
Used for all of my transit needs | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Used for all of my needs which were related to the transit via Dubai. absolutely satisfied with the customer service.

Reviewed By Abish Noron
Marvellously good | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

The experience was marvellously good and wants no more now but just to continue to work forever with Dubaitransitevisa.

Reviewed By Airanya Anay
Transit visas are now only here | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Now I will only use Dubaitransitevisa for giving me a smooth experience.

Reviewed By Hiranya Naitik
Mission accomplished | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Whenever it is with Dubaitransitevisa it is mission accomplished at all times!

Reviewed By Qairah Qatil
Passionate in what they do | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Found amazing people with passion in what they do, Dubaitransitevisa has never looked down on me.

Reviewed By Dafiq Hanun
Skilful people | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Met skilful people at Dubaitransitevisa and helped me get my transit visa.

Reviewed By Adrian Bill
Good travel company providing transit visas | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Really appreciate the way they kept their status as a good company and hence having a good reputation to show everyone as they showed to me.

Reviewed By Cyinthia Markus
Overjoyed with the delivery of my transit visa | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I am overjoyed with the way that my transit visa was processed and I have no worries due to such a good way of treatment!

Reviewed By Pablo Esquitta
Visa approval was done quickly, saved my day | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Pretty much was devastated by the way how everything was working slowly but now I have no complaints as they did the best they can and made my day by delivering transit visa to me right on time.

Reviewed By Charles Milan
My future depends on Dubaitransitevisa | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I said that my future depends on Dubaitransitevisa as I needed to get to Dubai as soon as possible for my next flight to England and I luckily could get past it and make it on time.

Reviewed By Omar Aleen
Great | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Just great!

Reviewed By Melvin Melen
Pro attitude with detailed explanation | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

What I liked about Dubaitransitevisa is that they have a pro attitude with a good detailed explanation with each step in the application. A must check out.

Reviewed By Jules David
I had a wonderful experience | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Let me tell you all about how I found out about Dubaitransitevisa: I am a teacher who works at a school level. My fellow teachers one day mentioned that they use Dubaitransitevisa for their transit needs and then I tried the site on their recommendation. I liked the layout of the website initially as to how accessible everything was an then I went on to apply for my Dubai transit visa, but I was confused and the customer service helped me a lot. they said to apply for a 96 hours Dubai visa and then I did as they said. Luckily due to them even though the flight was a bit delayed I could stay in Dubai and enjoy the weekend while also checking out Burj Khalifa. Loved the whole experience.

Reviewed By Maria Costa
Very helpful | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Very grateful as you helped me with all of the needs of a Dubai transit visa.

Reviewed By Gerry Hails
Had no worries during transit | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

While I saw the big line I thought it is right to only thank Dubaitransitevisa for their visa provision as they saved me from standing I a big line and wasting my much-needed energy.

Reviewed By Nell Kev
Much recommended | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

There are a lot of others who have tried and liked it, I also did like it and hence is much recommended.

Reviewed By Dianna Forni
A good way of having transit visa | Date Posted 29/Aug/2020

Totally straightforward and easy application of having a visa being applied for all transit needs. Happy to have experienced such a good way of treatment.

Reviewed By Nayan Shubh
Prompt and fast | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

Prompt and fast response from the team about the service and the questions related to any problems that have raised. Hope this goes on towards the end as well.

Reviewed By Alistair Walman
Good detailing in each step | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

Good real and accurate details on when and how I will be able to obtain my transit visa. One thing that I found different is that they explain all about the visa even before applying and also lets us choose one according to our needs. I have also found that the person I worked with had some good knowledge and used to explain each step in so much details that I had nothing to worry when actually filling in the form.

Reviewed By Jaya Subin
Had a wonderful experience after long searches | Date Posted 08/Nov/2020

Was trying to find an agency that would work wonders for me but couldn't find one until I met Dubai Transit E Visa where they had not only booked my transit visa within just days but had also done a great job at delivering it on time! Thankful to the entire team to help me speed up my travel needs.

Reviewed By Muskan Muria
A good experience | Date Posted 21/Jan/2021

I had applied for a Dubai transit visa and now I just received it in 48 hours and I am really happy for the service provided.

Reviewed By Lina K
The best visa provider | Date Posted 22/Jan/2021

I had applied for my visa here, and now I can say that they are absolutely best at what they do. The staffs are responsive and well behaved, and solve the queries in no time. And the assistance provided by them cannot be described through mere words. I would definitely consider choosing them again and again for my visa needs.

Reviewed By Aabdar Malik
Got My Transit Visa in just 3 Hours | Date Posted 22/Jan/2021

I was at Dubai Airport and urgentelly needed the Dubai Transit Visa and came across Dubai Transit E Visa and they helped me with the process and got me the Dubai Transit Visa in just 3 hours. Really Thanful to them.

Reviewed By Martin Amis
Fastest Service Ever Received | Date Posted 22/Jan/2021

I applied for the Dubai Transit Visa from Dubai Transit E Visa was surprised to see that they get my Dubai Transit Visa approved in just a single day. It was the fastest service I have ever received. Thank You So Much for this great service.

Reviewed By Steve Ballmer
Only love perfection | Date Posted 23/Jan/2021

I have always been a man of a perfectionist and wanted to keep everything perfect even for my travel which is why I chose Dubai Transit E Visa where I did not have to give much information and also received my visa right in time! Will always choose them.

Reviewed By James Kahn
Got My Transit Visa in 24 Hours | Date Posted 23/Jan/2021

It was great to see that you guys got my Dubai Transit Visa in just 24 Hours. It was great experience of applying Dubai Transit Visa with Duabai Transit E Visa. Thank You Guys for the great service.

Reviewed By Aaron Martin
Dubai Transit E Visa is Best | Date Posted 16/Feb/2021

I must say that the service provided by the Dubai Transit E Visa is the best. There customer response is very quick and if you face any difficulty they are always there to help you. Totally recommended to get Dubai Transit Visa.

Reviewed By Shane Daniels
Best Service for the Dubai Transit Visa | Date Posted 28/Feb/2021

No Doubt Dubai Transit E Visa provides the best service with there 24X7 customer service. I totally recommend them for availing Dubai Transit Visa.

Reviewed By Allen Martin
Thrilled and amazed | Date Posted 03/Mar/2021

I am absolutely thrilled and amazed by the visa service of dubai transit e visa. I was provided with my visa within no time. Additionally, their services are extraordinary. I would recommend everyone to choose them blindly.

Reviewed By Jesse Lesile
Very Fast Service | Date Posted 05/Mar/2021

Dubai Transit E Visa gives very fast service. I applied for the Dubai Transit Visa and in just 24 hours they provided me the approved Transit Visa. It is very surprising. I will definitely recommend Dubai Transit E Visa to others. Thank You for the Help and Fast Service.

Reviewed By Brayden Smith
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