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48 hours dubai transit visa

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You have a quick stopover in Dubai but confused about which Dubai transit visa would be the best? Well, if you have this quick stopover which will be for 48 hours only then you can take the 48 hours Dubai transit visa, which will allow you to stay in Dubai for 48 hour period. This means if you have a flight to your onward destination in about 48 hours or less then you can easily get this visa to stay in Dubai. This visa was first introduced by the government of Dubai so that people who are transiting through Dubai can also experience the wonders before they travel on to their final destination. Dubai Transit E Visa gives you this opportunity so that you can also get this visa to experience the wonders even if it is for a short period of time! 


Q. When do I take a 48 hours Dubai transit visa?

A 48 hours Dubai transit visa is recommended to those people who will be staying from 8 hours of the time period to about 48 hours of the time period. This visa will allow you to catch your pre-booked flight which will be leaving Dubai within 48 hours. This visa will also allow the passengers to take a glimpse of Dubai and its amazing wonders.

Q. Is it possible for me to go outside the airport transit area once I get the 48 hours Dubai transit visa?

Yes, you can go outside the transit area provided you have a transit visa and the flight that you will be catching on for your next destination is not within 3 hours time frame. If the time frame is about 3 to four hours of transit then going out will not be possible even if you have a transit visa. 

Q. Will it become necessary to get a visa every time I go to Dubai?

That depends on the purpose of the visit. If you are going through Dubai then you’d probably have to get access to a transit visa and if the visit is for some tourism purpose then a tourist visa would be better suite while for a business purpose a business visa will be a better option. You can also avail of other types of visas based on a specific purpose. 

Q. Is a 48 hours transit visa available once I get to the airport?

Yes, you can avail of the 48 hours transit visa on arrival which will allow you to get the visa once you arrive at the airport. But to get this visa you will probably have to carry all the required documents during the trip. To avoid this you can also apply through an online method which will ensure faster delivery and you also wouldn’t need to take all the documents when you are transiting through Dubai. 

Q. Are a layover and a stopover the same thing, and do I need a visa for the same?

Yes both layover and stopover mean the same thing and yes you will be required to take a Dubai stopover visa provided that your stopover does not go below 8 hours of stay in the airport transit area.

Q. How much does the 48-hour transit visa costs?

A 48-hour transit visa will cost you as much as 50.0 US dollars with an additional service fee if you will be applying through Dubai Transit E Visa. You will also get two different options for processing of the transit visa.

Q. What are the options that have been made available for the foreigner for processing of the Dubai transit visa by Dubai Transit E Visa?

Dubai Transit E Visa allows standard processing and an emergency visa processing which can be accessed by the foreigners based on the need for the visa. The details can be given as follows:

  • Standard processing of transit visa: this processing fee will be dependent on which country you will be applying for the visa and it will take about two to three days time period for the visa to reach you. It can be delayed due to some unexpected conditions as well.
  • Emergency processing of transit visa: you can avail of this if you are in an emergency transit visit and this will cost you about 200.0 US dollars to get this service. This visa will be delivered to you within 48 hours itself. 

Q. Is it possible that I can extend this visa for a longer time period due to an emergency?

This visa cannot be extended and hence if you want to stay for a longer period you would either have to get a new visa or get a visa that has a longer period to offer.This completes the entire description of the 48 hours Dubai transit visa and when you will require it!

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