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guide to 5 days trip to dubai

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Dubai is a fantastic destination, and millions of people travel there each year to have fun on holidays. You may choose the length of your Dubai holiday based on your resources and schedule. It is advised to make a trip of at least 5 days so that you can visit the top world-famous attractions. Today in this article, we are going to read about the places to visit on a 5 days trip to Dubai. We are providing the best services in the market and we believe to serve fast. Utilize the gateway Dubaitransitevisa to fill out your visa application form and pay the fee and receive your Dubai visa within 3-4 days without facing any kind of delays or rejections.


Visiting Dubai on a 5-day trip

One of Dubai's greatest strengths is its hotels. A stay at any of the hotels would be lavish as well as pleasant. Any hotel operated by the Jumeirah Group is a great choice. Before leaving for your first trip to Dubai, have breakfast at your hotel. 

Day 1: Visiting The Heart Of Dubai “ The Burj Khalifa” 

  • Start with the city's most apparent attractions. Dubai's beautiful and almost unfathomable architecture is one of its most notable attractions. And one of the first things visitors must do when they arrive in this magnificent city is to see its two distinctive buildings, the Burj Khalifa and the Burj al Arab, which stand out like beacons in the desert. These two structures are fortunately one of the top tourist destinations in Dubai, and there are many guided tours available to assist visitors to get what they want.
  • Take the elevator to the top of the Burj Khalifa Observation Deck for a breathtaking view from the world's highest structure, which also serves as a hotel, home, retail, spa, and restaurant/bar.

Day 2: Visiting “The Dubai Mall” 

  • It should come as no surprise that Dubai is home to the world's biggest mall. With over 1,200 retailers, including Zara and the Hershey Store, first-rate eating options, a big aquarium, an ice rink, and Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort, it is a shopping centre with a lot to offer.
  • Despite being in the centre of the mall and being just faintly visible from the outside, a ticket allows entrance to all floors of the Dubai Aquarium. Depending on the sort of tour you choose, the price of a ticket varies.
  • For ski enthusiasts, Ski Dubai is a fantastic location. In the middle of a desert, they may still enjoy the hills. Purchase a ticket to gain complete park access and winter clothing! If you choose an upgraded package, it will also include a meeting with the penguins at Ski Dubai.


Day 3: Visiting The World's First “Ferrari Theme Park” 

  • Its unique building features a variety of adrenaline-pumping rides, including the fastest rollercoaster in the world, as well as family-friendly attractions, cutting-edge simulations, live performances, and an amazing collection of racing memorabilia. 
  • Additionally, there are two shops and several eateries that honour genuine Italian culinary customs, giving it the ideal location to experience the Ferrari saga in its entirety. Every day of the year, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi welcomes guests of all ages for an unforgettable experience in a cool, indoor, climate-controlled setting.

Day 4: Visiting The World Famous “The Dubai Desert Safari” 

  • Everyone who visits Dubai takes a desert safari. One more of the top ten things to do in Dubai is this. It also serves to warn travellers that there is a desert nearby. The glistening structures, ice rinks, opulent hotels, and ski slopes often obscure the view of the dunes.
  • The travel to the desert location will take between 45 and 1 hour. Dune-bashing is done in a safe vehicle at the wheel of an expert driver. He deflates his tires once he gets to the desert, and you take off flying from dune to dune, sliding around, plunging down slopes, and sliding through the sand. Although the journey is rocky, it is still safe and quite exhilarating! Additionally, the driver pulls over amid the desert to pause for a group photo.


Day 5: Visiting Dubai Beaches And Enjoying Dubai Nightlife 

Morning: You can visit beaches as there are several beaches in Dubai. Although it's not possible to visit them all in one day, so the one or two that you are going to visit has to be the best. Here are the two best beaches in Dubai

JBR Open Beach 

  • Dubai's largest beach is still the best. The whole length of the JBR neighbourhood is covered by the enormous JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) Open Beach. Although some are set aside for hotels, the majority are open spaces. 
  • The water is warm and a stunning shade of blue-green, and the sand is fluffy white and powdered soft. Lifeguards are on duty, and buoys are used to mark off approved swimming zones.

La Mer 

  • There is a water park where you can cool down, and there is a cinema where you can spend some time away from the beach and watch a movie. If you genuinely appreciate La Mer, you could choose to stay in one of the many apartments or one of the freshly constructed hotels at Rove La Mer Beach. 
  • The flat, not very broad beach at La Mer is manicured many times daily. Along the edge, there are palm trees and compacted tan sand. The beach features certain areas with lounge chairs and lifeguards.

Here Comes The Time To Enjoy Dubai's Crazy Nightlife

  • Because there is so much to do in Dubai, including vibrant nightlife, tourism is increasing. Bars, clubs, and eateries that offer alcohol are exclusively found in hotels, with a few exceptions. As a result, practically all hotels, especially those of high quality, will feature a club, restaurant, or bar. The Le Meridien Mina Seyahi hotel's Baristi Bar on the Marina is one of the greatest bars for visitors. It's an outdoor/indoor tiki bar that is situated directly on the sand. It serves as a general bar and restaurant as well as a venue for athletic events, concerts, and parties.
  • In Dubai, there are a wide variety of locations to go out at night, from upscale nightclubs to Irish pubs and hookah bars. In this exciting city, there are plenty of sites to see.



So, utilizing this Dubai schedule, Dubai was completed in a total of 5 days. This article discussed the locations to see during a "5-day vacation to Dubai" and included all pertinent details. Although you can't see everything in Dubai in 5 days, you can still see some renowned and spectacular locations. You can apply for your Dubai visa through Dubaitransitevisa and get the best services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The greatest time to visit Dubai is between November and April, during the city's winter season. All types of outdoor activities may be done in a comfortable climate. Furthermore, January through February are when Dubai is genuinely congested because of the renowned Dubai Shopping Festival.

Summer, and especially July and August, are the worst months for sightseeing since the city nearly hibernates to escape the oppressive heat. 

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