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some travel tips for a female visitor to dubai

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A modern lavish city is known for its luxury, astonishing architecture, and lovely nightlife located in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has grown to be one of the most popular tourist attractions places around the globe. A city that homes Burj Khalifa-tallest human-made building in the world, great shopping malls, and sports venues and hotels. Being such a progressive country in the Middle East, Dubai does have some strict laws for its visitors, whether it be related to their personal beliefs or due to security reasons. This doesn't change the fact that the city is highly reputed and is considered among the safest places to visit around the world. And safety is a very important aspect for every female out there. Hence if you are a female traveller planning to visit Dubai as a solo traveller or with anyone, we are to provide you with some travel tips. Following these tips will not hamper your travel experience and will help you cherish the beauty of Dubai. 

Respect the Religion and Culture

Whatever place you visit, every place carries its certain beliefs and religion. Chances are there that some things might come up different for you from how it's there where you come from. Hence it's necessary to mix up with people of different countries with what they are comfortable with. 

Islam is highly practised in the United Arab Emirates, so it's recommended to respect and understand their faith as a tourist. If you are a solo female traveller greeting the locals, eating with other people since food sharing is widespread in their culture is recommended to have a pleasant experience travelling alone. 


Helpful Apps

Dubai is a very tech-savvy nation, much of its work is done through the help of technology. Hence it is advisable to download these applications not to feel alienated in this vast city. 

  • Zomato
  • Dubai Metro
  • Skype
  • Rta application
  • UAE pass
  • Career 

Drink Responsibly 

Dubai has a strict law when it comes to drinking. So as a tourist, it is highly recommended you control your alcohol consumption while enjoying the nightlife of Dubai. Being drunk in public places and drunk driving is highly punishable when it comes to their law. So as a traveller, you might want to adhere to these guidelines to avoid any bad trip experiences. 


Dress According to Occasion 

The government does not force or demand its visitors to dress in traditional Islam manner, but what they expect from its visitors is to dress conservatively to respect and avoid offending anyone

While visiting mosques, women are advised to dress in long-sleeved tops to cover their arms and shoulders, and baggy clothes and pants should cover the legs when entering a mosque.


Everyone fancy going on a spree while shopping and if you intend to do that, Dubai will not disappoint you. The city is highly recommended to visit for shopping. The Dubai mall is a must-visit to purchase affordable and trendy clothes. 

Besides its shopping attractions, the mall also has several recreational activities like a skating park, amusement park and theatre etc. This place is undoubtedly booming with fun activities, so don't miss out. 

Be sure to respect the local laws in Dubai

For your convenience, here are some more points regarding tourist rules and regulations -

  • Public display of affection is not allowed
  • Profane language is not allowed in public
  • Do not take a photo of people without consent  
  • Do not make hand gestures
  • Do not carry any drugs 
  • Insulting the royal family is unacceptable
  • Do not bring any prohibited items
  • Eating in public during the month of Ramadan is not allowed 
  • Do not use your left hand to greet anyone
  • Unmarried people are not allowed to stay together at the hotel


Get your visa

These points will be beneficial when you touchdown at the Dubai airport, but before entering the country, you must have a valid visa. And you don't want to spend time figuring out how and where to apply. Well, the people at Dubai Transit E Visa will help you achieve all the steps you are looking for. Dubai Transit E Visa is a visa booking site that will provide you with all the necessary details regarding visa information and all the processing that needs to be done for successful grant visa approval for travellers. They have an experienced consultant team which reviews your documents thoroughly to increase your chances of visa approval. you will also be provided 24x7 customer support, email support, and chat support. Just make sure to be ready with the following document to fill out your Dubai visa application.

  • A legit passport with some black pages and minimum validity of six months from your arrival day.
  • Your latest passport size photo should be coloured and clear.
  • Your aeroplane tickets and accommodation details might be needed too.

How to Apply

If you opt for Dubai Transit E Visa as your ideal partner in the application process for Dubai E-Visa, you can avail the visa by carefully following these four easy steps: 

1. Fill DubaiVisa Application

  • Visit Dubai Transit E Visa
  • Choose your living and citizenship country
  • Select what type of Dubai tourist visa you want
  • Fill out the application form carefully 
  • Upload necessary documents 

2. Visa Fee Payment

  • Select Payment mode
  • Dubai Visa fees can be paid through different options like Paypal, Credit or Debit card. So select your preferred payment method
  • Once payment is completed, on your provided mail, check your inbox and spam for the confirmation mail 
  • Review your application ID

3. Get Dubai Visa 

After completing the above two steps, you can:

  • You can track your Visa status online through application ID or passport number 
  • Download it once approved
  • Touchdown in Dubai



So there it was, the complete guide giving travel tips for a female visitor with other necessary details to plan their Dubai trip efficiently. To learn more about Dubai visas and travel, make sure to visit Dubai Transit E Visa. You can also avail a fast and secure visa service and plan a relaxed trip to Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your passport must have validation for a minimum of 6 months. Below that, you are not eligible for applying/receiving the visa. So please make sure of this condition.

Yes, Dubai is very safe for travellers. Just make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the city.

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