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procedure of getting a dubai citizenship as a foreigner

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Dubai is often viewed as a haven for people who want to escape the misery of their lives while still having access to their home country. Dubai is a city that encourages and supports multiculturalism and tolerance, as well as freedom of religion and expression. Moving to Dubai doesn’t require someone to sacrifice their passport or leave their home country; it simply entails obtaining a new Dubai citizenship. In this article, we will explore where one can get UAE citizenship and how one can obtain it.


The process to obtain Dubai citizenship for foreigners does require that you live in the UAE for a period of time. Otherwise, the quickest way to become a citizen of Dubai is by getting married to someone from the UAE. While some citizens don't have their citizenship automatically conferred, it comes with many privileges and tax breaks.

Knowing your options when switching to permanent citizenship in the UAE is essential, regardless of whether you're just beginning the process or already living there.

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates have greater access to healthcare and school than non-citizens. One benefit of UAE citizenship is housing allowance, household financial support, and educational resources to raise your child and cover wedding costs.


Some Emirati citizens live in a privileged position in that they are often hired more efficiently and receive higher salaries than ex-pats. However, this privilege is not always available to naturalised citizens, who the labour market may not as readily accept as citizens of the UAE with a long family history.

Becoming an Emirati citizen can be complicated for foreigners, and this decision will depend on a variety of factors such as what country you live in, how many years you've been living there, whether you work, and your employer. Consulting with a local Emirati immigration lawyer is also recommended to confirm your options and decide if it is possible for you.

If the child is born to unknown parents in UAE, then that child is eligible to apply for citizenship. There is a wait of up to thirty years before an application will be considered, or if you marry an Emirati person or can prove you’ve lived in the country for more than five years without interruption.


Let us lay out what it takes to be qualified. You'll need at least a good command of the language, and getting into the program isn't easy either--you'll need to demonstrate competency with the national curriculum in order to get in. 

With the decision of naturalization up to the individual Emirates, it’s essential to have the information for your country of residence.

Dual citizenship

If you would like to be a citizen of two countries, Dual or multiple citizenship is not typically granted in the UAE, but if you seek Emirati citizenship, you must choose to relinquish your original nationality.

Several ways are available to obtain "Dubai citizenship". However, there are specific criteria that a foreign national must fulfil before becoming an Emirati citizen, such as living in the country for five consecutive years and not holding dual nationality.

If you aren't eligible for citizenship through traditional means, naturalization is your best bet for gaining permanent residency in the UAE. You'll be waiting up to 30 years before your application is considered.


Citizenship through descent or ancestry

You could become a citizen if your parents were both born in the United Arab Emirates. Previously, if the mother was an Emirati, the child couldn't be a citizen until 18 years old; laws have been liberalized to allow members of families descended from Emiratis to apply for citizenship at birth.

You may need your ex-pat father's permission to accept "UAE citizenship" in this way. An excellent place to start is by looking online to find the conditions for accepting residency in the Emirate of Dubai.

Citizenship through marriage

The conditions of naturalization in the UAE require you to be married to an Emirati who is at least ten years older than you and that you have lived in the country for ten years. If you lose your naturalized citizenship or later divorce, you become a permanent non-citizen.


The process to obtain Dubai citizenship is decided on a case-by-case basis. Some applications are available online, but you'll probably still have to go in person for the required meetings.

The best legal professionals' assistance is always beneficial in cases such as these. Having a local lawyer or immigration specialist help you make your application with complexity can be highly beneficial.

Beyond the application fee

There are fees associated with submitting a residency application for UAE, whether applying as an individual or through an agent. Things cost more if you need documents translated or certified before you apply to the government.

An expensive bank transfer can add high exchange rates and unnecessary fees if you need to send or receive money internationally.


Applying for passport

Entering the country is easy with a UAE Passport. You can apply from home or in person and receive assistance from the embassy in your area. Customized assistance for your needs will be available at an affordable price of only AED.

UAE goes through a separate process of getting a passport. There are some fees involved in the process of obtaining citizenship. You should know what to expect when pursuing this option, as well as you're expected to be ready financially.

To learn more about the Visa and Passport process, visit Dubai Transit Visa. They make the process easy and straightforward.

What are the benefits of becoming a citizen of Dubai?

A Dubai resident can enjoy many benefits that come with being a citizen of the city-state, including access to some of the best healthcare in the world, favourable tax rates, and easy access to many international airports. Additionally, being a Dubai citizen gives you the right to vote in municipal and national elections and hold government office. 



Good citizenship requires demonstrating moral solid character and adherence to the law. If all of these things sound like they would fit into your lifestyle, then getting citizenship may be worth your while. Getting Emirati citizenship is complex, and you may need patience, but it’s possible with the right advice. To know more about applying for a passport and visa for Dubai, visit Dubai Transit E Visa for your own comfort!

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