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96 hours dubai transit visa

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You’ve got three days’ time before your next flight from Dubai? Then don’t worry this 96 hours Dubai transit visa is something you need to get. This visa will not only allow you to stay for the three days time period you have been wanting to stay in Dubai for but will also help you go out of the airport transit area and let you go for sightseeing as well. Well, now doesn’t that sound much favorable? A short vacation in between a big vacation! Dubai Transit E Visa will help you get this much-awaited short visit to Dubai with all the assistance from our side! You also need to worry about the doubts you have you can ask us the same question again and again and we will still get you a descriptive answer than you would have thought of! 


Q. What is a 96 hours Dubai transit visa?

A 96 hours Dubai transit visa is made available for all the foreigners who are eligible to get this visa to stay in Dubai for a time period of 96 hours from entry into the country. This will also allow foreigners to take a quick tour of 3 days in Dubai. 

Q. When does a person require this visa?

This visa is required when the transit through Dubai bys a foreigner takes more than 48 hours and less than 96 hours, then only will this visa be valid.

Q. Isn’t it better to take a 14-day visa than to take a 96 hours transit visa?

A 14 days visa is beneficial when you want to take an entire tour of Dubai and are coming as a tourist into the country. This 96 hours visa is a visa that will allow a tour for those who have time constraints but still want to enjoy sightseeing in Dubai.

Q. How can I apply for a 96 hour Dubai transit visa?

To apply for a Dubai transit visa you will have to follow some of the steps which will help you get the visa. These steps are quite simple and can be easily followed to get a transit visa. The steps can be given as follows:

  • Firstly you need to mention the country from which you will be applying for the transit visa and are a national of.
  • Then you need to select through the two types of visas which have been made available
  • Nextly you will have to enter all the details from your passport and make sure that no mistakes are made. Attach all the documents after filling in the form for the transit visa
  • After this, you can pay the charges which will be displayed, and then you will get a mail through which you can track the visa progress or you can also go to the official website of Dubaitransitevisa to get the tracking details.

This will complete the entire procedure for transit visa application if you wish to apply through an online method. 

Q. What are the documents that have to be attached to the transit visa application form?

The documents which are needed to be attached can be given as follows:

  1. A copy of the confirmed booking of the flight ticket to your final destination must be attached along with the form
  2. A picture of the applicant which follows all the passport picture based criteria must be provided.
  3. A travel document that has a validity of six months or more it can be an ID card or even a passport.

Once you confirm having all of the wanted documents you can attach then along with the form and submit it to get the transit visa supplied to you.

Q. How long can I stay on a 96 hours Dubai transit visa?

With a total validity of 14 days, you can stay for 96 hours in any of these days. This means you can get access to this visa if you will be going to Dubai in about 14 days after the issuing is done and will allow a stay of only 96 hours once you enter the country.

Q. What is the processing time required for the visa to be delivered?

The standard processing time which will be required for the 96 hours Dubai transit visa will be for about two to three days. There are chances that this can be delayed as well due to some of the circumstances that arrive during the processing of the visa.

Q. What is the right time to apply for a 96 hours Dubai transit visa if I will be transiting through Dubai during my journey in about 10 days from today?

If you have a transit taking place through Dubai in about 10 days from today then applying for the visa before a week or so will be suggested so that you will get the visa right on time for the journey.

That’s it! You can now easily apply for a 96 hours Dubai transit visa without any trouble!

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