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2022 edition of asia cup in uae

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After the long wait of 2 years, Asia’s most prominent cricket event is set to start in the United Arab Emirates. The tournament was supposed to be held in September 2020 but was postponed to an unspecified time in July 2020 due to the covid pandemic. Asia cup is the biggest cricket tournament taking place after the covid pandemic. UAE is experiencing an incredible number of cricket fans from around the world. Cricket fans across the globe have spent around 3 years without experiencing any major sport event, which is why the airports in UAE have become busier than ever.  

If you want to learn why the whole world is speaking about the "Asia cup 2022", what is so special about it, and why you must visit the Emirates and experience the sporting event yourself, then read the complete article.  


Before you learn why the whole world is going crazy for the 2022 edition of the Asia cup, you must become a little more familiar with the tournament. Keep reading to learn about the Asia cup’s history, background, and participants. 

Asia Cup started as a continental cricket tournament in 1983; Asia’s most successful cricket teams were India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The first edition of the cup was played in UAE only in the Emirate of Shajahan, with India emerging as the champions under the leadership of Sunil Gavaskar.  

In 2009 it was decided that the series would be held biennially, in ODI and T-20 formats alternatively. Last time the tournament was played in the ODI format and preceded the ODI Men’s world cup. This year the game will be even more exciting as it is being played in T-20 format just 2 months before the Men’s T-20 World Cup. 


You might be wondering, even though the UAE has hosted multiple editions of the Asia Cup, why does it not participate? In Asia, there is stiff competition among the cricket-playing nations. While a few countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have turned out to be the best teams in the continent and are bound to play the series, several nations need to win the qualifiers before the tournament to gain the participating spot in the game.  

This year, the qualifiers were among Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong, and UAE. Hong Kong emerged as the top team in the qualifiers and earned a spot in the 6 groups.  

UAE and The Asia Cup 

You might wonder why Asia Cup is being held in a country that does not even rank on the international cricket table. A simple answer is that UAE has some of the best sports stadiums in the world. With International sports stadiums like the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai, Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah, and Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the country has adequate infrastructure to host any major international sports events. Not just the Asia Cup, UAE even hosted the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021. 

UAE and the Asia Cup have shared a long history. The country hosted the first-ever edition of the tournament and will also host the latest one. If you are wondering why a league that started among three countries was held in a fourth country, then you must have an idea of the international situation when the league was formed. Also, due to the political scenarios at the time, the matches had to be played at a location that would be accepted by all the participant nations. The league was organized by the Asian Cricket Council, which was headquartered in Sharjah, UAE. 


Asia cup will be taking place from August-September. The temperature during this time of the year is not entirely welcoming; the day’s temperature would quickly go over 40 degrees Celsius. Dubai has all the infrastructure to make visitors comfortable even during this time of the year. From centralized ACs to the best accommodation, the Emirate welcomes visitors annually. But still, we would advise you to prepare your baggage accordingly so you can effortlessly travel in the Emirates. 


The 2022 edition of the Asia Cup that was supposed to kickstart in 2020 was planned to be played in Sri Lanka. But recently, the country’s economy faced its worst situation and could not afford to host the cup. This gave UAE the chance to host another edition of the continental tournament. 


After almost three years, a significant cricket event is taking place in one of the most admired tourist destinations in the world. This year the format for the tournament is the fast-paced T-20 format. Unlike at the ODIs, you will not need to be at the stadium for the day. The T-20 matches are full of excitement, and you will not even realize how quickly they end. So, you will have enough time to explore the Emirates and cheer for your team simultaneously. 

If you want to know how you can make the most of your trip to UAE, especially Dubai, without going too far from the playing venue, then read the remaining article. 


Due to the extreme weather in Dubai and the other Emirates, the matches are usually not played in the daytime; the matches are scheduled to begin in the evening. The games’ timing gives the visitors enough time to explore other amazing things in the city. The matches are going to be played in the Dubai International Stadium. We know you can’t afford to travel too far from the stadium as you cannot miss the fantastic matches. Still, if you think that it limits you from exploring the city and trying something exciting, then you are wrong as there are many things you can enjoy without going far away from the stadium. 

Splash In the Aqua Fun Waterpark 

What would be better than enjoying the water and splashing in the water in the middle of Dubai’s heat? Located just 16 km from the Dubai International Stadium, Aqua fun is the world’s largest inflatable water park with everything you can dream of. The park is near the Asia cup’s playing venue, and you can engage in exciting water sports during the day and enjoy the matches at night. 

Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden 

Dubai Butterfly garden is the world’s largest covered Butterfly Garden. The garden is just 7 km from the Dubai International Stadium, and you can make a round to the garden without any risk of being late for the match. 

The garden has 10 custom-built domes that house 15,000 butterflies of 50 different species. You cannot miss the place visiting the Emirates to enjoy the Asia Cup. 

Zero Gravity Dubai 

Zero gravity is an entertainment and leisure hotspot where you can. If you want an escape from all the hustle-bustle of Dubai and want to sometimes relax and unwind yourself, then Zero Gravity Dubai would be a perfect choice. Located around 21 km away from the Dubai International Stadium

From relaxing at the poolside, enjoying some entertainment, or having a fantastic meal, you can have it all in one place.

Global Village  

Asia cup might be a continental series, but if you visit the Emirates to watch the cup, you can look at the cultures of countries from all corners of the world. Located just 13 km from the venue for Asia Cup, Dubai’s Global Village combines the cultures of 90 countries from all parts of the world. The village claims to be the world’s most extensive entertainment, leisure, and tourism project of its kind.  

The place is famous for providing Cultural entertainment to visitors and conveys the message of a world devoid of regional and cultural boundaries. 

Shopping At the Mall of Emirates 

How can you avoid the otherworldly malls of Dubai while visiting the country? If you think the mall can only provide you with the necessary retail therapy, then you are wrong, as the place has much more to enjoy than just shopping. You can even unleash your inner sportsperson here as you can ski in the mall. 

Located just around 14 km from Dubai International Stadium, the Mall of Emirates is a must-visit location if you visit the UAE


Asia cup is the preparatory series for the upcoming T20 World cup. If you want your team to dominate the series and become the Champions of Asia, you must visit the UAE and cheer for your team. The tournament winners will be the most deserving candidates for the world cup this year.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

6 teams are participating in the Asia Cup this year which are 

  • India 
  • Pakistan 
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Bangladesh  
  • Afghanistan 
  • Hong Kong 



The Dubai International Stadium is 35 km away from Dubai International Airport and 39 km from the Al Maktoum International Airport. 


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