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can i get a transit visa at dubai airport

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Can I get a transit visa at Dubai airport? To know about this question you will have to know more about what your purpose of travel to Dubai is and then you will be able to understand whether a Dubai transit visa is actually necessary or not. This will be done by Dubai Transit E Visa where?you will get a complete explanation of which type of Dubai visa will be the most suitable for a travel based on its purpose and how you will be able to acquire one if at all needed. With a lot of people tending to travel to Dubai with a purpose also do not know what is the right option and hence deciding the one that you suits you the best is quite a challenge.


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Purpose of visit to Dubai

There are various purposes as to why most of the people travel to Dubai and the following are a few of them:

Tourism in Dubai: With Dubai offering various tourism places and having a wide amount of places to enjoy during vacations, people go to Dubai for tourism. People tend to travel to Dubai mostly for tourism as there are about seven different types of visas just for tourism alone from which you can choose one and apply.?

Business in Dubai: Having wide opportunities for business as well has also attracted people from worldwide on business tours to Dubai. These people on business tours will be applying for a business visa unlike as given for tourism.

Employment in Dubai: People who come to Dubai to find jobs enter Dubai on an employment visa which is made available after having a work permit to work in Dubai.

Studying in Dubai: Students and others who wish to study in Dubai gets a student visa issued for the purpose of studying in Dubai.

Transiting through Dubai:?This is the reason where you get a transit visa to Dubai. Transiting through Dubai basically means that you will be having quite some time to spend in Dubai before you take another flight to another destination.

With these many purposes being listed it is always important that you find the right reason as to why you travel to Dubai. Sometimes, there are people who will be having a tourism visa applied for and still opt to get a Dubai transit visa due to a transit happening through Dubai. In this case, it is important to know that once you hold one type of visa you need not apply for another type to be eligible to enter Dubai as the one that you applied for is already valid and can be used to enter Dubai.


Q. Who all are allowed to get a transit visa in Dubai

Everyone having a transit through Dubai regardless of nationality can apply for a Dubai transit visa but must have a transit time of more than eight hours being scheduled.

Q. Is a transit visa available at an embassy?

While a transit visa is mostly available through the airline company that you book for a flight from, you can also apply for one through an embassy or through Dubaievisaonline.

Q. Will, there be various options available for applying for a Dubai transit visa?

Yes, you will get two various options apart from other visa types based on your travel purpose.

Q. Can I get a transit visa at Dubai airport?

Well, yes you can get a Dubai transit visa but you need to know the right purpose for your application and whether you are an eligible person to apply for a Dubai transit visa or not. Just knowing this, you can decide whether you need to apply or not.

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