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dubai creek

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Situated at the very heart of Dubai, the Dubai creek helps in separating Deira and Bur Dubai. The formerly known saltwater inlet has become one of the star tourist attractions in a very short time period. This star tourist attraction has now also opened up to the public from all over the world and hence Dubai Transit E Visa has been offering services at its best to its customers so that even they can get access to this place. Even you can now get to this place by just having a Dubai 90 days visa which will not only let you see the Dubai creek but will also let you get a glimpse of the whole of Dubai's beauty!

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The creek provides picturesque qualities to many tourists and visitors. It is a part of the Dubai Canal and extends to the Persian Gulf. Often regarded as the lifeline and pulse of the city. The creek offers its visitors a prosperous dinner cruise or even a soothing walk site on the side paths. It is traditional in its nature as it offers Dhow Dinner in traditional Dhow boats. This tourism place in UAE also has a mythical aura that enchants its visitors more often than not. Traditional activities like fishing, trading, and pearl diving are still carried out at the creek. It till this date represents the rich Arab tradition of hospitality. It is also known as Khor Dubai and also enlisted in the city's leading entertainment venues with sumptuous dining options. It 14 kilometers long and wide enough to host large vessels for trade and transport. Well connected to the city with the help of metro, buses, ferries, and other forms of transportation.

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The Dubai Creek is located in Ras Al Khor connected to the main Ras Al road. A tower that is being built at the heart of the Dubai Creek Harbour complex, Which is known as Emar and it is supposed to eclipse Dubai's center of attraction Burj Khalifa. The foundation which has been laid is 236 ft deep and is 2.3 square mile. The Dubai Creek offers an iconic Dubai creek tower with 550 hectares of world-class development 15 minutes away from Dubai downtown. It also has 820 k Sq.m Retail mall along with 7.3 Sq.m residential space along with 66 S.qm cultural space. It is anticipated to be completed by the year 2022. The creek is expected to take the world by a storm due to its grand structure.

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It also has a very ancient past of its own which full of significance. It was founded in 1822 by the British. The ruler of Dubai abolished all customs duties and imports making it a free trade zone. The creek served as a harbor for trade from other parts of the Arabian Gulf. In the 1950s it was split into a small canal. It was referred to as River Zara by Greek travelers. The water just flows abruptly. It has had a lot of settlers in the past but currently, a family of Dubai is the recent settlers. It was the hub for trading of gold and spices as well as fresh fish catches from the nearby waters. In 1902 it was a free trading hub and it became a major trading hub at that time. In the 1950s a split occurred in the creek due to heavy flocks of ships coming to the port. The first-ever bridge on the creek was constructed in the year of 1963. Around 300-400 boats were used for the purpose of pearl divers. In 2007 the creek received its massive makeover as around 132 million dollars were invested in it to make it a feasible tourist place. The tower of Dubai is located in its harbor which set to be completed by the year 2020 and reports suggest that it would overshadow Burj Khalifa in its greatness. The creek is rich in ancient past of trading and hospitality which is being practiced till this very day. The roots of Dubai's trading ancestry can still be observed at the creek which is extremely historic in nature.

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The surrounding areas offer traditional-style buildings which reflect the rich Arabian culture and hospitality. A number of modernistic structures have also started popping up nearby the Dubai creek. However, it won't be able to overtake the charismatic aura of the creek. A wildlife sanctuary and Al Fahidi Fort has also situated nearby the creek. A variety of sports and happening nightlife is ever-present here. An ideal place for a family day out. Its star sports attraction is a Dubai creek golf range and it also boats for Dubai site seeing. The Ras Al Khor Bird Sanctuary acquires 620 hectares. The natural aesthetic beauty of wetlands, pools, mudflats, and lagoon is simply amazing. Nature and scenic beauty is anytime a treat to the eyes but apart from that, there's so much to do.

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The Dubai is a prime example of how a traditional site could be developed into a gorgeous site seeing places with some decent investment. The state of the art facilities which are being installed in the vicinity promises its visitors and residents luxury like no other. To reap the more amazing memories of Dubai one should definitely visit the Creek. The illuminating nightlife is one not miss out on. The magnificent work Emirates that practically emit traditional aura and charm is a record-breaking landmark comprising of high buildings. This attraction does justice to Dubai's ever-present rich trading and hospitality tradition. Often regarded as the perfect blend of nature and modern setting. It is vouched to be Dubai's star attraction in the coming years leaving Burj Khalifa way behind in its tracks. The Dubai Creek hence has a lot to offer which makes it a perfect destination for all. The creek offers a slice of Dubai's cuisine, culture, hospitality, and much more.

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