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dubai transit visa policy

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A Dubai transit visa is provided when a person has to transit through Dubai even if it is for an hour. Well, in this condition if you are from a foreign country, it is mandatory you take a transit visa. But following the Dubai transit visa policy also becomes one of the biggest responsibilities if you are planning to apply for one on your own. Thinking what would happen if you don’t follow these? Well, at most your visa application will be canceled and hence you will not be able to transit through Dubai airport! Now, this can be a problem, but with Dubai Transit E Visa along with you, you really don’t have to worry about it. We will be sure to lend any sort of help you need!


Q. When do I need to take a transit visa to Dubai?

A transit visa not only to Dubai but also for any other country is taken when you will be stopping at a foreign place where you do not belong to and will be staying for quite a while, in this case, a transit visa is given to you. This visa allows you to stay only for a particular time period once you enter the place. 

Q. Is the Dubai transit visa available for all?

No, not all can avail of this Dubai transit visa, only some of the people can get this visa and specifically those who come under the list of countries that can avail of a visa on arrival in Dubai. These people are only the ones that can get a Dubai transit visa.

Q. Which countries come under the list of eligible countries for the Dubai transit visa?

The following countries can get the transit visa:

Andorra Japan San Marino Kazakhstan Singapore Australia
Malaysia Ukraine Brunei Mauritius United Kingdom Northern Ireland
Canada Monaco United States of America New Zealand Vatican city Hong Kong 
Republic of Ireland Macau Argentina Austria Bahamas islands Barbados
Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Chile Argentina Honduras
Romania Greece Hungary Russian Federation Bahamas Islands Iceland
Saint Vincent Barbados Italy San Marino Belgium Kiribati
Serbia Brazil Latvia Seychelles Bulgaria Liechtenstein
Slovakia Chile Lithuania Slovenia Costa Rica Luxembourg
Solomon Islands Croatia Maldives South Korea Cyprus Malta
Spain Czech Republic Montenegro Sweden Denmark Nauru
Switzerland El Salvador Netherlands Uruguay Estonia Norway
Finland Paraguay France Poland Germany Portugal

Apart from these countries which have been mentioned there are those countries that belong to the GCC countries list that can get the transit visa issued to them. The list of countries can be given as follows:

Bahrain Kuwait Oman
Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

The people who belong to any of the above-mentioned countries can get a transit visa even if they have an Emirates ID card instead of a passport. 

Q. What are the options through which a foreigner can apply for the visa?

A foreigner, who would like to apply for a Dubai transit visa, can do so by following the link mentioned for Dubaitransitevisa and get their visa applied for through an online method. The others who do not have an internet connection can also apply for a Dubai transit visa through an embassy near you that will provide the visa type you want. But you need to keep one thing in mind that the documents that a person needs to give for a transit visa through an online method will be different than the ones you need to show at the embassy. Some of them will remain the same while applying through the embassy but there will be requirements that will be asked additionally based on the country as well.

Q. How many types of transit visas can a foreigner get access to?

Once you find out if you are eligible for a transit visa or not, you can apply for a transit visa. This visa will have two types as an option for foreigners. You can choose one by following the instructions. In this way following a Dubai transit visa policy will help you get an idea of whether you can get access to this transit visa or not!

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