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how to apply 48 hours dubai transit visa

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Visiting Dubai under the situation of connecting flights but are not getting a chance to roam out? That’s totally unfair! Apply for 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa and get to visit various spots in the remaining time until you hoard your next flight!


  • What is 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa?
  • How to apply 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa?
  • Do we need a visa for Dubai Transit?
  • How do I get a Dubai Transit Visa?
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What is 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa?

Passengers or travellers passing by Dubai international airport require a visa most of the times whilst waiting for the next flight. This is when they would love to explore Dubai in the remaining limited time before they hoard the next flight; they require a Dubai Transit visa for the same. It is used in these cases of connecting flights.

48 hours Dubai Transit Visa is the one which enables you:

  • A stay period of 48 hours from the entry in UAE/Dubai.
  • The validity of 14 days.
  • It of course cannot be extendable under any case.
  • You need to leave Dubai within 48 hours on arrival if you have 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa.

How to apply 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa?

ONLINE: If you are wishing to apply online, without any hardships, you won't miss the site Dubai Transit E Visa in any case. It gives the customers their best satisfaction and the visas are provided strictly in time without delays. More than 200+ countries have applied for a visa via this website!

You need to follow the following steps in order to apply online via Dubai Transit Visa online:

  1. Visit Dubai Transit E Visa
  2. Once the page opens, select your living country (currently living country) and your citizenship (as mentioned on your passport).
  3. Choose the type of Dubai Transit visa you want (if you want 48 hours Dubai transit visa, select accordingly).
  4. You will be provided with the rates according to your country location and citizenship, if you agree, make sure to proceed!
  5. Fill the application form and make sure to have no errors while entering the details.
  6. Upload the Required Documents for Dubai Transit Visa; make sure the images aren't blurred and are thoroughly scanned.
  7. Make the respected payments via either credit/debit cards or Paypal.
  8. You will receive a payment confirmation message on the registered mail.
  9. You will also receive an application Id.
  10. Using the same, track your ongoing Dubai Transit Visa Status online.
  11. Once the visa is approved and the documentation succeeds download it from the same website using the application Id.
  12. Your visa will be verified, get the printouts on A-4 sized paper, get ready to travel!

OFFLINE: If you are wishing to apply via an offline method, you will have to visit the nearby embassies that can provide you with the visa. You will have to follow all the documentation work and make sure to keep checking on the procedure. Once done, you will be given the visa at the embassy itself. You need to make appointments and keep all the required documents as well as the identification cards ready (changes country to country)

Do we need a visa for Dubai Transit?

  • Transit visa is needed if you belong to visa non-exempt countries. Whereas, transit visas aren’t a necessity at all if you belong to visa-exempt countries.
  • You won't require a visa if you happen to be a GCC citizen.
UK Austria Ireland San Marino
France Sweden Greece Liechtenstein
Italy Norway Finland Poland
Germany Denmark Spain Japan
Netherlands Brunei Monaco Malaysia
Belgium Singapore Vatican Hong Kong
Luxembourg New Zealand Iceland Slovenia
Switzerland Portugal Andorra Slovakia
Czech Republic Lithuania Hungary Latvia
Estonia Malta Cyprus Croatia
Romania Bulgaria United States Australia

Thus if you do not belong to any of the above-mentioned countries, you definitely need a Dubai visa.

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How do I get a Dubai Transit Visa?

To get a Dubai Visa, you first need to decide whether you will be applying online or offline. On the basis of the same, the procedures are the same as mentioned above.

Also, do make sure that you keep the following documents ready:

To have a transit visa preceded and applied smoothly, you must have

  1. A passport with a minimum validity of three months
  2. A self-photo against a white background. (Your expressions should be neutral and formal. No unofficial pictures are recommended.)
  3. You should also have a booked and confirmed flight ticket to your third destination.

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  • Can Dubai visit visa be extended?

Yes, Dubai Visit visa is extendable. But also remember that Dubai Transit Visa of 48 hours or 96 hours both cannot be extended.

  • How can I extend my visit visa without leaving UAE?

Contact the website through which you applied for the visa in the first place. Or if you applied in an offline method, make sure to contact the particular embassy responsible for the same. Also, keep your other options handy and in this way you can get your visit visa extended without leaving UAE.

  • How many days can you stay in UAE after my Visa expires?

According to my research, you can stay up to 30 days after your visa is cancelled. If anyone is delaying to leave UAE even after the visa has expired, you will have to pay the penalties as charged by the government of UAE/Dubai.

  • What is 48-hour transit visa Dubai cost?

48-hour transit visa Dubai cost-effectively changes according to your citizenship and the country you are currently staying in. Thus fixed rates aren’t announced, it changes. You can check your rates by visiting the Dubai Transit E Visa online website.

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