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Dubai stopover means that the commuter has to stay in the city or the airport (DXB airport) for more than twenty-four hours.It is very important to have a visa when one stays in the airport or the country for more than that time.This is an ideal spot for having connecting flights. Many facilities and state of the art technology attracts such stopovers. It has already amassed fame for the live DJ that was free to all! This airfield is also foremost in the world to have on-site testing.

Things to do and remember while having a stopover in Dubai

This Emirati has striking buildings and the airport is also one of those that will leave a person stunned! This hospitable place will ensure that everyone has a comfortable and relaxing stopover.

  • It is exciting to note that there are many marvellous places to never miss that are very close to the aerodrome! The “Burj Khalifa”, “The Mall”, “The canal
  • Whatever one’s stopover time is, he or she can enjoy the beauties of the city. These above-mentioned spots are just fifteen minutes away from the air station.
  • Comfortably enjoy the desert of the city by participating in the dune bashing, watching belly-dances, spoiling oneself with the extremely tantalizing delicacies of Emirati culture. Enjoying this is doable as it is just 3.5 Kilometers away from DXB.
  • All the passengers can access the terminals here and enjoy all the facilities of the airport. Sleeping pods, duty-free shops, and several other activities welcome the transit passengers.
  • Gold and spice souks will impress one’s senses and are the best opportunities to satisfy the hunger of window shopping. These are found in the old part of the city and are just about a thirty-minute drive using taxis.
  • Dhow cruise to enjoy the real traditional culture of this modern and fast-paced and populous city.
  • The Internet is free in the air station and the most famous company of telecommunications empowers the transit passengers with a free Sim card with internet facility.

There are a lot of packages for stopovers that empower stopover passengers to have a comfortable and luxurious planned stop. 

Stopover visas of the city

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) gives a free visa to the citizens of several nations. The stopover visas are similar to the transit visas.

They are of two types. One can choose from these two based on the time gap to get on to the next aeroplane. They two are as follows:

  •  Two days transit visa or a 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa: This is given for zero cost. This is a clever move by the government to increase wealth from stopover travellers.
  • A four days stopover visa or a 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa: It costs around 116 USD (United States Dollars). It is convenient and makes the people opting for this, feels like they are on a short trip.

Both of these stopover visas are only for one-time entry. Using a visa an individual can stopover only for once. The government announced clearly that these are not extended at any cost.

A lot of other details are available in the form of brochures as well. These will make the stopover comfortable and tireless.

Where to apply for the Dubai stopover visas?

If one is a citizen of Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, he or she is completely exempted from any visa to the city. There are many other lucky citizens of different countries, who can attain a visa on arrival.

Citizens of a few countries like Mexico, even get a visa after arriving for 180 days! You might find yourself wishing that they were born in one of those nations.

Despite having a visa on arrival or a free visa of two days, everyone has to apply for these stopover visas in advance. The most ideal way to book Dubai Transit Visa is to navigate to Dubai Transit E Visa.

Dubaitransitevisa is a website that is specialized in enabling many passengers to attain it. Many applicants have enormous faith in this website and they keep on revisiting the same whenever needed. Such is the popularity of the services of this website.

In this era of internet scams, it is an easy task to make fake copies of the visas. This website stands strong in the policy of genuine visas, with less processing duration.

Qualifications for a stopover here

  •  A photo scan of the passport
  • The passport must not expire for at least the next six months
  • One must have the room booking and tickets of the connecting aeroplane.
  • The immigration officers or at the transit desk, one’s passport is stamped with the visa. For this, a person should have a minimum of four blank pages in the passport.

Frequently asked queries about the Dubai stopovers

Question: Is the stopover in this Emirati effortless or tiresome?

Answer: The area is huge and it is time-consuming to reach different terminals. However, the staff are very hospitable and will guide any person to have a comfortable stopover.

For staying in during a stopover, a few stopovers after reaching are given by the Hotels and Visa desk

Question: Is there an internet facility in the DXB international air station?

Answer: Yes, one can access the free wi-fi in the aerodrome. It will be hard to use the internet in other places other than the airport. 

However, one can attain the cost-free Sim after reaching the airport. Whatsapp, Skype, and some other similar websites or apps do not function in this Emirates.

Question: Are there any benefits for the stopover commuters at DXB?

Answer: After 2017, free accommodation is accessed by many if they have a stopover of between eight or twenty-four hours! This is applicable if an individual has flights with Emirates airlines.

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