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Dubai is a great epicentre for trade and business. We all know that it is an Emirate and capital of luxury and wonder! You name it and you will get the experience of the traditional and modern combined with luxury.

It has the top rank in the way it has global correspondence. The general position of the DXB international airport is twenty-four among all the other aerodromes of the world. Hence, it attracts so many transit commuters and is the busiest.

Types of Dubai transit visas

The transit visas are of two types of transit visas. They are:

  • A transit visa for two days (48-hour visa)
  • A transit visa for four days (96-hour visa)

These are of a one-time entry only. The government does not authorize anyone to enter with a Dubai Transit Visa that is already used once. It is also important to remember that these transit visas are not extendible.

Who requires Dubai Transit Visa?

There are citizens of a few nations who have the luck to entail visa on arrival for thirty days and ninety days. Gulf countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc, or the countries that fall under Gulf Corporation do not need any transit visas. One should check if he or she will need to apply for the visa by asking the embassy.

All the other country nationals have to get the visas. As this one cannot increase the duration of their transit after their visa is given, he or she has to decide the duration of their stay, connecting aeroplanes, and other such vitalities of the transit.

The charge of these visas

The 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa is USD 96 and will not need any extra fees. After the person reaches the country, he or she will get a stamp on the passport.

The four-day transit visa or 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa is of (United Arab Emirates Dirhams) AED 156. People who enter and depart from the DXB air station have to pay a cost of AED 30. There are no extra charges apart from these.

Prerequisites for applying for these visas are

People must have the following documents or copies. Let us have a look and make sure that they are ready before applying.

  • Passport with an expiry date of at least six months away.
  • Four blank papers in the passport is a must.
  • A picture of passport size with a white background. The expressions of the person in the picture must be neutral.
  • An air ticket for the next spot that is confirmed. Connecting aeroplane tickets are important.

Where can one apply for a Dubai transit visa?

Everyone must Apply Dubai Transit Visa to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After one applies for these, it is valid for fourteen days.

This is called the validity of the visa. The time of the transit is enumerated from the start of entry of the individual into the country.

One can apply for the Dubai transit visas using the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs website. This can be complicated.

The perfect method to apply for these is by navigating to the Dubai Transit E Visa. This is a website that will help to get a visa. One will be sure that an authentic visa is taken.

It needs only a few steps to apply for transit visas. A live-chat is also available to clarify doubts. It is specialized in this aspect and has faster processing time.

Frequently asked queries 

Question: Can we make a transit visa into a work visa?

Answer: No, it is not good to do it. A transit visa should be used to finish only a few works and to take connecting flights. 

Question: Should I book the aeroplanes of the same company?

Answer: Yes, one needs to book the flight of the same airline company. Etihad and Emirates airlines are the two which provide and sponsor for a transit visa, as they are UAE-based.

Question: As the transit visa of two days is given in the aerodrome, should I apply in advance?

Answer: Yes, one should apply even if it is given on arrival. Everyone should apply in advance.

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