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dubai transit visa types

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Thinking of which type of transit visa would be the right fit for your next transit through Dubai? Then you have stopped at the right place! You will not only get to know the types but also how to apply for them as well. Don’t worry! Dubai Transit E Visa will take you through the entire process and hence you can stay worry-free! Be it either of the Dubai transit visa types you will not have to worry about a thing when you apply for one! The Dubai transit visa can come across as a challenging way to apply for a visa but when you get our assistance even from miles away, you can fill them all up without an issue!


Q. Is it essential to take a Dubai transit visa when visiting Dubai?

A transit visa becomes an essential document when you have to stop over at Dubai while traveling from a specific ‘A’ destination to another ‘B’ destination. While on the other hand if you are just traveling from a specific ‘A’ destination to Dubai as your last stop, then you need not take a transit visa. In this case, you will have to take a specific visa which states the purpose of the visit.

Q. What if I am traveling from India to Canada and I have a stopover at Dubai and my next flight to Canada from Dubai will be in about 24 hours, then do I need to take a transit visa?

If you are traveling from India to Canada and have a stopover in Dubai and your next flight will be in about 24 hours of time period then you need not take a transit visa. The transit visa that Dubai offers is only for those who will be staying for 8 hours or more. For those who stay in Dubai for less than 8 hours need not take a visa and hence a visa-free transit can be availed easily. 

Q. Is there an airport lounge available when transiting through Dubai?

Yes, an airport transit lounge is available where you can spend your time doing various activities. You can experience shopping, kids zone, and other duty-free shops which will be made available to you. This, however, can be experienced by only those who will be transiting and waiting for their next flight.

Q. What are the options that I can apply for when applying for a transit visa?

When you will apply for a Dubai transit visa you get two options through Dubai Transit E Visa. The two options can be given as follows:

  1. 48 Hours Dubai Transit visa
  2. 96 Hours Dubai Transit visa

Q. Are there any other visas that can be given for a longer time period than the above given two?

If you have a transit time that extends for more than three days of time period then there are other options that are made available to you. These options will however not be a transit visa but will allow you entry into Dubai where you can stay at a hotel or any other booked accommodation. These options basically visit visas or tourist visas which are made available for a longer time period. One of the advantages which these visas provide is that you can enjoy your time fully in Dubai before traveling onto your final destination!

Q. Which are the types of visas other than the transit visa options available?

Other than the transit visa options you can get the following ones: 

  1. 14 days tourist visa: this visa will allow a total validity of 14 days of stay in Dubai with a total validity of 58 days.
  2. 30 days tourist visa: you can get both single and multiple entry types on this visa based on your needs. 
  3. 90 days tourist visa: this visa will also have two options such as single and multiple entries to get into Dubai and stay.
  4. A to A visa: this visa has a validity of 30 days and can be availed only for a single entry.

Q. Is it possible that I can transit through Dubai without a transit visa?

Yes, it is possible to transit through Dubai without a transit visa provided that you stay for less than 8 hours. If this period goes longer then you might have to apply for one. 

Q. Is it okay if I enter Dubai without a transit visa but have possession of a flight ticket to an onward destination?

While a flight to an onward destination can allow you to stay in the transit area, leaving the airport transit area and entering Dubai with this document will not be allowed.

Hence you can check all the requirements and if you find the Dubai transit visa types as a perfect fit for your journey then go ahead and apply for one now!

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