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Dubai Transit Visa is the most widely used ones. Any traveller visiting some other country via Dubai is so common that they won't miss the transit visas. The opportunity to visit Dubai at least for a few hours is mesmerizing. If you wish to apply online for the Dubai transit visa, stay with us till the end!


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Transit visa

If anyone is wondering what a transit visa is, then it’s a type of visa utilized for a specific purpose. If any person is visiting some other country but has to change flights to reach the final destination, he/she surely needs a transit visa. Dubai is the city with the busiest airports serving international tours and travels. Thus a lot of flights are exchanged in Dubai. As long as you would strictly stay within the permitted zone of the Dubai airports, you won't require any Transit. But waiting for the next flight can be more interesting if you decide to visit and enjoy different places in Dubai. In this case, you definitely need a Dubai Transit Visa.  

The two types of Dubai Transit Visas are:

  1. 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa:  valid for 14 days, stay period of 48 hours.
  2. 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa: valid for 14 days, stay period of 96 hours.

Dubai Transit E Visa

As and when we move towards development and technology, we ensure that we get almost various provisions falling within our comfort zone. Thus, Dubai Transit E Visa is a website which can get you the necessary visa of your choice with no hardships. It includes different facilities and services. They are completely trustworthy and the rates too are affordable.

Processing time for Dubai Transit Visa

The different methods of visa processing also offer you different processing time zones. It strictly depends on the citizenship mentioned on your passport, the country you currently are staying in and the country you want to finally reach.

If you apply via Dubai Transit E Visa website, the probable time duration of receiving the Dubai transit Visa is:

5-7 working days

How to apply for Dubai Transit Visa

  • Offline: If you want to apply for the Dubai Transit visa offline, you need to visit the nearby embassy and carry out the required documentation work. Submit and get the documents verified, apply for the visa. Once the procedure begins, they might inform you. In the end, you will have to go back to the embassy and collect the visa. Check thoroughly if it's stamped and the necessary details are filled in!
  • Online: If you wish to apply online, the steps are as follows:
  • Visit the Dubai Transit E Visa
  • Select your citizenship and the current country you are staying in.
  • The rates will be displayed accordingly, it varies from country to country.
  • If you agree with the rates, proceed by clicking on "Apply Dubai Transit Visa"
  • Fill in the details in the Dubai Transit Visa Application form. Upload the asked documents.
  • Take care that the images aren't blurred and properly scanned.
  • Make the required payments.
  • As the visa application proceeds, you will be notified time to time via your registered mail.
  • Once the procedure ends, you will receive the visa on the mail itself
  • Get the print outs and there, you got your visa!

Why apply via Dubai Transit E Visa?

When we are provided with immense options, it's necessary we add a filter to the options "we" select.

The reasons that may make it up to you are as follows:

  • 100% Authenticity and transparency.
  • Visa can be acquired in the least amount of days.
  • The service is provided at affordable rates.
  • Procedure completed with almost no hardships.
  • You will be notified constantly about the status of your visa.
  • The soft copy of your visa will be provided on your mail itself.
  • Thus it saves you from travelling miles, wasting time and money and the extra unnecessary things that may be required while applying offline or via any other online site.

Covid-19 precautions

Following measures should be taken to avoid the ongoing hardships due to Covid-19 crisis:

  • Make sure the premises you are travelling to have given permission and eased down the lockdown.
  • Get the necessary medical documents regarding the Covid-19 reports.
  • Lack of any documentation or failed temperature test can result in the denial of your travelling journey.
  • Visit any COVID-19 vulnerable places should be strictly avoided. Also if you have been through such areas, stop wherever you are and get yourself the required treatment.
  • Carry your masks, sanitizers, gloves etc. wherever you go
  • Stay safe, stay healthy, travel with cautious steps.


  • Can I exit Dubai Airport during Transit?

Yes, you can exit Dubai airport during transit but if and only if you have a permitted and stamped Dubai transit visa. You should also take care of the stay period validity while you are on Transit. Or else, no, you cannot leave the airports without a transit visa.

  • What is the processing time of Dubai Transit Visa for Indians?

The processing time may vary from website to website but via Dubai Transit E Visa website, the probable processing time is strictly between 5-7 working days.

  • How much is the Dubai visa fees?

The Dubai visa fees changes according to the three factors:

  1. The country you are currently staying in.
  2. The country citizenship mentioned on your passport.
  3. The country you finally want to reach as your final place.
  • Is Dubai issuing visit visas now?

Dubai is issuing the visas. But let me remind you it is only with the measure amounts of steps, medically authorized documents etc. Also; the visiting period has been reduced. Make a strict note of it by checking the necessary updates on the official govt. website.

  • How do I get a transit visa for Dubai?

You can get the transit visa for Dubai in two ways:

  1. Offline: Visit the nearby in charge embassies and get the procedures initiated
  2. Online: you can apply via the Dubai Transit E Visa site by following a few simple steps.
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